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This book has tips that will make even the most timid of anal sex beginners feel far more at ease. Every aspect that I can think of is covered, addressed, debunked, or explored within these pages. The writing style is easy and engaging so that you feel comfortable reading about some possibly awkward topics. I found it to be a very enjoyable read.
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Tristan Taormino is a well known writer in the world of sex. She has written and edited countless books ranging from educational to erotic. She also has a few dvd's out there and teaches classes on sexual topics. She has been on on many shows on tv and the radio, and in general is considered to be an anal sex expert. Her writing style is easy to read and she makes her readers feel like they can really ask anything, which is important with a topic like anal sex.
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Clearly, from the title of this book, it is geared towards women but men may find some helpful information in these pages as well. The anus works the same in both body types, so portions of the book definitely apply to all. As far as content, if you've thought about anal sex and had any questions pop into your head at all, Tristan Taormino answers them. Her engaging writing style makes you feel comfortable reading about (for some) an uncomfortable topic.
The book has nineteen chapters, plus an introduction, index, and section about the author and illustrator. Here are the chapter breakdowns:
Chapter 1: Myths About Anal Sex- Tristan Taormino addresses all those rumors you've heard about anal sex and explains why they aren't true.

Chapter 2: Our Asses, Ourselves: Anal Anatomy- This chapter introduces you to the architecture of your ass. If you're going to be exploring and enjoying anal sex, it is important to understand what's what back there and how things work. Once you understand the sphincter muscles, you'll have a whole new understanding of anal sex.

Chapter 3: Beyond Our Bodies: Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Anal Eroticism- Chapter 3 introduces you to how to talk about anal sex and how to deal with any psychological issues that may arise.

Chapter 4: Preparing the Ass for Pleasure- Any questions about hygiene are answered in this chapter. Tristan also talks about shaving vs. waxing and the importance of keeping your nails trimmed.

Chapter 5: Enemas- Another optional step in preparing for anal sex, Tristan gives you the steps and tips on how to give yourself and enema at home. She introduces 3 different types of enemas, gives pros and cons of each, and even gives you pointers on how to have the most successful enema.

Chapter 6: Safer Sex- Just like the title says, this chapter is all about how to have safe sex. Condoms of all types, oral sex barriers, and how to make your toys safe are covered in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Lubricants- Lubing up for anal sex is extremely important. Tristan discusses all the different types of lubricant out there to choose from. She gives you pros and cons for each and even remembers to remind us that silicone toys and silicone lubes don't get along.

Chapter 8: Anal Sex Toys- Ever seen a probe or some anal beads and are just not sure how to use them or what they're for? Tristan breaks it down for you. She covers all the types of toys I can think of and gives tips on how to make sure something she may have forgotten is anal safe.

Chapter 9: Doing it for Yourself: Anal Masturbation- Want to start out solo or just don't have a partner at the moment? You don't have to be left out of the world of anal sex and this chapter will tell you how you can enjoy it alone.

Chapter 10: Let Your Tongue do the Walking: Analingus- This chapter discusses oral anal sex. You'll learn about hygiene, tips and tricks to analingus and how to make sure you are being safe.

Chapter 11: Anal Penetration- One of the larger chapters, this covers how to get started, what to do when you're ready for bigger things like penises and dildos, tips as the giver and receiver, anal sex positions, and double penetration.

Chapter 12: Anal Pleasure for Men- Chapter 12 focuses on the unique experience that men have with anal sex when they are the receiver. First and foremost for many men is the psychological stumbling blocks they have to get past to be able enjoy anal sex. Tristan also addresses prostate stimulation, which is similar to the woman's g-spot, and the different types of orgasms men can have through anal sex.

Chapter 13: BDSM and Anal Play- If BDSM is also something that interests you then this chapter will be helpful in incorporating anal sex into your BDSM play.

Chapter 14: Butt Bondage: Long-Term Butt Plug Wear- Some people enjoy wearing butt plugs for extended periods of time or having their submissive wear them as part of their play. This chapter explains how you can work up to long-term wear, tips on how to keep a plug in (rope harnesses, tape harnesses, and leather harnesses), and general safety tips for extended wear.

Chapter 15: The Art of Anal Fisting- Curious about the origins of anal fisting? How to do it? The best positions? What to do afterwards? This chapter will answer all those questions and more.

Chapter 16: Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Problems- This chapter is directed at the different questions and issues that people come across as they start to explore anal sex.

Chapter 17: Anal Health, Anal Ailments, and STD's- Exactly what the title says, tips on how to make sure you have a healthy anus, tips on how to handle different anal ailments and what STD's anal sex may bring you into contact with.

Chapter 18: The Ultimate Frontier- A brief conclusion covering Tristan's goal for this book and her hopes for it's readers.

Chapter 19: Resource Guide- This is a list of resources in various media (books, videos, websites) and places to buy supplies.


This is a paperback book with 221 pages. The cover of the book is not discreet at all. Across the front in large letters is the title and under the words is a picture of a woman with her hand on her ass. The picture is actually quite sexy, in my opinion. The chapters are organized in a logical manner and some chapters even include illustrations.


It has been a few years since I have tried anal sex but I have recently been thinking about delving into that world again. After reading this book, I have to say that I am even more interested and excited about exploring anal sex more. It really made me feel more comfortable about every aspect of anal sex.
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