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Must be under 1" thick to Ride...

Although this has great potential, it simply ended up being too restrictive for most men to use it. I don't doubt that there is a man out there that can use it, but it just falls short of being something every couple can use to 'ride on' when their partner needs a recharge, which was the toy's supposed premise.
Feels pretty real, multi-use, body safe material.
Too tight, doesn't take differences in anatomy into account.
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This toy is intended to be a semi-hard sleeve used for men with erectile dysfunction, or for men who have just exhausted themselves temporarily, so that they can continue to please their partners. Due to this being a somewhat new concept to most men, or even most couples, I think it shouldn't be something you randomly bring into the bedroom. It's definitely for people more comfortable with toys, and it's not well suited to anything more than a moderately endowed man.

Material / Texture

The material used to make this toy is very soft and realistic. It's not very stretchy at all, and will force things out of it. Being made out of silicone, the toy is a bit sticky to the touch, and it will attract lint and dust. The texture was fairly realistic, but looked a little dented or nicked up- However, this seems to be common on realistic toys from this company, to add more texture and detail. In use, the texture was pretty stimulating - it wasn't 100% real, since it is a little bit harder and more uniform than a real penis is. It still felt good, however, and was close enough to the real thing to be very satisfying.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This toy is designed like a normal insertable dildo type toy - except that it's hollow, and has a strap of silicone that goes around the back. It's meant to be worn on a man, and the strap is supposed to go behind and around their balls. Unfortunately, the silicone is still a bit sticky to the touch in this area, so it ends up tugging on the man's hair a bit. This also makes it difficult to put that portion of the toy on. The hollow part of the toy is ribbed to provide some stimulation for the man using it, but since it's not being stroked along the man's cock, it ended up being kinda useless. Perhaps it's meant to give the toy a better grip, instead.

Putting the toy on can be a bit of a pain. It's quite tight along the inside and even though my partner is by no means a pornstar he had trouble with it. I was playing with it and could barely get two fingers to go in easily. It just doesn't accommodate much girth, and since the man is meant to be limp when the toy is used, it adds another aspect of difficulty - trying to shove a limp dick into ANYTHING is a bit of a challenge, and the tightness of this doesn't help it much.

However, we did get it to somewhat work once. By the time we'd got it on, he was already hard again and it was uncomfortably tight. The inner sleeve doesn't take much length either, so if your man gets hard it can cause the whole apparatus to tug uncomfortably around his balls.

This is something that you really need to know your own measurements for. For the sake of testing I tried a number of diameters and lengths of other non-reactive toys, seeing what would fit and what wouldn't. A lot fell into the range of "wouldn't fit". So I can't say I think it would fit an average person. If your man is over 1" thick, even limp, I think you should be cautious when buying this. A standard 1" vibrator is a tight fit into the sleeve. It's very important to note that this is not adjustable AT ALL.

Care and Maintenance

This toy, being silicone, is easy to take care of. You can wash it with soap and water, boil it, or put it on the top rack of the dishwasher. I personally use soap and water combined with a toy wipe and it worked fine. I store it in a plastic bag away from other toys - silicone normally doesn't react with other things, but it's best to be safe anyways.


The toy came in simple plastic clamshell-style packaging. There were no instructions, just a label saying that the product is not covered by Vixen's lifetime warranty, and that you should never use it with silicone lubricant.

Personal comments

Personally, I think the toy really had potential - they just need to make it a bit thinner walled, and softer. I think Vixen should consider a much, much softer and stretcher silicone for this. It also needs a matte texture around the ball-strap so it tugs less on the man's hair. Not many male partners are willing to shave their balls, especially not for toy.

This toy really kinda annoyed my partner. It was tuggy and tight, and it was hard to get on and even harder to keep on. One problem we had was that when it was lubed up enough to get it on him, he would eventually get hard again and the lube would cause it to slip back off. Not every man has huge testicles, and to my knowledge most men's testicles aren't meant to be used as an anchor. If lube got down there (which happened a bit) and the man got hard, the toy would tug at them and hurt. I think a good part of the toy's problem is that it tries to use the man's junk as an anchor for the toy - and that just doesn't work. My partner, personally, had a bit of an issue with it since he doesn't have an extremely long scrotum.

In the end, my partner was squishing the then-empty sleeve, and musing over it. He suggested that we use it as a sleeve for a standard vibrator - it works fine for this, since vibrators can't complain, and they are hard enough to stay put.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    I was so hopping this worked. I am sorry it didn't work for you other than a sleeve. Great review.
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    This is the third or fourth review I've read, all saying the same thing, it only works as a sleeve over a slender vibe. This is way to expensive to buy for that, so I'm going to pass.Thanks for the helpful review & sorry it didn't work for you.
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    Definitely going to avoid this one. Thanks for the review
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