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Anal Pleasure & Health

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Self-discovery for pleasure and health.

Everything you've heard about Anal Pleasure and Health is true. Anal Pleasure and Health is a must-read if you're interested in anal play, and highly recommended if you possess an anus and want it to work better. The first work of its type, Morin has produced a well-researched guidebook to developing a healthy, positive relationship with your anus for both enjoyment and improved health.
Thorough, research-based discussion of anal awareness and pleasure. A very well-thought out book
A few flags in the text without corresponding footnotes (likely removed during revision).
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extremely useful review
Anal Pleasure and Health is a unique book. It's not entirely a sex book, it's not entirely a health book; it's not entirely a how-to and it's not entirely a guidebook. It's a mix of all of the above (and a bit more), and almost indispensable.

Anal Pleasure and Health is a book about relationships. It explores how you (and your partners) relate to your anus, and how this relationship often leads to pain, health problems, and dissatisfaction. It then takes you on a journey of rediscovery, learning to reconnect with your anus and listen to it. Even if you decide that anal pleasure is not for you, there are many benefits to enhancing your anal awareness; many of which are hidden away in Appendix A. Here Morin discusses how enhanced anal awareness and relaxation can improve, cure, or prevent hemorrhoids, anal fissures, constipation, and possibly IBS, most of which cite the studies supporting his assertions (none cited for IBS yet).

Jack Morin does an excellent job of guiding the reader to a deeper relationship with their anus and rectum. One of the foundations of his excellence is that the book is mostly comprehensive (there's no way anyone could write a truly comprehensive book on human sexual activities) but not prescriptive. Morin covers the activities in an engaging yet educated way listing benefits, experiences, and hazards, without making you feel that activity is something you must do.

The journey to anal awareness that Morin lays out is well thought out. He starts by a short discussion about the known history of anal pleasure, as well as the most common taboos against enjoying anal sensations. After this the book transitions to guiding your personal explorations, with a general introduction to exploration that includes Morin's key commitment that you should make with yourself: never do anything that will give your anus pain or discomfort.

Morin's training as a psychotherapist comes through in the sequencing of the next steps. Whereas many sex books start with a discussion of anatomy, Morin invites you to explore your anus through sight and touch (always remembering your no-pain commitment) before discussing anatomy, physiology, and ways to tone up and develop control over your pelvic muscles. The exploration continues by learning how to relax, how your thoughts and attitudes affect your anus, and experiencing the feelings of anal touch.

While maintaining a sensitivity to peoples limits, Morin then invites you to explore further inside, discussing required anatomy and confronting common taboos, fears, and mistakes. Once you have become comfortable with your body and your anus, Morin gives suggestions on how to bring a partner into anal play if you desire, discussing common anal partner activities. Line drawings are provided throughout the book to help people visualize ideas.

The next two chapters deal with two different themes: power dynamics and anal play, and ways to have a lifetime of anal health and anal pleasure. Following these chapters are two appendices covering health concerns of the anus and rectum, and a discussion of Morin's study that forms the basis for this book. Appendix A is good for everyone to read, as it gives much more than the common, generic STD info. Appendix B is a bit dry, but interesting, although it will likely be boring if you're not familiar with research methods.

What can be said about Anal Pleasure and Health other than “get it if you're interested in anal sexuality”? It's an excellent book, and even though it's long (275 pages) it encourages reading. And Morin does an excellent job of making the book accessible and useful to anyone interested in anal pleasure or anal health.
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  • Alt
    Does it talk about enemas at all?
  • deceased
    Great review. I think there should be an anal awareness month. Focusing on health, myths, and care of the anus. Everyone has one, what's the shame?
  • Jimbo Jones
    I picked up a copy of this myself and it is in my 'to be read' pile, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Your review makes me want to skip right to it. Great review, thanks!
  • ScottA
    Alt - Morin covers enemas somewhat (a page and a half), primarily connected with issues of cleanliness. My other "favorite anal info book", Tristan Taorminos's Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (haven't read the guide for men yet) also covers them somewhat, predominantly for the same reason, as an option for cleanliness.

    If you're interested in enemas primarily for their erotic potential It looks like there's much less out there. Morin doesn't cover it much, and I haven't read any books primarily about it.
  • Alt
    Eh, I am more like seeking info about enemas.
    I cannot say I find enemas erotic, but they are a must for me, before I even concider puting a toy or finger in my butt.

    Not really my favorite thing to do, but its the only way to get it clean.
  • ScottA
    This book touches on cleaning up and concerns in that area, and Tristan Taormino's Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women touches on techniques a bit more, but the web might be the place to go for specific info, Alt.
  • Sammi
    Great review!
  • Owl Identified
    Hi ScottA. Thank you for an awesome review, my question is this: I have had a fissure that my doctor and I have been attempting to treat without surgery for a few months. I'm starting to get nervous and I'm wondering if this book is something I should pick up. I know you briefly mentioned fissures, but would you mind touching a little more on how in depth the author addresses that topic?
  • ScottA
    First, keep in mind that your doctor has much training and knows you, so be sure to discuss things with your doctor - and naturally their advice takes precedence.

    I would say it depends on what caused the fissure. If it was the result of straining while having a BM, then the relaxation exercises in AP&H can help. If the fissure developed through other means, including sexual activity, then AP&H might help, but would likely help prevent a recurrence in the future (if you do that activity again).

    There isn't a very big part specifically tailored to healing fissures, the book takes you through a way to learn how to get in touch with your anus and voluntarily control the tension/relaxation of the anal muscles so you don't have chronic tension.

    Does that help?
  • Redboxbaby
    Great review. Adding it to the cart now.
  • bobowaxer
    Thanks for the very well written review.
  • M121212
    Yea, anal awareness month is a great idea!
  • pinkzombie
    Thank you!
  • Lady of the Lab
    You mention "A few flags in the text without corresponding footnotes". Does this mean you had the 3rd ed.? The 4th ed. is the most recent & I am confused as to which edition you are reviewing.
  • thisisadeletedaccount
    Thanks for your thoughtful review!
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