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Fifty Shades of Grey is the book everyone is talking about, mostly women, raving about how it has improved their sex lives with their partners. It was originally Twilight fanfiction. It has a mysterious male character, the guy that every woman wants and the lucky one that gets to be with him. There is mystery, suspense, kink, passion, a hint of love and a lot of sex. One should be aware though that this isn't an accurate description of why and how a BDSM relationship starts.
Some sex scenes
Can give those that know nothing about BDSM the wrong idea
Some repetition
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About the Author
E. L. James is the author of the book that has everyone talking and supposedly has helped to boost the sexual experience between couples all over. According to her website she is a Television executive, a wife and the mother of two children. She lives in West London. Fifty Shades of Grey is her first novel. It turned into a trilogy. Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, follow.

I heard of this book while watching Dr. Oz one evening and was very curious after listening to what he said along with sex experts, relationship experts, ect that were on his show along with comments made from women in the audience as well as their husbands/boyfriends responding to it. I put off buying it and then was offered a copy by a very generous friend here at EF.

The book has been labeled as "mommy porn" and Twilight fanfiction. From what I gather from others, this really was originally a Twilight fanfiction story with the characters being Edward and Bella and formally called "Master of the Universe". I have not read Twilight but I have watched the movies. I can see a very vague resemblance to Twilight in Fifty Shades. What I see is the effect that Christian Grey has over every woman that sets their eyes on him; there is just something about this handsome man that pull women to him, yet, he remains a mystery to everyone. Then comes Anastasia Steele, the plain Jane brunette, cute, innocent, young virgin. Instantly captivated in the presence of this mysterious man. There is also Jose, a charming, handsome, young man that has a crush on Ana but she only sees him as a friend (obviously Jacob from Twilight). In the story it almost seems as they are from two different worlds but fall for each other anyway (So Twilight).

This books is aimed toward adult women but encouraged as a book for couples to read together. There are some darker tones and strong sexuality in this story.

For someone that isn't familiar even in the least with BDSM, this would more than likely give them the wrong idea of the lifestyle based on the reason Christian partakes in it. With that being said, it sort of gives BDSM a bad name (as if it isn't already shunned by many). A note in the beginning of this story with a short explanation of BDSM would be nice. Those promoting it on talk shows should also address that this isn't the norm for people that practice BDSM. I also feel the author should mention this on her website.
About the book
Christian Grey has it all, he is handsome, rich, successful and women swoon for him left and right. He can have any woman he wants yet he remains single. Anastasia Steele is young, innocent, and fresh out of college ready to take on the world. Little does she know how much her life will change when she literally falls into Christian Grey's office while covering an interview with him for the university paper for her sick roommate. Christian peruses her and she finds herself intrigued by him and curious about his attraction to her, of all people. Despite his warnings to stay away from her, he goes out of his way to see her and she is captivated by this mystery man. Things start to get serious very quickly between the two of them and before Ana knows it she is introduced into a whole new world that scares her yet intrigues her at the same time. Her limits will be tested, things become intense, feelings start to develop, information and secrets start to come out about this man that no one really knows much about. Ana is thrown into sexual bliss and takes a walk on the dark side. Can she live up to Christians wants and needs? Can she submit to Fifty Shades? Or will she run while she still can?

The sexual scenes in this book aren't as graphic as you may expect from all the hype. It isn't anything like the other Erotic books I've read which are mainly books full of short stories, both true and fiction. This is the first erotic novel I have ever read so I have nothing to compare it to in this sense. But I do think it could have been a little more spicier in description, but perhaps that is just my own personal preference. I found it odd that the author referred to the female genital area as "her sex", I just felt vagina was a better word to use. The author could use the word penis and dick but not vagina? Just odd to me. The use of the infamous "F" word is used frequently in this book and I just felt I would mention that in case that may offend some readers and just to give them a heads up. To me, not all of the sex scenes are hot and steamy but that's okay.

As for the BDSM aspect of the story, I was a little disappointed that things weren't more graphic or intense like many people expect or think of when hearing "BDSM". In my opinion, the BDSM described in this book is light and a little on the vanilla side. Nothing shocking. I have never read any BDSM erotica, just did some Google searches on the topic out of curiosity but I was still expecting something more with Fifty Shades, being mostly vanilla myself.

With all that said, it's a nice read but please keep in mind, if you don't know anything about BDSM, do some googling, to assume that all BDSM relationships start out because of the way this one did is a false assumption. It may offend those that do practice BDSM.
Follow-up commentary
Despite the criticism this book has received, I was one of the ones that actually enjoyed the book. The plot held me in and made it a fast read for me. I'm new to erotic novels so this one left me wishing I could grab my man during some scenes. I have only read short erotic stories before in books that contain many of them. There is some repetition in the book and some of the words/scenes may be a bit juvenile to some but overall it was an OK book. I have it on my e-reader and will be keeping it. If I had the actual printed book I'd give it to a friend or re-sell it since I don't re-read things.
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