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Fifty Shades of Large Vocabulary

If you can get past the concerns I mentioned, the story is engaging because of the innocence of Ana as Mr. Grey introduces her to a world she had known nothing about. Her character is headstrong, knows what she doesn't want, and likes to bargain with Mr. Grey, even though at first glance he is not one to bargain. Just because I have issues with the writing style, that doesn't mean the plot isn't enjoyable. Ultimately, fiction should be entertainment, and on this point it hits a home run.
Great story, interesting plot.
Writing quality wasn't what I expected, hard to believe the characters are real.
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I am a voracious reader, consuming nearly two books each week. "Fifty Shades of Grey" is part of a rarely read genre for me, as I rarely care for fiction. Between the hype I wanted to see if it lived up to it's promise of an amazing read and marketing e-mails from EdenFantasys about products similar to what was used in the book. Even with my disdain of fiction, I picked up a copy, and amazingly the story drew me in until I couldn't put the book down. Being 514 pages, I expected it to take me weeks to finish, as it did last time I read a fiction book of this length, yet I finished it in three days. The story was engrossing, easy to follow, and above all kept me wondering what was going to happen next. (Or should I say Mr. Grey kept me wondering?) While the basic storyline was predictable to me, I don't have experience with BDSM, so if I was more familiar with it, I likely wouldn't have been as intrigued as to what to expect. I believe part of the success of this book is that housewives can live vicariously through Ana. It may allow the average person who has only experienced vanilla sex to know there is more variety out there to experience.

My biggest problem in giving this book a good rating is the writing. It was really difficult for me to overlook a number of repeated flaws in the writing. The biggest to me was vocabulary. While I could see Mr. Grey using some of these large words, to see Ana, and even her mother using them made me feel it was contrived. I had to guess at the meaning of some of them. I told a friend I was reading this book and she was asking me if I enjoyed it. I read her a passage from page 24. She, too, agreed that "besieged" should not be used twice in one paragraph. While a great descriptive word, the repetition too closely not only made me roll my eyes but the description lost its impact with me. This is a flaw I felt was repeated several other places in the book. That is not even including the same descriptions used for mannerisms through the book. For example, Ana rolls her eyes a lot as well as bites her lip. Mr. Grey often cocks his head to one side. The characters mummer more than necessary. A good thesaurus could have helped with editing this book.

Because, I don't have experience with BDSM, I didn't feel it was fair to have Ana make assumptions that Mr. Grey's sexual preferences is based on his past, which appears to be abuse. Because everyone is different, I would hate to think that readers may assume the only people interested in BDSM are those who are, as Mr. Grey describes himself, "fifty shades of f'd up". Like anything else in life, enjoyment of something, sexual or not, doesn't mean there is anything sinister in their past. Because of the popularity of this book, I wonder what impression it will ultimately leave on others of the fetish community.

I realize this is a book of fiction. Mr. Grey appears to be every woman's dream, and therefore this must be fiction. I don't believe that anyone could be that accomplished at age 26. He is a multimillionaire, if not a billionaire, a pilot, and accomplished pianist. Along with that, Ana's innocence sexually doesn't bother me as it likely would some people. I'm not sure a virgin would be as willing to go along with Mr. Grey's demands as she is, but like I said people are unique and I suppose it could happen. When she receives the laptop, she is surprised to learn she has an e-mail address. Most children and teenagers have an e-mail address. Ana is a 22 year old college graduate. I know when I was in school almost fifteen years ago we were required to have one so we could be reached for any number of school related issues. I can't imagine that requirement isn't at nearly every school by now.
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    Great review! Thanks for sharing!! I have the sample on my kindle and I love it!
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    Great review! I agree on not being able to think of the characters as real also. Grey is some sort of billionaire for no apparent reason, and Ana is a 21 year old woman who's never been turned on before. Hmmm....
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    Thanks for the great review!
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    I don't know about the vocab, I mean Anna is a college graduate and wants to get into publication so why can't she use "big" words?
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    awesome review you noted some things that i didnt even notice in the book while reading but they are completely true! repetition is a problem!!
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    Great review. I've heard similar criticisms of this book before; I think it's more noteworthy as a cultural phenomenon (perhaps marking the moment when BDSM went mainstream) than as literature. But I keep wanting to read it anyway!
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    Really great review, thank you!!! I have been considering reading it, but will definitely pass! You mentioned about the book, "which appears to be abuse." Thank you for the heads up!! I'm not into that. Really good review and glad I read, thanks again.
  • jennifur77
    Kristi -- the abuse is on the part of Mr. Grey's part. Both he and Ana are consenting adults, but as you read through the series, it is confirmed that Mr. Grey was abused in childhood. I believe some of the BDSM community found a lot of problem with this because since this is a BDSM book for vanilla people, some felt that it gave the idea that all those into BDSM were abused in their past. I don't consider what Mr. Grey did to Ana abuse as they were both consenting adults.
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