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Female ejaculation and the G-spot

Book by Hunter House Publishers

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How I learned to squirt farther

If you want to learn to squirt, by yourself or with a partner, this book will give you all the information you need to do so. The book covers not just female ejaculation but also how to increase the sensitivity of your g-spot.
well researched, detailed techniques
one of the techniques for assessing PC muscle strength was hard to follow
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This book is a treasure trove of information about female ejaculation from a sexologist who has extensively researched the subject. It contains detailed female anatomy illustrations, a step by step discussion of what happens during an ejaculation workshop, detailed instruction on how to ejaculate both with and without an orgasm, descriptions of the best positions and techniques for ejaculating with a partner as well as chapters covering the history of female orgasm.

There are sidebars covering the common question about how to tell whether you peed or ejaculated and how to deal with the fear of peeing. The book also answers questions such as whether, based on your particular anatomy, you will be able to ejaculate with a man inside you.

The final chapters cover sexual healing through g-spot massage. The back of the book has an extensive list of helpful resources.

Also covered are ways to assess your readiness for female ejaculation, your chances of success, and the strength of your pelvic floor (PC) muscles. I found one of the methods for assessing pelvic floor strength to be confusing. I tried the technique several times and each time it wasn't clear to me what the result for me was. I'm also confused by the possible results - weak, normal or tense. There is no option for strong. You're supposed to measure the width of your PC muscles in finger widths. One finger - weak. Two fingers - tense. Three fingers - normal. So why couldn't two fingers represent a measurement between weak and normal?

The book's coverage of the three kinds of orgasm - clitoral, g-spot and uterine - is another area of the book that I question. She cites research showing that the uterus doesn't contract during clitoral orgasms, yet I know this not to be the case. When I had a uterus I could feel it contracting during clitoral orgasms if I held my hand on my stomach. This was especially noticeable during pregnancy.

But perhaps I'm nitpicking because the book is filled with highly useful information written in a positive, warm tone. If you're motivated to learn female ejaculation, this book will give you the information you need. I've done extensive Internet research on the subject and didn't think there would be material in this book that I didn't already know, but I was surprised at how much I learned from it.

The author discusses the emotional aspects of g-spot and uterine orgasms throughout the book and how to deal with those emotions. Those parts didn't speak to me. I can't imagine an orgasm of any kind triggering feelings of rage, irritation, sadness or the like. But if you do, this book provides techniques to deal with that.
After following every step of the instructions on how to ejaculate, I found that I squirted farther than I ever have before. The ejaculation workshop section is so detailed that I felt almost as though I were there in one of her workshops.

Even though I believe there is a substantial amount of pee in my own ejaculate - the color is almost always very similar (although much cloudier and smelling like sugar) to a sample of pee collected right afterward - her assurance that if you massage your g-spot, feel the swelling, have an urge to pee, then ejaculate that the liquid produced is ejaculate was reassuring. And if there's pee, so what. Enjoy the experience anyway. The scientist and professional worrier in me would still like a comparative ejaculate/pee chemical analysis. But the author's comments about accepting the entire experience are right even if I don't seem to be doing that just yet.

I was also pleased to find that many of the techniques and facts I discovered myself are supported in this book. For example, for g-spot orgasms its more helpful to focus on the physical sensations you're experiencing than on visual imagery.
Follow-up commentary
There isn't an option for "Meh. Its still just ok" so I chose "I still like it."

This book has some good information and you're likely to learn from it. I still find that the detailed description of what happens during her ejaculation workshops is the best part. The discussion of spirituality, emotions and tantric sex at the end of the book to be the worst (boring) parts. All quotes from people refer to their partners as "my love." Either the quotes were edited or the quote contributors were influenced about how to write their quotes. Both are unsavory options.

I continue to be disturbed by bits of misinformation, her repeated mentions of tense vaginal muscles (Does anyone really hold tension in their PC muscles? Really?) and a general sense that ejaculation is so easy for her that she's forgotten what its like to be struggling to achieve your first one.

The misinformation I refer to is items like her classification of orgasms - clitoral, uterine and blended. She says blended orgasms are G-spot orgasms. Uterine orgasms are 100% emotional. Apparently I've never had one then. So how then is my uterusless self who doesn't feel particular emotions with orgasms having G-spot orgasms?

She classifies PC muscle strength as weak, normal or tense. How about strong? It doesn't seem to me that tense should be one of the strength classifications. Her method of testing pelvic floor flexibility is clearly taken from the Oxford scale of pelvic floor strength testing but she offers a confusing, difficult system to assess strength instead.

But there are so few books on this subject. Even with the parts that bother me, its still worth reading.
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  • Carrie Ann
    Nice review. Smile
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for the review! And as a fellow scientist, I wholeheartedly back you up on wanting that chemical analysis.
  • Naughty Student
    I have read on a scientific website (which showed PET scans of the bladder filling with ejaculate during intercourse/sexual arousal, COOL!) that the molecular composition of female ejaculate is actually quite close to males semen! Unfortuanetly I have no reference but I am sure the book has loads of good info!

    Nice review! Smile
  • Tuesday
    I saw those PET bladder scans too. But they didn't say how much time elapsed between the first and last shot. So how can we be sure that her bladder filled just from sexual activity? Give me a glass of water and wait 20 minutes and my bladder will fill too.

    I saw a table with a comparative chemical analysis of female and male ejaculate as well as urine. It was persuasive, but the article frustratingly didn't mention how the color of the female ejaculate compared to the urine samples. It seemed like an obvious detail to leave out.

    I worked as a research chemist for several years so perhaps I'm just trained to pick apart other people's research.
  • Femme Mystique
    Excellent... sounds like an intriguing read.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I'd love to see the table you mentioned in the comments. I've always wondered the difference between urine and cum myself.

    Would this book be helpful at all to a woman who is just interested in G-spot orgasm as opposed to squirting?
  • Tuesday
    Here's the link. You'll have to scroll down quite a ways to see the table. Its a long page.

    While the focus is on ejaculation, it would definitely help if your goal is a g-spot orgasm. Either can happen without the other, but the techniques that help you ejaculate also can bring on a g-spot orgasm.
  • M121212
    I appreciated reading your criticisms of this book and I think that I'll read it anyway.
  • svalentine;)
  • bradav
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