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The Orgasm Loop presents a new and interesting way to help women achieve orgasm during sex (not before, after, or with a toy), or women who have trouble reaching orgasm at all. The O-Loop is scientifically tested, fun to try and, while a bit difficult at first, can present interesting results. The book itself is quick to read, with scientific explanations of why the O-Loop works and how to do it, quotes from women who've used it successfully, and ideas on how to improve your sex life.
Easy to read with a unique technique that you'll be eager to try out.
Doesn't present other ideas of what you should do if it doesn't work for you.
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The Orgasm Loop, by Susan C. Bakos, seems at first like any other "How To" book on orgasms that won't really work. I originally put it down, assuming it was just chock full of psychological mumbo-jumbo about how your stopping yourself from having an orgasm and what psychological training will make you stop.

Take another look, this book is nothing like that.

The Orgasm Loop takes a new approach to women with orgasmic problems; actually acknowledging that many of us have a real, physical problem, and giving a new twist on how to fix it. It doesn't fall into the regular routine of telling us its all in our heads.

It's base idea revolves around female arousal, and how problems with our very basic means of arousal keeps us from achieving orgasm when we should be able to.

I'll go ahead and say that it's a great book.

Having an orgasm during sex has always been one of the most sought-after sexual achievements, even though it isn't practical at all without clitoral stimulation. This book, while fighting back that myth that the right man should be all a woman needs to orgasm, gives women a way to work towards achieving that goal, without needing to go anywhere near their clitoris if they don't want to.

The idea focuses on the fact that when men are aroused- *boing*- they can see it.
Women, on the other hand have very subtle and less-than-noticeable means of showing arousal physically. Even if we're aroused, we often don't even realize it. Bakos's theory follows the idea that if women could see their arousal, they could recognize and learn to use it.

The cutely named "O-Loop" uses visualization techniques and energy focusing, along with physical techniques like breathing patterns and Kegel stretches, to help women create arousal, while teaching them how to recognize their their bodies natural arousal. The result? Helping women achieve orgasm during sex, or pretty much anything else!

Written for all kinds of women, this book covers just about all the bases.
Whether you're sixteen and experimenting with/establishing your sexuality through masturbation, twenty-two with your first long-term sex partner (male or female, I might add), or fifty and married for 30 years, this book was written for you.

Even if you don't typically have trouble with orgasms, this book can help add a nice bit of oomph into your sex life, and teach you a new twist on how to enjoy it.

The book starts out with the it's history- the experiments and theories that led up to the creation of the O-Loop- then the information on why it works, how to do it, and eventually how to make it even better.

Instructions describe how to adapt your everyday sex practices (including intercourse positions, oral sex, anal, quickies, and masturbation) to using the O-Loop so you can have an orgasm any way you want. It even briefly covers the sexual complications that come from things like medications, old age, and celibacy.

In short, this book offers every woman the chance to work towards something that (almost) every woman wants at some point or another; an orgasm during sex. Not before, not after, not (necessarily) on their own once their partners done, but during sex with someone they love (or really like). Say goodbye to the "Me first, then you" routine with your partner, and get on the road to orgasms during sex. With some extra work, even simultaneous orgasms are said to be possible with this book!

Can this technique give every "orgasmically-challenged" woman out there a guaranteed mid-intercourse orgasm? Maybe not. But is it worth a try? Hell yes. At least, I think so.
Reading a bit in the book store the first time I stumbled onto this gem, I got extremely turned on just trying out the basic instructions!

But unfortunately, I can't say this book led me straight down the orgasm path to a hands-free intercourse "O". But that's not the books fault. From the beginning, I've had a hard time with the visualization, which is a huge part of making the O-Loop work. So, while I've been working hard on my Kegel stretches, "fire breathing" and concentration, I just can't seem to get a grasp on the arousal image and energy focus.

I can tell you, however, that the unfinished O-Loop has helped me already. I've noticed a difference in my orgasms when combining what I can of the O-Loop to sex (with a vibrator) the way I'm used to it.
My orgasms are stronger and a bit more intense, and when I work at it good and hard, I enjoy sex without a vibrator more than ever (even if I don't orgasm).

Hopefully, within the next month I'll be able to follow the O-Loop step by step, and the next time you hear from me, I'll be orgasm-inhibited no longer.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately, this never quite got me to the apex of sexual satisfaction, which is its aim. But! I still use some of the techniques I learned from it during sex and they definitely boost me up quite a bit almost every time! That alone, I think, is definitely worth it.
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    Good review! This book sounds really interesting. Definitely going on my wishlist.
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    Great review! I'm actually thinking about picking up a copy of this book, though if it mainly works with visualization I'm not sure just how well it will work for me. Sometimes my mind wanders when I'm trying to focus on something.
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    Hm...I think I just found a book I want to read. Thanks!
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    Great review. Definitely think I'd like to try it.
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