Tickle His Pickle - erotic book by Tickle Kitty Press - review by SMichelle

Entertaining, but only useful if tickling his pickle is new to you.

This is a cute little book with a comical name. For me, it was essentially a waste, as it didn't teach me anything that I didn't know. That being said, if you're someone that's new to sexual play, or someone that is not comfortable at all with your sex life, then this book might be useful to you. Still, you should expect only the most basic of information.
Easy to read, Good length, Good for beginners, Has some cute little pictures
Geared for beginners only -- no advanced tips, Writing style can be a bit irritating
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About author

This book is written by a Dr. Sadie Allison. She has earned a doctorate in Human Sexuality, from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators and Counselors (AASECT). Along with all of this, she is also the founder and CEO of a company called Tickle Kitty, which appears to be her own line of sexual books, lubricants, and kits. She has also won an Independent Publisher award for best sexuality, for this book. So, she does seem to know her stuff.

I have never read any other of Dr. Sadie Allison's work, and honestly... I don't think I'll be quick to pick up another of her books. While I do feel that she knows her stuff, I just did not enjoy her style of writing. I felt more like I was reading a book for comedy purposes, rather than a book for educational means.

Content / Style / Audience

When I initially picked this book up, I was under the impression that it was going to talk a lot about blow jobs. In fact, I thought that was what this book was primarily about. Unfortunately, however, I was mistaken, as blow jobs don't get much attention until page 79.

Anyway, let's go over a bit of what this book actually covers...

1. "Let's Talk About You"
This chapter pretty much discusses the reasons why you might not be able to put yourself into the moment, and how to get yourself out of the pits. It also starts to talk a little about how discuss sexual things with your partner, stating that "good sex starts at the lips."

2. "Meet the Penis & the Land Down Under"
This chapter goes into a little bit of detail about the male anatomy, teaching you the proper names for all of the parts. It also tells you a little bit about how to treat an uncircumcised penis, and tells you some statistics about the male anatomy.

3. "He's Coming!"
This one tells you about the male sexual response cycle -- excitement, plateau, and resolution. It also tells you a bit about his "liquid love" (as Dr. Sadie refers to it as). She calls the pre-cum "love drops", and the semen his "love juice". Personally, the cute little names for it did nothing for me (other than cause me to roll my eyes). Sadie also provides a fruit smoothie recipe, which she says may make your guys cum taste better.

4. "Sights! Sounds! Seductions!"
This is a pretty basic chapter about how to set the scene. It'll be useful to those new to sexual play, but anyone with any experience is probably going to find themselves wondering why they're reading this. This chapter also tells you a little about watching porn with your guy.

5. "Hair Today -- Gone Tomorrow"
This chapter tells you it's okay to ask your guy to trim or shave, and then it provides you with some instructions/tips on how to shave/trim his pubes.

6. "Slippery Stuff"
This one discusses sexual lubricants. It tells you about the choices that are available (silicone, water-based, oil-based, flavored..). Really, not much to this one at all.

7. "Giving Great Hand"
Sadie begins this chapter by telling you that "most men will tell you that receiving a handjob is one of life's greatest pleasures." My guy isn't one of those men, insisting that no matter how good a handjob is done, it's nothing that he cannot do himself. Anyway -- this gives you some basic tips, telling you to find a good rhythm, find a good pressure (she tells you to try and get the pressure as tight as a vagina might be), get a good angle, get it nice and wet with some lubricant, listen to him to know what he likes, and to pay attention to his "trigger points." Okay, so that's all kind of common sense, isn't it? And she really doesn't go into much detail at all on that none.

She also talks about some positions to try while you're giving him a handjob, and she shows you a few "hand grips."

8. "Giving Great Head"
Here, she provides a safety tip -- only practice oral without a condom with someone that you're monogamous with. And, of course, get tested.

The tips about giving great head are basic at best, and again, mostly common sense. She does provide a brief section on how to get past your worries of giving oral, but that's only really going to be useful to someone with no experience.

9. "His Back Door (& More!)"
Again, real basic tips about how to stimulate his anus. She gives you some basic rules to butt play -- which are, again, common sense (relax, be clean, communicate, be safe, use lube, go slow, etc...).

10. "Ready... Willing... Unable."
This one talks about what to do if your guy loses his erection or can't get one. It also talks about what to do when you're dealing with a man who just seems to be able to last forever.

Then there are the appendixes: "safer, cleaner, healthier sex", "after play", and "about the author"

All in all, I wasn't overly impressed. It's a quick read, spanning 146 pages (not counting the page long advertisements for other Dr. Sadie Allison products), but it's not overly informative. It'll be a cool book for someone that's new to sex, but you're not going to find any advanced tips here. I'll keep it as a conversation piece, but I won't be going back to this one for anything more than a laugh.


This soft cover book is small enough that it'll easy fit in the drawer of your bedside table. You could even carry it in your purse, if you're looking to learn some tips on the go. That being said, the cover of the book is not discreet, so you probably don't want to read this on the subway.

The cover says plainly, "Dr. Sadie Allison is a Penis Genus!" (an endorsement from Adam Carolla). The words, "Tickle His Pickle: Your hands-on guide to penis pleasing" are also written in very large print on the front cover. The back cover is no more discreet, with the words "Hotter sex is now in your hands!" and "Raise your penis I.Q!" being written on the back. So... discreet... not a chance. Not suitable for public reading, unless the circle you travel in is really accepting... or unless you just don't care.

The quality of the book cover is decent enough, but you're probably going to get a few creases on it just from reading it. It is a softcover, after all. The pages themselves are durable and well-organized. Each section is clearly outlined, so you know what each section is going to be about before you even start reading it.

There are also a variety cartoon images in the book. Some of these images help to explain what the author is talking about, but most seem to be just there for fun. Just for the sake of noting -- the entire book, except for the cover, is in black and white.
Follow-up commentary
I decided to take this book with me on my trip to visit my partner. I was hoping that maybe my partner and I would be able to find a tip or two in it that was actually useful, but no... We enjoyed a laugh at it, but that was about it.

I still wouldn't recommend this one for anyone other than absolute beginners.
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