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I Find Myself Addicted To This Book

As something that started out as a Twilight fanfiction, I hadn't expected this book to be great, but after hearing all the hype, I just had to read it myself. I'm definitely not the biggest fan. This book is about Anastasia Steele an innocent, plain girl who finds herself in a relationship with Christian Grey, a billionaire who just happens to be into BDSM. It poorly portrays a BDSM relationship, though and since Ana is so innocent and vanilla, she tends to say a lot of rude things about BDSM.
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Poorly written, Badly describes BDSM, Sex Scenes are repetitive
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About author

The author is EL James. From what I found on her site, she's a mother of two, and looks to be in her thirties or forties. Fifty Shades of Grey is her first book along with Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed. From what I've heard from numerous sources she originally wrote this book as a Twilight fanfiction, and I can definitely see the similarities. I find her writing skills fairly poor, but she's good at holding attention.

Content / Style / Audience

Anastasia Steele is a young, innocent virgin who knows absolutely nothing about sex or any kind of alternative sexual lifestyles. She's your average plain girl with big eyes, frizzy hair, and a tendency to fall over her own feet. Much like Bella in Twilight. Anastasia meets Christian Grey. He's a billionaire who happens to be the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth. All the ladies want him, but he has eyes for plain Ana. He's very similar to Edward.

This book has been called "Mommy porn" by several people, and that might be a pretty good term for it. There are quite a few sex scenes, though I don't think they're that great. Christian is teaching Ana about the wonders of BDSM, unfortunately I think this book is just giving BDSM a poor image. He doesn't have the best of reasons for wanting to participate in the lifestyle, and Ana really is completely clueless about it. She refers to it as strange often, and remarks on how she wishes that he was "normal". Little things like that throughout are really bothersome in my opinion.

One thing you'll have to keep in mind is that this isn't a very well written book. In fact, I'd almost say it's poorly written. If it weren't for the sex, I'd believe an 8th grader wrote it. Be prepared to read the words Holy shit, Holy crap, Holy fuck, or Holy hell at least every other page.

As for the sex, it's really not that great. The first couple times are pretty good, but after that they start to seem like the same thing in different locations. The BDSM aspect is also highly off. It doesn't show anything about how a "normal" BDSM relationship would be, and there are too many contradictions for it to make any sense. There also aren't any of the more "extreme" elements of BDSM. Anyone who is vanilla or doesn't know much about it might be fascinated, but it really doesn't show an appropriate relationship, and people need to understand that BDSM just isn't like that.


The cover of the book just says "Fifty Shades of Grey" in the corner, and has a picture of a silver neck tie going across. I read it at work sometimes, and would say it's discreet, of course with all the hype this book is getting, people will probably recognize it.
    • Discreet cover
    • Soft cover

Personal comments

I find myself addicted to the book mostly because I hate to not finish something once I start reading. It really is good at holding attention, I just wish the author would have been more mature about it. I think she was way more focused on making money on it than she was trying to make a book that shows what a BDSM relationship should be.

It seems like it was written by someone who did some research without ever being involved in that type of relationship.

There are a lot of parts that just infuriate me. I do plan on reading the other two books though, just because I want to know what happens, and I like books that make me feel. Even if it is utter rage.
Follow-up commentary
I've started to really hate this book. I've recently finished the second two books in the series and the whole trilogy is just terrible. The first one isn't so terrible, but because the next two books are so cringe-worthy, that drops my respect for this one. I would't suggest this book to anyone.
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  • M.O.'s Girl
    Thanks for the review. I don't plan on reading this one, but I find it interesting to see what others think of it
  • deltalima
    I was actually going to get them all. Thanks for the review.
  • T&A1987
    i read the first two twilights (i know, i know) and have two questions. did your head ever hurt like your brain was trying to commit suicide and did the phrase "holy crow" ever show up? other than that, good review,this is about what i expected from the book from what i heard of it.
  • LaSchwartz
    thanks for the review. i have been thinking about getting this book at well.
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    Thanks for reading guys!
    And T&A: I don't know about "Holy cow", but "holy shit" is on every other page. It's probably my least favorite phrase now.
  • HannahPanda
    I love your review of this; it's honest, upfront, and I hate the fact that the cult following will probably produce thoughts of "I like my nipples being pinched, I think that's kinky." A lot of his behavior is different, but in no way abnormal and though I do like the book a bit, I feel the author has an immature painting of a BDSM relationship that was nominated as a Best Seller. I'll be reviewing it soon.
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    I'm glad someone else feels the same way. Some people have defended it saying "It's just a book", and yes. But because of this book, many women are "sexually liberated" and are wanting to jump right into BDSM because they think it's hot, and it won't hurt, because Ana said it didn't hurt or something like that. The backlash is going to hit the people who are really into BDSM though.

    I also think the relationship is unhealthy. Even if he wasn't into BDSM, the way he acts and treats her is just not how anyone should treat someone they're in a relationship with.
  • ichwillwaffels
    thanks for the review
  • Willow Wand
    Thanks for your review. I am on the "It's just a book" side though, and yes, I live a BDSM Lifestyle. I am not offended by this book, because everyone's relationships are different, and while he may have had a bad childhood, it doesn't mean that we all have.
  • Zombirella
    I liked the book but I am also well aware that my sudden interest in less intimidating nipple clamps, a plug, restraints and cuffs are in no way a BDSM lifestyle and I wouldn't say what we do is. It just more or less opened up a door to something new and exciting to try because, well, it is. I wouldn't claim to be practicing BDSM. So not everyone taking up some of the suggestions is going to think that way
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    Thank you both for correcting me there.
    I just don't like how the author chose to write some of the things. :
  • Aydios
  • animepanda89
  • skeeterlynn
    Thank you!
  • HisOneAndOnly
    Thank you for the review. I would have to say that overall the book was fasinating to me. I enjoyed reading it very much, but I am not looking to run out and say that I am ready for a BDSM relationship. I have read the first two books of the series and can't wait to read the last one all the way through.
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    I've finished all three. The first one was alright, and I found it pretty attention grabbing, but I thought it was extremely misleading, and it only went downhill from there. Of course, opinions are opinions, so who's to judge.
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