Vibrating cock ring
by Jimmyjane

Iconic is a little Ironic

The Iconic Ring is composed out of phthalates-free, latex-free, hygienic Elastomer. The extreme amount of elasticity in the Elastomer and the fact the inner ring is lined with ridges to prevent slipping, guarantees a cock ring that will fit like a glove and not rotate or slip during sex.
Stretchy, Hygienic.
Vibrations extremely difficult to feel.
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The Usual Suspects Iconic Ring may be to some, a work of genius. Although, for others, they may question its ability to be anything more than average.

For their Usual Suspects line, JimmyJane has partnered with Vibratex and has taken everyone's favorite toys and colored them white, such as with their Iconic Rocket and Rabbit, or in the Iconic Ring's case, translucent. They consider their choices in the Usual Suspects line to be mainstays of popular culture; however, there are far more popular, less costly cock rings on the market.

Material / Texture

The Iconic Ring is composed out of phthalates-free, latex-free, hygienic Elastomer. This particular blend of Elastomer is extremely stretchy whilst being slightly rubbery to the touch.

The Iconic Ring feels comfortable on the shaft of the penis and will not chafe, even if lubrication is lacking.

Where the vibrator is placed inside of the cock ring, the front side is covered in multiple nodes to stimulator your partner during sexual intercourse. These are incredibly soft, however, they may be too soft for some receivers to feel.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This ring will easily fit all penis sizes as it has the ability to stretch out to an upwards of 4".

The interior of the ring has ridges that help to secure it onto the penis and prevent slippage. They help to keep the cock ring in one place so that when sex speeds up or gets to a high level of intensity, it stays right where you originally positioned it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Iconic Ring comes equipped with a one-speed, push button vibrator. The vibrator is touch sensitive and can either be turned on when there is immediate contact (such as partners bumping into one another) or if the on button is locked into place.

The vibrations are incredibly low and hard for both partners to feel. They are, however, whisper quiet and cannot be heard unless the cock ring is held up to the ear.

This cock ring is 100% waterproof, the vibration unit is closed with two small screws that require a small screwdriver to disassemble the unit to replace the batteries. For those without a lot of tools on hand, this can be particularly tricky, as using a butter knife may cause the screws to strip and removal to become almost impossible. (However, you may notice that on one of the foldouts of the box, it says that the vibrator should not be submerged in water.)

Care and Maintenance

Elastomer can be washed with water and soap or with a mild toy cleaner. Elastomer is also compatible with silicone and water based lubricants.

Store the toy separately, either inside its original packaging or wrapped in a small piece of clothing like a sock or pair of underwear.


The Iconic Ring comes inside of a nice cardboard box with the instructions written on the various foldout parts.

According to the directions, the cock ring has already been cleaned and is ready to use upon opening of the box.

Personal comments

The Usual Suspects Iconic Ring looks to me, to be an exact replica of the Neo. The only difference between the two is the packaging and the $11 increase in price. However, everything else seems identical.
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  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Lame. I like the design, but I need insane vibrations. Thanks for pointing out that it's just like the Neo (which I hadn't even heard of before).
  • Contributor: Sammi
    That would be me with a butter knife Smile. It sure does look just like the Neo.

    Good review!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Shame this did not work as well as it was planned,

    Good review! Big smile
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    Nice Review
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    great review
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    Good review. Gotta get one like this for my guy.
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    Excellent review.
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    Nice review!
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    good review, too bad the vibrations aren't that strong.
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    great review!
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    nice review
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    Thank you so much for reviewing!
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    Good review.
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