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Omega mirror

Cock ring by Gear essentials

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Omega means "great O" in greek

Cock ring lovers will love this, provided it fits your anatomy. It is VERY thick and heavy with a beautiful smooth finish. You won't forget you are wearing this, but just hope you don't drop it on one of your toes or a tile floor! Very well made, but not recommended for beginners. There are cheaper options, but if you want a thick, hefty ring, this one is it. 4.5 out of 5 for lack of packaging and size options.
Steel, smooth finish, heft, aesthetically pleasing, pouch included
Expensive, only 2 sizes offered, thick
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The Omega mirror cock ring, like most cock rings can be worn for several purposes. To maintain/enhance erections, to delay ejaculation, to stimulate your partner in some cases or merely for cosmetic appeal.

My reason for purchasing one was more for the cosmetic appeal and curiosity. I dabble with rubber and leather rings before, but never had much of a need for them and found it to be a bit of a pain getting them on or off, except in the case of the leather which had snaps, making it easy to don or remove.

I knew metal would be a challenge and correct sizing was a must. Unfortunately the Omega ring only comes in two sizes 1 7/8" and 2". Since, I was looking to be safe and just wear cosmetically and didn't want to take any risks of injury or have a bad ER trip, I got the larger of the two.

You can measure your size by running a string around your balls and base of your cock and diving by Pi (3.14). Measurements will vary whether your balls are hanging or constricted against your body.
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    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Can be worn during masturbation
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The Cock ring is made of solid stainless steel and feels very heavy, even when already prepared by reading the reviews ahead of purchase. You have to feel it to believe it. It is larger than pictured in my opinion as well.

Being solid steel, it is, of course, waterproof and holds temperature very well. The workmanship is excellent

I don't need to mention that steel is rigid and inflexible.

    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The ring is, of course, round. In more ways than one. It is also a circular band, which means no square/right angle edges like many metal/ceramic cock rings I have seen. Some say they cut into your skin uncomfortably, but I cannot attest to that personally, as this is my first.

The ring is solid stainless steel so there is no give or flexibility whatsoever. It is quite thick as well (approximately 1/2" thick), so it is quite bulky too and dare I say, quite intimidating. The thickness is good or bad depending on your preference. Personally, I think I'd prefer something thinner. This looks like it could take forever to saw off if you ever did have an ER removal.

It is not easy to get on and off. You have to put one testicle at a time through and then push your penis through while soft. You cannot do this while being erect. Some lube may be required to make things easier and not catch any hair. If you have difficulty removing the ring, a good solution is to run cold water over your genitals in the shower to help shrink them and relax.

This is not a beginners toy and you need to take care in measuring and using. It is not recommended to wear for more than 30 minutes if you are using it to control erections. If it is loose fitting like jewelry, you can wear as extended wear. Take care to measure yourself correctly before ordering. Like the builders say "Measure it, measure it again....". If you got the wrong size, you will have yourself a very hefty and handsome paperweight.
    • Can fit over both shaft and testicles
    • Fitted - must measure before purchase
    • Futuristic

Care and Maintenance

The Omega ring can be stored anywhere really, but the included pouch would be best to assure it does not get scratched (just in case you stored it with other metallic objects). Otherwise, it is very easy to care for and sterilize.

No need to worry about allergies, odors, sharing toys, sterilizing, breakage etc. Stainless steel is highly durable. You can boil it, soak in a 10% bleach solution, wear it in the bath/shower, cleanse with toy cleaners, soap and water, etc. to keep it squeaky clean. You could certainly toss it in the dishwasher as well. The ring last a lifetime. Just don't use steel wool or something abrasive (but why would you right?) to clean it.

The stainless stell is: Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free

Nothing is safer than stainless steel for sharing. It is nonporous, easily sterilized, and surgical grade. Stainless steel is a 10 on the EF safety scale. If you are looking to spend this much, you probably already are educated about such matters.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


There was no packaging when this arrived other than the thin black velvet-like pouch it came in. It is great for storage, though not padded, so handle with care to prevent and digs if you drop this on another metal object or store with other metal toys.

For this price range, I kinda expected a fancy box or storage tin for the ring, but it's not a huge deal. At least it has a pouch. Seems you get one or the other, not both most of the time. The pouch is practical though. There were no instructions of paperwork of any type either. Some basic instructions for someone could be helpful, though I think 99% of people buying this would probably know what to do.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

Wow, this thing is heavy. I couldn't believe the heft when I picked this up. The band is rather girthy too. One could say cumbersome even. The finish is fantastic though. I think it is about as heavy as the Luv plug.

If dropped on a toe or tile floor this sucker could do some damage, it is that heavy at 11oz.

Honestly, I find this thing so big and heavy, I don't think it would be comfortable to wear regularly or for extended periods. I might use it just occasionally during sex play for variety sake. I have a little bit of paranoia wearing something made of solid metal that cannot be quickly taken off. I would prefer that the rim be thinner in diameter too. It is very thick and bulky. About 1/2" wide.

Being wintertime on the East coast, it is cold and this ring really stays cold in storage. We all know what happens when your cock and balls get cold. You need to be flaccid and balls dangling to get this thing on. My balls personally don't hang very often, so I haven't had good opportunity to try this out. It is a challenge using a rigid cock ring that cannot open. Cold weather only compounds the problem. You need some time, patience and relaxation to put this on. I recommend soaking the ring in warm/hot water first, so the cold doesn't shrivel up your boys right away in cold weather. In fact, you might need a hot bath or shower to get your boys to dangle enough to get this thing on. More effort than I am usually willing to put forth for something not directly related to an orgasm.

I should note, I also have extremely sensitive balls. By that, I mean very sensitive to pressure, squeezing, sucking, impact or pulling through hoops! They tend to ride up often too, so using a metal ring is going to be a challenge most of the time. Something to consider if you have similar experiences.

My measurements average around 7" around my balls and penis, which puts me near 2.25" diameter, so I wish they made these in larger sizes.


I will further update my experiences with the Omega mirror in a few months after I have had a better chance to use it more.
Follow-up commentary
I never really got to use this. It's too difficult to squeeze yourself into and quite heavy to wear around if I could. I may try a thinner metal one someday, but I have no burning desire to use this. Honestly, I'm a little paranoid, despite measuring carefully.
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    Regarding your follow up comments: you might want to give a thinner ring a try. My first metal ring was a Fury, not quite as heavy as the Omega, but a whopping .9 inches deep. While I do like both the weight and depth, I do find the thinner rings easier to put on, and work just as well.
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