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Ecstacy is where you find it

This book is an amazing guide that you can repeatedly learn from with each read. It is not as “woo woo” or “new age-y” as my partner feared (he started to read it after initially criticizing it!) It’s designed for all readers, regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, age, or relationship status. Anyone can practice Tantra with this guide. You can explore it yourself, or with a partner. It also covers a range of topics, such as group sex, healing, energy orgasms, and BDSM.
inclusive, well-written, friendly, good resources, easy to understand, good introduction.
is not as "traditional" as other tantra books.
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Ecstasy is where you find it. These words are written in big bold text across the back of the book, which really describe it. It's all about finding your own ecstasy, however you can in the way that makes you feel the most comfortable, yet liberated.

I recently had the opportunity to meet the author at one of her workshops. She is extremely queer-friendly, outgoing, generous, funny, and intelligent. After an intense, mind-blowing experience, I could not wait to get the book in order to learn more from her experiences. While the workshop was, to say the least, orgasmic, the book is even better! Her voice is strong and clear throughout the book, without being overbearing or preachy. As a reader, you get a strong sense of who she is, and where she is coming from (e.g. her experiences with the aids epidemic leading her toward new forms of sexual expression). At the same time, you have the room to formulate your own opinions and consider your own experiences with regards to the topics, finding what works for you. In particular, she encourages readers to apply the book to their own lives and make it personal.

For instance, you can read it from cover to cover in order, like a private Tantra workshop, or you can jump in anywhere, and experiment with bringing it to the bedroom right away. You can read the book multiple times and still get as much out of it as you did the first time. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of tantra for a modern, urban lifestyle (such as BDSM, or 20 minute tantra for those on the go), which may resonate with the individual at different times. This allows you to skip around to read what you feel you need at the moment, but also allows you to experience something new with each reading.

Additionally, the book is not directed towards, males, females, single individuals, couples, heterosexuals, homosexuals, or any one group. It has more of a color-outside-the-lines, inclusive feel, which is very warm and welcoming. My partner, who is not as liberal as myself, used to refer to tantra and similar ideas as “woo woo new age crap” (even though tantra has been around for centuries). Yet, after I started reading it, he picked it up one day and couldn’t put it down, and even asked to borrow it when I was finished! We decided that it would be an excellent bonding experience to take turns reading it aloud to each other like a kinky bedtime story, trying out techniques at our pleasure. If you are intimidated by the idea of tantra, this book will serve as an excellent guide, because it is down to earth and friendly.

The presentation is also a major plus. The cover is sleek and sexy. I have had many people intrigued after they saw the cover (why hide such an awesome book?) The pages are filled with useful, well-laid-out information. It does not read like a textbook, and it has many illustrations to help guide you in your practice.

Overall, this book will help you break out of your sexual shell and think about sex in a new, deliberate, liberating way. It’s definitely a must-read that I would recommend for everyone, regardless of where you are at in your life. It’s not just about sexual awakening and experiences, but opening yourself to a new outlook on life (such as living in the moment).
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  • Dragon
    This is a great review, and I'm going to put it on my list. I've read a bit about tantra. Not much. One of the things that I've seen in some of it is the aspect that Tantra is very much almost a religious experience and the way towards spirituality. Does this book have that side?
  • Airen Wolf
    WOW this sounds like a wonderful book on Tantra...and the fact that you met the author and can vouch for her tone and expertise makes me very intrigued!
    Thanks for the review.
  • Dark Muse
    I would not describe the book as “religious” because there is no organized religion/god(dess) or theology in it. This is probably because the author is trying to make the book accessible for everyone, including individuals of different religious backgrounds. However, there is a definite spiritual side, particularly through the idea of personal energies and a collective sexual energy. At one point, the author discusses hearing the “hum of the universe” through tantric sex, and the healing power of sex. In particular, she focuses on how to incorporate the ideas of Tantra into daily life to find happiness and health, rather than a higher spiritual level or religious meaning in life. In this way, it is almost philosophical rather than spiritual, but it does contain elements of both. The spirituality is there, but not as explicit as in other Tantra books.
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