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Sexual fantasies can serve many purposes. They can induce sexual desire, maintain sexual arousal, enhance the sexual experience, trigger an orgasm, and preserve a memory. An excellent book for those wishing to explore their sexual fantasies and bring more fun to the bedroom and their sexual world.
A good comprehensive list of a myriad of sexual fetishes and fantasy ideas to explore with.
Not an indepth manual. A bit basic.
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Violet Blue, America’s leading public intellectual sexologist, again brings us an an informative book that delves into sexual self discovery in the realm of sexual desire and fantasy. Published by Cleis Press, The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, has 256 pages crammed with more to take to bed. A 'how to' book that can help you make any sexual fantasy you can imagine come true.

Violet has researched the world of sexual fantasy with online discussion groups, interviews with sex educators, S/M practitioners, professional, an erotic masseuse, surveys, interviews with couples to give you a book full of practical ideas, a myriad of sexual fetishes and fantasies, role playing and much, much more.

The book is a glossy softcover book, the cover sports a fishnetted leg, resting in a high heel shoe and the title text is large so it's not really a coffee table book unless you want Sexual fantasys to be a topic of conversation.

The book begins with an introduction from the author and details what the books intentions are. Which is to open your mind up to the possibility that you and your own fantasies can become a reality with a little imagination and encouragement. Following this are 14 chapters that explore the world of fantasy from all sorts of angles. Fantasies for one ... exploring yourself and working out what you want/need. Fantasies for two ... exploring with a partner, making an ordinary sex life an extraordinary one by sharing your deepest, darkest desires. Then we begin to start exploring facets of sexuality & fetish with role playing, plenty of ideas/roles to explore and if thats not enough the next chapter discusses the idea of threesomes, foursomes and moresomes for those wanting to explore multiple partners and it covers issues such as jealousy, communication and where to start looking.

For those looking to learn some mad skillz in the bedroom department then the next chapter on Striptease, Erotic Massage & Hot Talk might just be the ticket, lots of practical advice and a run down on the basics. Or perhaps you are a couple wanting to add some spice in your sex lives and want to look at hiring a call girl,curious about phone sex or want to check out a strip club then this chapter will educate you on what to expect, the basics of each, rates, & etiquette. If a curiosity and a fantasy involve public sex, swinging or sex parties then this chapter gives you an overview of the basics.

Then the next two chapters cover fetishes and erotic domination & submission and the world of S/M fantasy. A simple overview of both but no where near as indepth as other books out there on the topic. The next chapter gives you a few ideas on sex games you can play from simple fun ones like sex coupons to use to making your own porn.

The last few chapters are great. One deals with Safer Sex, the run down on the gear (condoms, dams etc) and then a chart with all the different types of sexual activity you can have and the health risks you expose yourself to with each one. In other words, how to have sexual fun, safely, without putting yourself at risk.

The next chapter covers all the resources that can help you learn more about each previous chapter/topic presented and a list of book/video/website resources for each.

The final chapter is a comprehensive list of book references to continue further reading with.
It is an excellent book ... for someone who hasn't explored this area of their sexuality. For others who have delved into fetishes, BDSM then alot of the content isn't so surprising. However I can't knock the well written content. Violet has presented this book in a very clear, concise way and it's informative and written in a relaxed style. I would totally give this book to someone younger who is just starting out on their sexual journey and is curious about discovering what things turn them on sexually. It's also an excellent book for a couple to use as a talking point and get the ball rolling.

I liked it but it hasn't really told me anything I don't already know, but then again I am a filthy girl who likes to know lots. So I gave it four stars because it didn't teach me anything new. It will open someones eyes to my world though ....
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  • TitsMcScandal
    It doesn't sound like this would provide me with much either. Sounds like an interesting read nonetheless though.
  • thedude
    on to the next book
  • Crystal1
    Thanks for the review! Not sure if I'll actually spend the $ to buy it, but it definitely sounds worth reading!
  • Kayla
    I actually ended up liking this book. Good review.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. I might not learn too much from it, but I might try it at some point. Thanks.
  • liilii080
    There's another one for the wishlist! Thanks for going in depth about all the chapters
  • M121212
    Thanks for the great review.
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    great review
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    Thanks for the review !
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