Pickle Tickling!

Ready to give your guy the best blowjob he's ever had? Dr. Sadie can help you out with this handy guide full of great tips, tricks, and trivia about any and all things penis-related. Pick up this book and pull his pants down!
Detailed illustrations, helpful tips, fun to read, doesn't shy away from anything.
Sometimes corny humor, generic hetero couples in the illustrations.
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"Tickle His Pickle" is Dr. Sadie Allison's third, and best, book. Dr. Sadie (as she calls herself) writes with tons of tangible enthusiasm that's very contagious. She is a member of the Association of Sex Educators, Counselors % Therapists (AASECT) and is a certified sexologist, earning her Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Dr. Sadie is also the owner of Tickle Kitty, Inc., a line that publishes books and even a line of lubricants called Slippery Kitty. This book, as well as her others, has won the Independent Publisher Award for Best Sexuality Book.
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Dr. Sadie's 147 page blowjob manifesto is a pocket-sized paperback chock full of pictures, diagrams of a man's anatomy, and fun tips and tricks. The black and white illustrations are quite detailed for basically being cartoons. Only heterosexual couples are depicted, the obligatory white female with long hair going down on a white male with shaven balls and apparently no body hair whatsoever. Barbie and Ken do the nasty, ya'll. Even though the book is obviously geared at heterosexual women, the tips can obviously be used by men as well. I was disappointed that there were no depictions of men going down on each other.

I purchased this book about a year and a half ago due to the lengthy oral sessions I've had with my partner. I literally tried every trick I ever read, every little flick-of-the-wrist technique, every sort of contorted position that would allow me access to his cock, but it all seemed to not be enough to make him cum from oral. This was a blow to my ego and I took it upon myself to improve my oral skills. While I flipped through this book at a local bookstore, I happened upon several tidbits of information (including the fact that semen can shoot out of a man's penis at 28 mph) that made me decide to purchase the book. Almost every page is dog-eared with highlighted sections or notes in the margins. It became a true study guide for improving my tonguing technique.

Sadly, I still haven't made my man cum by just giving him head, but never fear, because Dr. Sadie covers this problem in her book. I was pleased to read her section explaining possible reasons why your man just can't cum while receiving a blowjob. It could be due to anxiety, he yanks his pickle too much, or maybe he needs more friction, like from his hand.

There's no way to fully cover all the techniques utilized in this book, from twisting your hands certain ways and flicking your tongue to and fro, but suffice it to say Dr. Sadie has covered every inch of penis pleasing territory. She even goes into detail about a man's cum, and what's in it (magnesium, protein, zinc, DNA, fructose, plus it's low in calories and carbs) and how to make your man's semen taste sweeter. Yes, there is a recipe for a smoothie included.

This book isn't solely about blowjobs, though. It's really a book about pleasing your man, to steal a popular phrase from Cosmo. Anal play is thoroughly discussed, as well as ways to initiate such a conversation with your partner. Dr. Sadie also gives a rundown of P-spot stimulation using your fingers or toys, and even discusses analingus. From the balls to the taint, nipples, thighs, ass, P-spot...every erogenous zone is detailed with tips on pleasing every part. I keep this book handy when I'm with my guy because there's always some new position for better blowing or handjob technique to try out. Sure, the names she gives these techniques are kind of cheesy (Three-peater, anyone?) but they're all worth trying, if for no other reason than seeing a great big smile on your guy's face.
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Well, apropos of the title, there's a pickle on the cover. A big green pickle next to a happy woman's red-lipped mouth. Not the most discreet cover ever, but it gets the point across. The back cover yells "HOTTER SEX IS NOW IN YOUR HANDS!" so you can't just flip the book over to hide the cover. There is also a picture of Dr. Sadie Allison, and I have to admit, she's a looker. The book is about the size and width an a regular DVD in its case. It fits perfectly in any nightstand drawer and is easy to find if you need it in a hurry.

I really like the featured quote from comedian Adam Carolla (not sure why he felt the need to comment on this book, but hey, whatever!): "Dr. Sadie Allison is a penis genius!"

I couldn't agree more, but thanks to Dr. Sadie, we can all be penis geniuses...or geni. Whatever.
    • Diagrams / photos included
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Small size


I'd buy this book again in a heartbeat if something happened to my copy, or maybe my boyfriend would buy a copy himself. It's definitely spiced up the tongue action, plus the fun facts and trivia are genuinely interesting. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I would have given it 5 but the generic couple that is depicted doing all the action is so boring and unimaginative. Where's the cute guys sucking each other off? Though I have to admit, my boyfriend (and many others) would probably find that a turn-off in an oral sex guide.
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