How to Make Love Like a Porn Star - erotic book by Regan Books - review by Bila

Rather Depressing

This book was not at all what I expected from its description. You will get little insight into the industry and what made Jenna famous, and funny moments are few and far between.
- Photos;
- Diary blips;
- Measurements, if you're into that kind of thing.
- Terrible image of sexuality;
- Constantly contradictory.
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I bought this book having seen Jenna Jameson in a couple of documentaries and being intrigued. Here is an incredibly successful person (scratch that now that I've read the book: millionaire) who made her money doing what most of us only consider a very enjoyable hobby.

If like me you are looking forward to reading about what set her apart from other porn stars and made her a millionaire, you will likely be disappointed. There is nothing happy about this woman's path. I may have been a little naive hoping to read about one person's journey to happiness through unconventional paths, but it was nonetheless what I was expecting from the description on the back cover read online.

Of course if you are keen on reading about having sex for all the wrong reasons (vengeance, drugs, drug-money, desperation, fear, multiple rapes...) by all means, this is the book for you. But this is in no way a cheery book. Additionally, all the pictures inside the book must be ripped to be opened, which leaves the book looking a little damaged, much like its author.

All in all, the somewhat favorable impression I had of Jenna before reading the book was morphed into "completely oblivious, self-absorbed, reckless and kind of a bully". More alarming: I am a book addict. I have hundreds and always have at least 20 more on my wish-list. This is the only book I've ever read that I actively wanted to get out of my apartment forever. And it IS out for good.

If you were at all attracted to the book because of its "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star" title, I beg you, BEG YOU to buy Guide to Getting it On instead, which was beautifully and truthfully reviewed by Foxxy Kitty. Your life, and the world, will be better because of it.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Hm. Sad. This is actually a memoir with a misleading title. Side note: The Guide is so comprehensive that it's actually made it onto a few college class syllabi.
  • Epiphora
    I agree, the title is very misleading, but it IS a memoir. So... she did have to tell the truth.
  • Bila
    Haha, too bad the book description DIDN'T? ;)

    I'm sorry, I read the whole book and I have no idea what "hilarious anecdotes" the description is referring to. The whole book was depressing. I don't mean it in a dull or uneventful kind of way. I mean this woman could go for martyr if she didn't come off as such a bully herself.

    I wasn't looking for a manual on how to make love, and if I was, I certainly wouldn't look to porn stars for help. I was just truly looking forward to her memoir. But I found it contradictory. I think she claimed somewhere (I'm not sure if it's at the beginning of the book or in an interview) that she didn't have a tragic life-story that lead her on this path, that she chose to do what she does for a living because she just loved it so much. Now, I don't want to ruin any of the punches for anyone who hasn't read it and is still interested in doing so, but it doesn't really get more tragic and pathetic than this. And I don't think her responses to some of life's challenges are anything to be inspired by. I used to kind of admire her for taking her career and making so much of it, and now I believe the success part was mostly accidental. And the bully thing was irritating enough to me that I wanted that book physically removed from my apartment.

    On a much more positive note however (because I *am* capable of those) The Guide to Getting it On has the sense of humor, wit and open mindfulness that were all sorely missing from this one for me. I know it's not the first time I mention it in other reviews, and I swear I have no ties to any of the people involved with the book, but as far as books about the subject go, I would be SHOCKED to find another one as enjoyable as The Guide.
  • Betty Rocket
    I had heard Jenna Jameson say that she was not a "damaged" woman and that she does not do porn because she had a hard life.

    SO much for that.....

    Not a very positive book for sex workers....or those who do this work because they LIKE it....
  • Nashville
    Aw, I was really looking forward to this. I just wanted something different to read but at like what is it? 600 pages? She must be some kind of blowhard!
  • Bila
    592 pages. Though to be fair, not all of them are text, and even some that are are handwritten excerpts from her diaries. Still, I would not recommend this book to anyone looking for fun insights into the life of a porn star. Actually, if anyone's read a tell all about a porn star that was more about the highs and lows of the business than their personal lives, I'd be really curious to to find out which!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • arewehavingfun?
    Do we really want to imitate making love like a porn star? All that fake moaning and screaming, etc. We like porn, but it is nothing like making love.
  • Darklyvan
    love jenna
  • TexasBrat
    It's a good book, and overall, she has a decent, real-life attitude. Yes, she stumbles and falls in life, as do we all, and chose some bad paths, but I think her intentions were to show how SHE came into the business, and her life story (and of course to make some $$ doing so). Her attitude in the whole book is F it, and move on. I think that that's courageous. Sorry you didn't like the book. But everyone has their own likes & dislikes. Can't wait to read another book!!!
  • Aydios
    great review guess I will decide for myself
  • yarii
  • yarii
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