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The Power of Wow

Book by Unspoken Market

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If you are feeling low, do something about it! Pick up a book that will teach you some new things and help you develop traits you already knew you had. Along the way, you never know what you might learn about yourself.
Easy to read, Lessons for all walks of life, Each section is short and to the point.
Can take a long time to read.
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Lori Bryant-Woolridge, the author
The author is an interesting character, that's for sure. She blogs and does appearances to teach classes of the "getting your groove back" nature. Lori Bryant-Woolridge has written at least five books since 1999 when she debuted on the writing scene. She has also contributed to numerous anthologies and even co-founded the Femme Fantastik Literary Tour. This tour is more of a "showing off" of the writings of many black female writers. Before Lori became a known writer, she worked in television. She has worked for ABC, PBS, and BET.

Introduction to Stiletto University
This book is written as though you are taking a class, and even originate from classes Lori Bryant-Woolridge, the author, taught. You will require a pad of paper and a pen each time you sit down with this book, and you will even be assigned homework for each section. It is not intended to be read straight through in one sitting. Instead, it is intended to be read slowly, taking a break of a day or so after each short chapter to reflect on each topic or sense and complete your homework. This book will not, and does not claim to, make you any more sexy. Instead, it makes you more comfortable being a sensual human being. It forces you to open your eyes and truly see, smell, taste, and hear the beauty that surrounds you on a daily basis.

The Alumni
Throughout the book, the author, introduces you to many of the previous real life students. These sections include the demographics of each female, her issues, and quotes from them. These portions even include helpful hints that these Alumni used themselves to complete assignments in the real world. You, as an outsider, get a look into their lives and why they took the class. As you read on, you get to find out what they took from the class and how the class has affected their lives.

Lessons in Sensuality
Many people, myself included, have had it engraved in their mind that sensuality and sexuality are almost synonymous. While they do go hand in hand, they are not even close to being the same thing. This book attempts to rekindle your sense of adventure for sensuality as you did when you were a child. When you were young, it was all about touching this, tasting that, and using all your senses like you had never used them before. As we grow up, go to school, and make our first steps into adulthood, we leave the fun of everything being new behind. This book is intended to help you rekindle the love affair you had with your senses when you were a child.

Who is the intended reader?
This book is geared for those looking to get their groove back. Whether you have recently had a child, been dumped, cheated on, or are in an unfulfilled marriage, this book could be a key ingredient in the confidence boost you need. This book is written in a very easy to read and understand manner, and can be read by scholars or high school drop outs alike. The author seldom uses intimidating lingo, and "keeps it real" with the reader.

The Website
In this book, the author boasts about your ability to join their community online. While I bet she thought as she wrote it, this would happen, it did not. The website exists, but there is not option to join, be involved in discussions, or anything interactive. There are, however, many articles and videos you can entertain yourself with.
After my not so recent break up, I felt pretty lost. I read a review of this book written by a friend and she recommends it to those who are heart broken. I thought to myself, why not? I have nothing but time to myself these days and I enjoy a good read.

This book didn't mend my broken heart, but it did teach me a few new things about myself and my sensuality. I've learned to stop and smell those beautiful flowers and to cuddle and sniff my just washed laundry instead of rushing to get things done. The biggest lesson I feel I learned was that my senses are awesome. I just need to utilize them more often.
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    I bought this awhile ago, I really need to get to reading it!
  • Zombirella
    I bought this awhile ago, I really need to get to reading it!
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    Wishlisted...every woman could use a little lesson in how to be comfortable with herself!
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    Thanks for reading. It is an interesting read. Not a must read, but very interesting.
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