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Her Touch Will Leave You Shaking

The Lady Touch masturbation sleeve grabs your dick and doesn't seem to want to let go, and when you combine that with the vibrators, the sensation is intense enough that you may find yourself struggling to hold back. Adding bullets isn't quick and easy though, so it's best to decide what you want ahead of time.
Unique texture feels great with or without the vibrators. Fleshlight is its own storage case.
May be too intense for some. Adding or removing bullets isn't quick. Can only use water to clean it.
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Fleshlight is a handheld male masturbation tool that any man can appreciate, and the Vibro Lady Touch Fleshlight has combined a tight textured sleeve with three power-packed vibrators that cranks up the intensity of the experience unlike any before it.

Usage is simple. You remove the inner sleeve from the plastic case and insert the vibrating bullets into the pockets that are on the outside of the sleeve. You don't need lube to fit them in, but it's easier to turn the bullets on before you insert them rather than after. Replace the sleeve in the case, apply water-based lube to the penis, pour some lube in the vaginal end of the sleeve, and you're ready to go. The small end cap can be tightened or loosened to adjust the amount of suction you feel when using the device - the tighter the cap, the more suction there is.

You can also use the sleeve without the case, but it does flop around some and is harder to hold on to that way. For a hands-free option, you can wedge the Fleshlight between your mattress and box springs, between couch cushions, in a shoe, or wherever else your creative mind can come up with.
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Material / Texture

Fleshlight's outer case is made of smooth ABS plastic that is tough enough that it can withstand being dropped, and the handle has subtle ridges that help you keep your grip even if you've got lube on your fingers.

The inner sleeve is made of a patented synthetic material called Superskin, which is made to mimic real skin. It doesn't contain any latex or phthalates, and is considered non-allergenic. It has a faint powdery scent, but you can't smell it unless you stick your nose right up to it.
Superskin is soft to the touch, with just the right balance between plushy and firm to simulate a realistic feel. It also retains heat well, so soaking the sleeve in warm water, or warming your lube before use will make things feel even better.

But what makes this Fleshlight unique is the sleeve's inner texture. The Lady Touch features hundreds of flexible soft 'nipples' inside that start about 1-1/2" inside the entrance and let you slide in easily but then tugs on your dick on the outstroke, particularly if you're thrusting in deep. And it seems that the slower you go, the more you feel that tugging. Lube is a must with this texture, because if you don't have enough the sensations can actually be too intense.

And while the texture of the Touch feels good enough without the vibrators, once you turn them on, the vibrations travel up every single one of those nipples along the entire length of your dick for a feeling that's just indescribably great.

A lot of guys who already use Fleshlights like to talk about how each sleeve replicates the feeling of fucking a real woman, but in the case of the Vibro Touch it does not. This is a whole new experience that doesn't compare to anything else.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape of the Fleshlight case makes it easy to hold and manipulate, and although it's doubtful that anyone would really fall for this being a jumbo flash light, it's subtle enough that it doesn't scream 'jack-off device' the minute someone sees it. It's a full 10" high though, so you might want to think about where you're going to keep it if you really need to hide things like this.

The Lady Touch sleeve fits inside the case by way of a single ridge-and-groove design at the top, and it stays in place during use. This sleeve is very tight on the average-built guy, but has a good amount of give so men of just about any penis girth should be able to fit in it. However, that tightness may be too much for thicker-built dicks to enjoy unless you personally like a lot of squeezing. Lengthwise, you've got roughly 9" of sleeve to work with, and if that's not enough you can still use it with the smaller end cap off, and have at it.

The best part about the design though is that the case serves as storage for the sleeve when the two end caps are screwed on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Vibro Touch comes with three waterproof single-speed vibrating bullets, that require three LR44 button cell batteries each to operate. The batteries are already in the bullets when you get them, but Fleshlight generously includes a 10-pack of replacements as well. We tested the endurance of one of the bullets by putting a fresh set of batteries in and leaving it turned on until it stopped, and got a 36 minute run time from it.

As mentioned before, the bullets slip into pre-formed holders that are on the outside of the sleeve, positioned at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock as you're looking at the sleeve with the clit up. Once you get them in place they don't slip out no matter how vigorous you get. If the single-speed bullets that come with this Fleshlight aren't your thing, the holders will accommodate any other standard-width bullets too.

Each vibrator makes a big difference in sensation, and I highly recommend you experiment by inserting them one at a time and testing out the feel until you decide how many you like. It's rather frustrating to be in the middle of a session and decide you want to add or remove bullet, because you obviously have to have the sleeve at least partway out of the case to do so. It's not hard to get the sleeve in and out the case with the bullets in place, but you do have to work it around somewhat more than the non-vibrating Fleshlight sleeves so it's not a real quick thing to do. Some users may prefer not to use all three bullets due not only to the intense vibrations, but also to the fact that they make the entrance extremely tight to get into.

The vibrations are smooth and continuous, felt more strongly near the entrance and then mellowing out somewhat the further into the texture you go. It makes an interesting sensation when thrusting, because you get that extra level of zoom on the head of your dick any time a thrust takes you near the entrance.

The bullet vibrators are surrounded by the enough of the SuperSkin material that it really does keep them quiet. What you hear is more of a soft humming/whirring sound, a lot like one of those little handheld fans some people carry to summer sports events. The user will hear it, but nobody outside of the room ever will.

Care and Maintenance

Fleshlights are compatible with water-based lubes ONLY. Any other type of lube can damage the Superskin material.

To clean the SuperSkin sleeve, remove it from the plastic case and run water through it for a couple of minutes, preferably from each end. You can't use soap or toy cleaners, because this can also damage the material, but a sufficient amount of water does clean the toy well. The case and bullet vibrators can be washed with soap and water though.

After you're finished, shake out any access water and allow it to dry. I hang my Fleshlight sleeve in a Single Locking Suction Handle to dry, but you can leave it laying out in a well-ventilated area instead. Make sure everything's completely dry before storing it though, or mold can form. If that happens, you will need to use isopropyl alcohol to remove it.
The Fleshlight sleeve may become a bit tacky to the touch after a couple of washings, which is not harmful. If you prefer to keep the toy as smooth as possible, just powder it with a bit of corn starch after it's dry. This isn't a required step in the care of the toy, but it helps it maintain that silky feel.

Store your Fleshlight by screwing both end caps on and placing it in an area where it won't be exposed to extreme temperatures.


The Fleshlight unit, vibrators, and batteries are all wrapped together in clear plastic bag, and packed inside of a 10-1/2" tall metal canister that has a bad-assed design on it. What makes it so bad-assed? Well, it's manly black and red, with six silver silhouettes of a sexy babe in various positions all around it, and it looks cool enough that most guys would love to have it sitting out in the room. There is a large sticker on the back that has a picture of the Fleshlight Vibro kit and some product information on it, but the makers of Fleshlight must have known that we'd want to use the can for other things because they made it very easy to peel this sticker off. Oh yeah, and that's the real bonus... since the Fleshlight is essentially it's own storage container, you can use this canister for whatever else you'd like.

You also get a free sample packet of ID Glide lubricant, and a comprehensive care and usage guide.

Personal comments

The Fleshlight Vibro series uses the exact same size case as other Fleshlights do, so you can still use this one with other sleeves.


Alan says:
The first time I used this sleeve I hated it. I started off without the bullets but didn't use enough lube, so the combo of the extra tightness and the pull made my dick so sore I had to stop. Honestly, without enough lube this bitch grabs on and doesn't want to let go.

A couple of days later I tried again and screwed up the other way by using too much lube, which dampened the intensity to the point of feeling sloppy. Not entirely bad, but not remarkable either. Third time's a charm they say, and once I figured out how much lube felt good then I started to enjoy this thing.

Using one bullet obviously puts vibrations in a concentrated area to one side near the base of your cock and sends milder vibrations down the sleeve. I've found that the most pleasurable way for me, is to put a bullet in the 12 o'clock position and then turn the unit around with the clit facing downwards so the vibrations are under my cock.

Two bullets even out the vibrations over a wider area and makes the entire sleeve hum, while three feels very intense all over your cock and groin. This would make an outstanding stamina training device, because even if you pause when you get to the edge, the vibrations make it real challenging not to come.

Using all three makes the entrance tight enough that it's borderline uncomfortable to initially penetrate. But, once I'm in, I've found that it's great if I'm feeling lazy because I can just stick my dick in it and let the vibrations do all the work for me. It's a slow ride, but it'll get me there.

Michele says:
While I can't say anything about how this toy feels, I was surprised at how quiet it was. I guess I was expecting something with a lot of rattle that would numb my hands when I used it on him, but even that wasn't an issue. What vibrations I can feel through the outer plastic case aren't very strong at all, so it doesn't even really move around or make any additional sound if we set it on the table.
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