Double hole cup - sex toy by Tenga - review by Chou Wang

Double hole cup sex toy review

I believe the TENGA will stay with me until it eventually becomes uncomfortable and I will have to throw it away. I hope the Japanese engineers will come up with a non-disposable version of this toy and I can even suggest how to improve it, but until then it receives my recommendations with only 3 stars.
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I was looking forward to receive a toy for my first review, but to be honest I wasn't really keen on reviewing a TENGA double hole cup. I have quite a negative predisposition towards most masturbation sleeves, and prefer rather "manual labor" for that activity. Let's find out if TENGA is more convincing than its numerous counterparts.

The TENGA container is very neutral and if the wrapping is removed it looks just like any other lotion or shampoo bottle. The first mini problem is the absence of any kind of manual, but it's fairly easy to figure out where to put your dick. As the name says, it features two holes - the "Bitter Side" and the "Sweet Side." Allow me to quote the manufacturer here: "The "Bitter Side" firmly tightens while the "Sweet Side" gently clings to your penis." The manufacturer also suggests using both sides simultaneously to dive into the virtual world of a "threesome," but I guess I'd refrain from calling my mates over for that.

With all the excitement on my mind, I have decided to put this "Japanese Girl" accompanied by my favorite "Katsumi Exposed" DVD under serious testing conditions. Both of the entries are cushioned by a lube-soaked Styrofoam sponge and the holes are all generously lubed up. Sticking the fingers inside reminded of a real pussy/asshole and one doesn't really expect this from a piece of rubber/plastic. Nasty as I am, I started off with the "Bitter Side," but it has proven rather difficult as my dick seemed not to fit in deep enough to continue with penetration, so I switched to the "Sweet Side". It felt better in there, and I actually didn't notice how quick I have reached my first orgasm. Quite confused with such a "premature ending," I dismantled the toy for cleaning.

The inside hosts a Styrofoam core which helps to keep it tight and warm just like the real thing. The cleaning is inconvenient and you have to remove the nice lube sponge, pull the sleeve out of the container, gently twist it inside out and clean it with some soapy water. Putting it back isn't difficult, but the glue residues on the edges are quite unpleasant and sharp, so I had to clean them up.

After the double hole cup was set up again, I have played with it a few more times before drawing my conclusions. When used over and over again, it's not as neat as a "virgin" TENGA, but I simply had to find my rhythm with it. I have figured out the perfect position/angle for the "Bitter Side" too, where the extreme tightness was obviously caused by a covered air hole on top. After removing it, I had an extremely intense stroking session where the 63 bitter nubs have ultimately led me to an almost screaming orgasm. A silicone-based lube also seemed to be the better choice over a water-based one.

So let's draw some conclusions:

Pros are the soft material, high quality processing and its ability to hold the lube well without the need to reapply. There are two different types of stimulation in one toy. The focus is on the entire penis and not just on the head. All the soft nubs and warty zones are truly enjoyable, and once I figured out the best penetration technique, the stimulation was intense and the orgasms just great; in fact writing these lines makes me hard again. By inserting a mini vibe into one hole while fucking the other, extra sensations can be obtained. Finally, it's great when your partner works the TENGA for you.

Cons are the disposable design and the therefore quite impractical, but yet possible cleaning procedure. There are no instructions which make it a bit difficult to figure out the hidden features like the air hole. The sleeve could be just 1 ½ - 2 inches longer.

I believe the TENGA will stay with me until it eventually becomes uncomfortable and I will have to throw it away. I hope the Japanese engineers will come up with a non disposable version of this toy and I can even suggest how to improve it, but until then it receives my recommendations with only 3 stars.
Follow-up commentary
The Double hole cup has lasted a few weeks of almost daily use. I has addictive potential due to extremely sophisticated internal design of both openings.

Unfortunately being designed as one-way product it wears out extremely quickly. It is also quite difficult to clean and dry it properly so it can become a host for bacteria. I'd love to have a decent multi-use version.
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  • Nashville
    They're way too expensive for 1 time uses.
  • Chou Wang
    That's what I say :)
  • Airen Wolf
    I am imagining the call to your friends, "Hello? Wel yes, I got theis new toy and it says it's good to use with friends...." The eyebrows that would be raised! My question to Tenga is, if it's only used once why does it have to look inconspicuous? It's way too expensive for one time use as well...I might have to surprise one of the guys in my life with one just to watch the fun! Smile
    Thanks for the review
  • JoeAAbernathy
    Maybe I missed the point, but it seems like this double-holed device, both from Tenga's little icon showing two people sandwiching a third and their not-to-subtle suggestion about sharing with a friend...seems to be intended for one guy on each end at the same time.

    As a guy who's always wanted to double up on a woman but always seemed short of a willing third party (sometimes the "M" sometimes the "F")...this seems like a great way to get some of the effect.

    To the reviewer: Does this seem like it'd even be possible for this to accomodate two at once?
  • Chou Wang
    JoeAAbernathy I'd refrain from sharing this device. To be honest if you're so much into DP I'd consider paid services wherever it's legal of course. It's definitely worth a try, but penetrating the TENGA facing each other in my opinion is not so erotic.
  • Miss Jane
    Hm. As good as this sounds, I am very anti it being disposable Sad face
  • redheadedperfection
    Thanks for the honesty! I've always wondered about TENGA products!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review
  • Nobodygirl
    wonderful review!
  • Fawkes
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review!
  • locomotion
    a nice review. thanks!
  • Alex Time
    Nice review and thanks for the recommendation on adding the small vibe! Nice idea. Gotta give this baby a try. I have the black and absolutely love her!
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