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Penis stroker by Vibratex

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Lots of Laughter, Not Much Pleasure

This item is inexpensive, and could be a great first time buy to get you into experimenting with sex toys and penis sleeves. It's also discreet and cleans up very well.
Doesn't cost much, easy to clean.
Noisy, squishy and hard to control, very mild stimulation/pleasure.
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The Slipinside #1 is a straight forward male masturbation sleeve with a closed tip. This sleeve comes inside out so that you can see all the little nubs (we call them "tentacles") that will supposedly entice and stimulate a penis. After you wash it, you can easily manipulate it to be "right side in", with the tentacles in the inside of the sleeve.

The best way to use it is with a good bit of lube, especially to initially slip it over the head of the penis and down the shaft. It works best if you add a glob of lube to the tip of the erect penis and slightly rub it in before slipping the sleeve on the penis. This product has the potential to be a great buy for someone who is of average penis size, and wants a sleeve that is discrete and cleans up well.

The most exciting feature of this product, for us, was really the idea of trying something new. It turned me on to think of trying it on him, and he was quite excited at the thought of me using it on him.

Material / Texture

The material is Elastomer, which can tolerate both water and silicone based lubrication. The material feels rubbery, soft, squishy, and as my husband says "gelatinous". I was surprised that the tentacles are actually really soft and gentle. My initial concern was that they may be abrasive, because it's hard to tell by looking at the picture online since you can't feel it in your hand.

The material has no smell. The material is also very stretchy and pliable. If this product was used heavily, I believe it could rip and tear easily. I'm not sure how long it would last after repeated use.

The material on the outside of the sleeve, when the tentacles are in the inside, can attract lint, dust, you name it. It's kind of sticky, and this feature also makes it hard to control the sleeve during use.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design looks appealing until it's turned, so that the tentacles are on the inside. It looks strange and unwelcoming. It kind of looks like it has a bunch of teeth.

The size is probably a better fit for average users, because my husband said it was too tight for any real sensation from the tentacles. It just made them press into him and not add any stimulation. He has a larger than average girth and size.

The toy is pretty discreet, since it's not trying to impersonate a mouth, vagina or ass; and that's precisely why I purchased it. I wanted to add some spice, and just have some extra fun with a toy for my husband. But he (and I) didn't want one that looked realistic.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The best way to use this device is with a good bit of lubrication, a sense of humor, and no hopes that it will really give you a wonderful experience. If it does, then you'll be happily surprised.

The toy can be used in water, though we haven't tried that. At this point, we aren't sure if it's going to be used again.

The toy is very noisy. It sounds squeaky mixed with slurpy. If you have a roommate and want to keep this secret then I wouldn't use it if someone was in the next room unless the door was shut and the walls provided a pretty decent sound barrier.

Care and Maintenance

Ahh, now the best part of this toy - super easy to clean. After you use it, just run it under warm water with some soap and gently flip it inside out. It cleans quickly and is back to being shiny and blue.

Before you use it for the first time, you may want to wash it because it is coated with some type of lubricant that is oily and slightly sticky. You can then flip it, so the tentacles are on the inside for you to use it. You can apply your own lubricant.


The toy is packaged in a small see-through plastic box and is wrapped in a plastic sheath. The plastic box can be used as a storage box. It does not contain instructions and has no explicit images nor does it give away what it contains inside. It does not say that it's a "masturbator", "cock stroker", or "penis sleeve", so it has rather discreet packaging as well.


As I slid this down my husband's penis, he first noticed that the tentacles are soft and add only minimal stimulation. He felt the overall texture was too soft with an unpleasant gelatinous feel. We first used it at night, the day that it first arrived in the mail. He was only receiving mild stimulation until I was able to figure out how best to use it; at least for him. I gripped the top end of the Slipinside, at the tip of his penis, and rubbed it up and down firmly with increasing speed. He had an orgasm, but later told me it was "too quick" and just "not that good”.

Resolved to try again, we used it the next morning. I asked him to use it on himself, so that perhaps he could get a better feel for it. That, my friends, started and ended with laughter mixed with frustration. He started to use it and I could tell he wasn't enjoying it. He said that it was, again, too soft and squishy and the tentacles just didn't stimulate him. He said it was too tight for much stimulation from the tentacles to result. The sleeve was "tight", but did not provide firm pressure when stroking because of the thick squishy material.

It started to make a really loud squeaky slurpy noise, and as I watched I noticed that it looked like some type of "alien device" sucking his penis. I started to laugh which was quickly followed by him laughing and sliding it off. I decided to slide it back on and try myself, so I could get a better feel for it (if for nothing else, to help me write the review). I noticed that it was bulky, hard to control, and just kind of... well, weird. He stripped it off again and I gave him a hand job. He sighed in relief and said that was much, much better.

His overall opinion: it's not better than a hand job and it has no comparison to intercourse.

My main frustrations:
#1: It's bulky and very thick.
#2: Hard to control and use.
#3: The outer material that you grip, when stroking, is sticky and attracts lint.
#4: The material is so pliable and squishy, that you can't really grip it to control it properly.

My husband's main frustrations:
#1: Weird gelatinous soft material.
#2: Tentacles don't stimulate.
#3: You have to get it just right to promote any type of decent pleasure.
#4: It's too thick and too bulky.
#5: Just not worth the effort or time.

You can twist it around the penis, which sounds like it would be fun. Unfortunately, it was not mind-blowing, and did not feel amazing; which was due to the fact that the tentacles felt tight and didn't brush or pleasure the penis very much. The tentacles seem really long, which may be part of the problem.

We've only used it twice. I prefer to use toys longer before giving a review, but twice was quite enough to give us all the information that we'd need.

Before I ordered this product, I was intrigued by a comment made by a user. She said that she bought it to use with her husband and they clipped the tip of the sleeve off. She used it for extra stimulation when giving him oral sex. She would move it up and down, and lick/suck the tip of his dick when it poked out. I may just have to give that a try, perhaps there will be use for this after all.

I wanted to point out, too, that the tentacles look like they may be fun to stimulate the clitoris. *BUT* this is only recommended if you use it in a monogamous relationship with no risk of transmitting disease. Wash it first. I haven't tried it for that purpose yet.
Follow-up commentary
I wasn't sure whether to put "I've started to like it more" or "I still don't like it" since we DO like this toy, even though we no longer use it for what it was originally intended for.

Since we are diligent, we used this toy a few more times for its original purpose, to make sure we formed a solid opinion on the product. My husband finally just decided that it was not something that he wanted to keep using, because it did not provide much stimulation and it was too tight.

So one day he passed it to me, and told me to give it a try with it turned inside out so that the tentacles are facing out. I first tried it on my clitoris and then ran it along the outside of my vagina and it was truly amazing. I love love love it. I couldn't wait to use it again. And I have!

If we're not in the shower, then I like to run it under some water because the slipperiness that the water creates feels great on the clitoris and it simulates the feeling of a wet tongue.

We now fully appreciate this toy even though it didn't work for its true purpose. The tentacles feel just amazing on the outer part of the vagina and on the clitoris. I don't shave but I trim and I had to give myself a good trim because otherwise the tentacles wouldn't slide well and would stick slightly.

So there you go, a re-purposed toy that could be redesigned to appeal to the female market!
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    Really great job with this, thanks
  • spiced
    Thanks for an interesting review! I think you're right about this being best for guys with average-sized units.
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