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I thought the Silicone stroker was just going to be another stroker, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is easy to clean, easy to use, fits my above average size, and provided a really enjoyable experience. It is also showing no wear from the use so far, so should offer play for numerous sessions, with no worries of it starting to grow something that is so common with other stroker materials. If only the toy didn't need so much lube to be enjoyable to use, but that could be my choice of lube.
Should fit most
Easy to clean/store
Lack of Suction
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I've been asked to review quite a few stroker toys, which all effectively offer a sleeve that fits in your hand that a penis can insert into. The sleeve then offers some texture/grip that differs from the experience of using your hand to enhance masturbation or foreplay. This toy does just that.

The toy fits well in my hand and is basically 5" long. The toy's depth is adequate to be enjoyable even if you are endowed with a penis longer than that. I have found with shorter sleeves that not enough of my penis was stimulated to fully enjoy the toy, but with this one I didn't find this to be an issue. I'm usually around 7.5" in length so I could not insert myself entirely into the toy. But as my entire penis head could fit in the toy and travel a reasonable distance to enjoy the ridges inside the toy, I didn't find it an issue.

I really think this toy works well for solo play, and could definitely see it being used for foreplay... I think the slit on the side is to apply lube while in use; however, I could totally see partially inserting and having part of your penis coming out of the slit for oral enjoyment too.

It is not overly overt what this toy is, as it doesn't have genitalia for its opening; however, I think it would still be reasonably apparent what this toy is, should your luggage be searched. But unlikely it would be as much of an issue as other toys. I feel like you could pack an umbrella and use this as a handle cover in your luggage and it's doubtful anyone would give it much of a second glance.
    • Couples

Material / Texture

The toy is 100% silicone, which is great... it means that it can be sterilized, which so many stroker & male masturbation toys fail to be capable of. This means it's easier to keep clean.

Aside from the ribs on the inside of the toy and a matte finish on the outside, the silicone inside including along the edges is smooth. The ridges/ribs are a little less than 1/4" apart from each other, as you can see below:

Internal Texture

I really wish the ridges were shallower, and possibly closer together... I really found the high ridges, though enjoyable when well lubed, couldn't keep the edges closest to my skin well lubed, which mean more drag and less enjoyment. It's my biggest issue with this toy as it means I had to use excessive amounts of really good lube to keep the toy gliding and not dragging on my skin. Also, it leaked a significant amount of the lube out as well.
    • Not porous at all
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

So my biggest issue is the size of the ribbed texture as previously mentioned. I'm curious if a thicker lube would have better holding power, as the toy is really enjoyable when it's lubricated.

I think the slit on the side is an odd design choice, which you can see below. My best guess for its purpose is two-fold. First, it might be an easy way to add more lube closer to the tip or where you need it over hoping it gets pushed down as you insert, which I feel is unlikely with the ridge height in this toy... and you need lube on silicone, or it grips significantly on your skin. The second possible reason for the design of the slit is that it can expand outwards for men with significant girth. I'm not as endowed with girth; however, I did stretch the toy out some so could see it stretching farther for men with such endowment. I've found sometimes if the toy is too small it's painfully cutting into you, no issues with that here. If you are a more average or undersized male, your hand can squeeze to apply added pressure... so everyone wins.


The slit down the side does mean air easily enters/moves through the toy... this means the toy provides no suction. I've gotten so used to the suction sensation with most of my masturbation toys that it's harder to get off when there isn't that sensation now. It's not a deal breaker, and this toy has already brought me to quite a few really enjoyable climaxes...

As I mentioned before, it's not extremely discreet. But most toys of this type could work for travel. Honestly, might pack it for individual travel in the future; however, it's the significant lube I'll have to pack that will turn heads at security :)
    • Discreet look/design
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

The toy is 100% silicone, which means only water-based lubricant should be used; however, this results in super easy clean up. And since you can basically fold the toy nearly flat w/ the slit on the side, it's extremely easy to really get the inside nice and clean. I then could just towel the whole toy inside/out to dry, and it was super easy to store.

The cleanup/storage of this masturbation toy is probably the easiest of all of my toys... The only issue is it should not be stored touching any other silicone-based toys.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The toy comes packaged in a box, that includes measurements on the outside.


Inside the box you'll find the sleeve wrapped in plastic and some free Astroglide lube:

Inside the box

The box is less discreet than the toy is.
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative
Follow-up commentary
I've been using this toy significantly more since I'm traveling/living away from home over the summer.

This toy made a great option that was compact for bringing along. The only issue I've found is thicker/jelly-like water-based lubes like K-Y jelly don't work great with this toy and are hard to clean out of the valleys of the ridges than gel/liquid type lubes. I forgot to bring some of the lube I use regularly and used previously with the toy during testing... so tried some K-Y to tie me over until I can get something else, and it's required nearly a whole 2oz tube for a single go and took forever to clean.
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  • Contributor: sXeVegan90
    Excellent review! I had a good laugh about the packaging to be honest. That look is such a late 80's, early 90's visual in the way it was graphically designed.
  • Contributor: DancerKittyKat
    Wow, this toy looks intense - those ridges! You are very right, the package is explicit. I think if I saw the toy on someone's bookcase, I would not immediately assume it was a sex toy! Great review!
  • Contributor: MrClark
    Thanks sXeVegan90 & DancerKittyKat!! I kind of laughed at the box too, which is why I thought it was necessary to share it in the review

    And the ridges are pretty intense, they are less than enjoyable when there isn't enough lube on the tip of them :-/
  • Contributor: B8trDude
    The packaging is even less discreet than the Tremble Stroker - which is very similar!
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Very helpful review. How does it feel compared to the more porous softer materials ? ie The Fleshlite.
  • Contributor: MrClark
    OH&W, Lovebears unlike the fleshlight material, it has no "sponge-like" give; however, the ridges do bend. It definitely is different, I think the lack of suction on this toy allows it to work.
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