Female ejaculation and the G-spot - erotic book by Hunter House Publishers - review by That Weird Guy

As informative as your 10th grade history book, but not as boring.

I think anyone interested in FE will learn something by reading this book. Fantastic book, I would recommend to anyone, even guys.
Informative, Easy to read, Other peoples opinions, No vulgar language.
I can't think of any.
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(FE = Female Ejaculation)

-About the Author: Deborah Sundahl

She teaches classes to women on how to ejaculate and has been doing so for years and she also made some videos.

-Part 1 contains the anatomy and history of FE. (This section is 63 pages long)

In part 1, the author talks about the female sex organ and its different parts, where they are and what they do. Some of these parts include a female prostate, I had never heard of such a thing. She talks about the prostate and how there are different shapes (drawings included) and this affects where your G-Spot is located. She did some ejaculate and urine comparison tests with a lab and assures us that it's not urine, though it does contain a very small portion of urine. The reason for people considering it urine is because a when a woman ejaculates it feels like she has to pee, though it's not likely you're going to pee if you're fully aroused. She included a before and after ejaculation picture of a woman's insides. To be completely honest, if you're not a doctor you might not be able to tell what's what in the picture, but the 2 pictures are different. There are 3 types of orgasms that a woman can have (Clitoral, G-Spot and Uterine) and I'm guessing they feel different because different nerves and muscles groups contract for each type. She gives a chart about what type of stimulation is needed and how easy/hard it is to ejaculate for each type of stimulation. She finishes part 1 with a FE history lesson. She found documents and drawings of female ejaculation dating back to B.C. She covers how various time periods and races viewed ejaculation. Some believed it would give the drinker immortality or how it aided in the process of pregnancy.

-Part 2 covers the actual process to ejaculating. (This section is 89 pages long)

She starts off with a few exercises you can do to measure your PC muscles strength. This is important because without strong vaginal muscles, ejaculating might not be possible. You can do Kegels to bring up your PC muscle strength. It's possible to see your G-Spot with a mirror and she tells you how to do it. Then she walks you through step-by-step how to bring your self to ejaculation by stimulating your G-Spot. Your menstrual cycle affects how easy it is to achieve FE, she explains when the best time is to try for maximum results. By the way it's possible you can have FE with or without an orgasm, the 2 are separate.

She gives advice on how to pick a sex toy that's good for G-Spot stimulation. She gives examples of some of her favorites ranging from $20 up to $600. She covers some positions you can use for the best chances of achieving an ejaculation. She even covers how to protect furniture and bedding from ejaculation from towels, things to buy and even one time use disposable options designed specifically for FE.

-Part 3 talks about sexual abuse and it's effects on FE. (This section is 40 pages long)

In this section she talks about how sexual abuse can cause your vaginal muscles to tense up and your G-spot to lose sensation. She covers how to sensitize your G-Spot if you have lost all or some sensation to it.
I'm a guy and I'm single, so I did not have a chance to try anything to see if it works. But there is too much info in this book with too many references to actual research and sexologists for this to be fake, as some people believe. I think anyone can benefit from reading this book because it's more than just a sex manual - it's a learning experience. She includes other peoples thoughts about FE from her website throughout the book.
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  • Machina
    Great review! Good for you for educating yourself on how to please a lady. I wish more guys would educate themselves on the sexual pleasure like you did! I can't wait to read your follow up review after you've tested out the techniques.
  • Sammi
    This book sounds like it has a lot of good information, and worth reading.
    And a $600 sex toy? Wow!
    Great review!
  • Minxy
    I commend you for reading and reviewing this book. I found it interesting as well but then again I'm a woman. Thank you for the great review!
  • That Weird Guy
    Yeah I'm thinking I would review books instead of sex toys for eden for the fact that I want to learn everything there is to know... and I read the books within like 2-5 days of starting it. But I wish eden would carry more books

    But I'm limited to the books I can get because I don't have a credit card so I have to pass it through my mom first, and she doesn't want to buy it unless its from a non sex toy store...

    I want to get a sm book to see what its all about but she wont buy me one of those nor a knot tying book for bondage.. she thinks its bad.. she didn't say her specific reason except no.. she said it was a minority of people and I guess she doesn't want me to know about it

    I dunno next up on my list is a positions book and I'm not sure if my mom will buy it but a strap on book and something about deep throat so maybe I could teach my significant other how to do it if she is interested.. I love to teach people but I think it would be hard for someone to take sex advice from a virgin who just read like 10 books and has no actual experience..

    I have a book I'm working on its "anal pleasure and health" I should have my review up in a few days if I can actually stop playing my stupid video games and do something productive like read
  • Machina
    You could always get a prepaid credit card!
  • Victoria
    Nice review. I like how you broke down the sections of the book and described them.
  • That Weird Guy
    Mac - I did that for my sex toys I bought but, it gets expensive with a 5+ dollar fee for each card. Plus I have 5 dollars or so on 3 cards I can't spend unless I go into an actual store, because online does not allow me to enter 3 card numbers Sad face

    Pink - yeah I was writing everything I read in the book into a notepad doc and then wrote my review from the notes I took. So it turned out much better than I could have done had I not taken notes. I'm going to do this from now on for the rest of the books I read. But this one was exceptionally easy because it was written in 3 parts.
  • Rockin'
    I liked this review, and would like to see more of your opinions/reactions along with the content summary (i.e. what you found most interesting, things that were surprising, what you thought was least useful about the book, etc.).
  • PurpleReign
    Good review on a good book (we have a copy). Look forward to more reviews of the same quality.
  • Airen Wolf
    You know a young man with extensive knowledge about a woman's sex organs and their inner workings can't help but be a blessing for any woman lucky enough to be with him! It is a shame your mother seems to want to shelter you from learning more about the wonderful wide world of sex but then again she is doing what she believes is best and what she's been taught. You'll be better off and have a happier sex life for your curiosity and for learning the safest sex practices...which is what is taught here. Nice review!
  • That Weird Guy

    I think my favorite part about this book was the history of FE and the ways it was viewed by the world. I wish there was more of that but it was already like 10-15 pages long, I think if they added more it would start to become boring and feel like a chore to read though it.

    I don't feel any part of this book was at all useless or unnecessary every word has it's place. If I had to pick it would have to be the very end with the erotic story that I thought was kinda corny. The reason it being corny to me was because it was meant for a woman to read it. Tongue out

    I'm looking forward to viewing a G-spot, when I found out you could actually view it I thought that was pretty surprising. I hope it doesn't look to weird, it sounds to me like it looks similar to brain tissue, having lines/ridges and things. I'm assuming its a pink or red color.
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