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50 Shades Freed was a great ending to the 50 shades trilogy. Other hopeless romantics won't be disappointed. Ana is finally able to make a break through with Christian and he finally comes to terms with his past and his new future. Overall, the books are a great read for vanilla couples and was a good way to introduce new ideas as long as you keep an open mind that this is fiction, just one portrayal of how a BDSM relationship started and how love helped it to become healthy.
The sex
The happy ending
Some repetition- the same old as in the first 2
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I recommend reading the first two books before reading the review on the last, especially if you really are interested in them. Seeing a comment made on another review made me come back in and add that it could spoil something for you if you haven't read the other two first.

50 Shades Freed is the final book in the 50 Shades erotic novel. If you're like me and couldn't put the first two books down then of course you are going to want to purchase this book, especially with how we were left in suspense with the ending of 50 Shades Darker.

In this book we get to experience Ana and Christian's honeymoon but not much is mentioned about their wedding, which I was a little disappointed in being a secretive hopeless romantic I had wanted to read the details on that, especially because Ana starts to make the plans and such before book 2 closed. Maybe it's just because I'm a woman but I wanted to know it all, the dresses, the first dance, the cake, the reception. We do get some of the reception but not much and it seems like the couple quickly left to go on their honeymoon; this is all told as Ana reflects back. The story really gets set in motion while they are lounging on the beach on their to die for honeymoon. We get the details of the first time sex as husband and wife as well as other trysts on their trip.

Ana is able to help Christian dig deeper into his memory and come to terms with his demons more so in this final book. More information is revealed. Ana goes back to work, her boss puts her in a horrible situation which she handled well enough on her own. But soon someone starts to jeopardize the safety of her husband as we found out at the end of book 2 and that person is brought to light and continues to cause problems for the couple as well as the Grey family.

Ana continues to anger Christian like usual with her need to have her own personal freedoms and not be so controlled and allowed to make her own decisions so she defies him a few times in this story. Of course there is always the hot make-up sex.

Christian does seem to lighten up more in this final book. He becomes more affectionate and allowing Ana to show him true affection and love.

After another episode at their home, Christian decides they should move and begins plans on fixing up an older, yet still luxurious home that Ana falls in love with.

The sparks fly and heat up between the other couple's in the story.

Tragic events happen that turn around in the end. Someone dear also has their life threatened and Ana has to make the ultimate decision on what to do even if it means jeopardizing the emotions of the one she loves most in the world.

Christian finally comes to terms with his past and though it isn't out right mentioned, we can assume from what is said as well as the title that he is finally at peace for once. Of course, the kinky side is still there but the couple do it at their own comfort levels.

An event that is life changing for both Ana and Christian take place but things jump ahead a few years and things are left out that I would have liked to know more about.

The epilogue is one to put a smile on any hopeless romantic's face and closes out with of course, a "happily ever after". An overall nice ending to the story.

Things seemed to drag on more slowly in this final book for me than the other two. I didn't finish it as quickly as I did the others, but I do admit that during the intense situations I couldn't stop until those we over. I read this book on my Kindle and I must say that the last 20% of the book really held my attention and kept the suspense going. There was of course, repetition with the dialogue between Christian and Ana, the foreplay seemed to be same the as well as some of the sex. Some new BDSM acts are introduced but still rather vanilla in nature but wasn't a big problem for me. One thing I did roll my eyes at was them constantly referring to each other as "Mr. or Mrs. Grey". The "Oh My" and "Holy Cow" was a bit annoying after two previous books of it as well as "poor Fifty" and "Fifty, Fifty, Fifty".
Overall, I was pleased with the ending and the trilogy itself. Of course I have and kept and open mind as well as not taking this seriously because it is fiction. So many are dwelling on the factor behind Christians start into BDSM and this being Twilight fanfic. I say get over it, read the book and enjoy it for what it is. There are many stories out there about different situations that aren't of the "norm" and they aren't criticized as harshly. It's just fiction, one story. Also keep in mind that this isn't some famous author, this is a woman that made this story as fanfic, she isn't a pro so this isn't going to be perfection. Don't take it so seriously, unless of course you are using it to open up new and exciting things in your bedroom! Just have fun with it!

I don't regret reading the trilogy and if someone questioned me as to if they should read it then I surely would say go for it. It opened me up to different things. Though I'm not cool with being a Dom. or a Sub., I did become interested in some of the things that went on in Christian's "play room" and bought items here at EF that I never would have looked at twice because I related them to pain and darker tones. Though Christian's reason for starting is dark, the way he treats Ana and introduces her to these "kinky" things wasn't so intimidating to people like me. It was more erotic and sensual, didn't seem scary and painful. I think it's a nice read for the vanilla couples out there! I'd rate all the books a five star but even I will admit that some of the repetition got annoying by the third book but not enough to make me not want to finish it.
Follow-up commentary
Despite the heat this trilogy have taken, I still like it and I'm not ashamed to admit to having enjoyed it. As with the other two, it will remain on my Kindle but probably won't be read again as I don't re-read books like this. I'll keep it on file to share with others.
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