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The Fleshlight Vibro Lady Touch is a great re-vamp on an old classic from Fleshlight. The vibrations intensify the Touch sleeve while the regular features like pressure control make it even more enjoyable. If you have a high endurance level though, be careful of how long you use the bullets.
Vibrations amp up intensity, Touch texture is good, includes back-up batteries, high-quality
Can end up being numbing, bullets are hard to turn on/off during use
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The Fleshlight Vibro Lady Touch is a male masturbator made by Fleshlight. The black, plastic case is about ten inches tall, and inside of the case is a large piece of Superskin material that is the sleeve. The sleeve fits into the case easily but can be a bit of a pain to slide in since it likes to get stuck. The product description says it fits up to eight inches, and I'd say it could fit that easily - the boyfriend isn't longer than that, so I can't comment. If you're worried, use the "View Actual Product Size" feature to compare. What's unique about the Fleshlight Vibro is that, like the name says, it's a vibrating Fleshlight. It retains all of the same properties of a regular Fleshlight, but this one vibrates as well.

It comes packaged in a large, about eleven-inches tall metal tin. The tin is red and says "Vibro" on it, so it's unique from the rest of the Fleshlight tins. (I wish EF had a picture of it. It's a bad-ass looking tin.) The Fleshlight fits easily inside of the tin. The tin also comes with a trial size packet of Fleshlight's lubricant, care and maintenance instructions, and instructions specific to the Vibro Fleslight. It also includes the three bullets (which are fully-battery-ized) as well as two sets of replacement batteries for each bullet, so that means there's three full sets of batteries for each bullet.

Basically, how the Vibro differs from your "average" Fleshlight is that it does have the vibrations. The vibrations are controlled by three small bullets. There's three holes (at intervals of thirds) placed around the inside of the sleeve pointing towards the opening where the bullets can be slipped in. This basically means that you can't switch the vibrations on and off during use without taking the sleeve out of the casing. You pretty much have to decide before you use it whether you want vibration or not. I think it's a bad feature of the product, but when I think about it, I have no idea how in the world to do it any better than they did, so I guess I can't complain too much. For use, you just slide the bullets in (or not), slide the sleeve into the casing, lubricate yourself and the inner canal of the sleeve, and slide in for some fun. The twisty-cap at the end of the Fleshlight can be turned to allow for more or less pressure inside of the canal.

Afterwards, for clean-up, you should NOT use antibacterial soap. It breaks down the Superskin. Instead, you should just use warm/hot water and rinse out the sleeve - inside and out as well as the casing. Make sure you let the sleeve completely dry. (Seriously. Completely. People have had cases of their sleeves molding due to being too hasty.) Then slide it back into the casing. You can choose to just keep it in the casing itself or put the casing back into the tin. While just using the casing works fine, if you are like us and have quite a few Fleshlights, it can be hard to tell them apart without the outer tin because the Fleshlights don't really say their texture on them. For lubricant, use water-based lube. Silicone-based will harm the Superskin.

So the texture on this one is the "Touch" texture. If you look at EF's picture, it's basically like small cilia (biology anyone?) along the inside of your sleeve. It's kinda like a glorified version of their "Speed Bump" sleeve. The boyfriend enjoyed the texture quite a bit and says it was enjoyable, but it still hasn't beat his favorite texture - The Wonder Wave. The Touch texture is nice with the vibrations because each little cilia ends up vibrating and moving around with the vibrations - much like the "Rabbit ears" on a rabbit vibe. It was a good choice for the Vibro. As another reviewer has already stated, this Vibro does not feel like having intercourse - it's a different sensation. If you are seeking intercourse-like sensation, the "Lotus" texture is the way to go.

So what about the vibrations? Well, aside from being a giant pain in the butt to have to remove the sleeve to change the vibrations, it was "meh". It's great and provides an intense sensation - in the beginning. I don't know if other guys take less time to ejaculate, but the boyfriend usually takes a bit - five to ten minutes unless he's not stopping to "smell the roses" per say. Within that time, having constant vibrations at the base and tip of his penis as well as along the full shaft sorta ended up...well....numbing him.
So that plan was foiled and we gave up on the Vibro for a bit. Coming back to it later, we found that it works better for high-endurance guys if you get yourself to a really sensitive state without the vibrations (like 3/4 there) then remove yourself, take out the sleeve, and turn on the bullets for the added simulation for the remaining 1/4 of your time. If you have a large endurance level, having the vibrations on the entire time just numbs it - it's great at first, but too much is always bad. (Same with women and vibrators.)

Each one of the bullets can be individually removed if you only want a bit of the vibration instead of all three. We didn't attempt that because when we did, it just felt a little awkward. However, if you know you have a sensitive side to your penis, that would be a good idea. You can also choose to share one of your bullets with your female partner (if she shares in your sex toy use). We found that the bullets, while not amazingly strong, were pretty decent for a Superskin material. The Superskin allowed for the vibrations to move comfortably down the body of the toy without requiring a lot of power. The vibrations are relatively quiet - since the Superskin cushions the bullets, they stay pretty quiet. There's really no way that somebody would hear the bullets outside of a closed door. (Now if you let the Fleshlight itself make squishies with the lubricant, that's another story.)

For the most part, I can easily see how most guys could have a field day with the Vibro. The Touch texture is stimulating with or without the vibrations, the vibrations add a new flavor to an old classic, and if you already have "problems" containing yourself with other male masturbation toys, this one will amp everything up quite a bit. However, with the boyfriend's high endurance, it just ended up numbing him before the fun. We'll still use it, but it will be without the bullets or with some modifications.
Follow-up commentary
The boyfriend still enjoys his Vibro. It isn't his favorite Fleshlight ever, but he says that the texture is still up there as one of his top three. However, while Fleshlight did include the Vibro feature, the boyfriend never uses it. If he uses the Fleshlight, it's purely just to use the texture, so the vibration is never turned on. His reasons is that, with as long as it takes him to orgasm, the vibration just gets annoying and works against the point of the toy. He does enjoy the texture though, and after multiple uses, the Vibro's sleeve is still holding up with no problem.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    Thanks for the review, I did not know there was a vibrating version.

    Great job.
  • B8trDude
    This sounds very interesting. I'm surprised that the make using the vibrators so difficult. Given that there are three of them too, that seems like a lot.
  • Selective Sensualist
    He could do what I have to do with vibrators since I become numbed extremely easily: Use the vibrating toy just to briefly warm up with, switch to a non-vibrating toy to get worked over with, and then switch back to the vibrating toy to use as a strong finisher! Nothing wrong with using more than one toy in one play session -- it adds to the interest, I say!
    Very nice review!
  • Kindred
    Your review gives me some things to consider before getting one. Thanks.
  • Naughty Student
    Wow, I didn't realize the bullets would be a bit of a hassle to remove during play. I love Selective Sensualists idea, I would do that if I was a guy! Great review.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Thanks for the follow up on this. I've been curious about the vibrating Fleshlight for a while now. The cilia texture sounds great!
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  • bobowaxer
    Nice review, your comments have been echoed in every review I've read about the FLESHLIGHT VIBROS, both the "Touch" and the "Cyclone" (discontinued) texture. Great textures anchored to a poorly executed (albeit exciting) concept.
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