Little bit naughty book of sex positions - erotic book by Amorata Press - review by Kayla

The Okay Book of Sex Positions

The "Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions" ends up being a cheap little book that will provide some inspiration for you to try new sex positions. It's not perfect, but it's inexpensive and includes some decent information.
Presented positions are challenging but not impossible, Gives good/bad points
Some positions aren't pictured, Anal sex is for homosexuals, No mention of body type issues
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"The Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions" is a hardcover, full-color book published by Amorata Press and written by Siobhan Kelly. The book is pretty small; it's only about five inches tall and four inches across. This makes it very easy to hide if you don't want it out on your bookshelf.

The book does use a lot of nice pictures to illustrate (most) of the sex positions. The book (usually, with some exceptions) gives one full page for text about the sex positions with the page directly across from it being a picture displaying the sex position. The sex positions are broken into specific chapters (woman on top, man on top, side-by-side, sitting down, standing, very pleasurable, rear entry, anal sex, simultaneous oral sex positions, kama sutra, advanced positions) to make it easy to locate a sex position that works for you at that moment. Some of the positions don't show any pictures though, and honestly, it can be a bit hard to imagine what exactly the text is trying to describe on those positions.

The text in this book does a pretty good job of letting you know what to expect from the sex positions. Each sex position does give you four basic categories: "How to do it", "What's wrong with it", "What's right with it", and "Variations on the theme". As you can imagine, How do you do it tells you the ways to get into the positions in the first place. What's wrong/right tells you exactly what will be pleasurable or unpleasurable about the position. Variations gives you really basic ideas like "Use lube" or "Try a cock ring" or "You can touch his scrotum during this position".

The pictures in the book are not too explicit, but they do include nudity. All of the pictures are of heterosexual, model-like bodies. Both white and black couples are represented. You will never see a penis or a vagina in this book, but you will see plenty of bare breasts and a couple bare butts as well. Most of the time, the people are naked, but in a couple of the "quickie" positions, they are wearing a bit of clothing. A random observation: In all of the pictures, both models always have their mouths hanging open.

Y'know, I'm going to sound like an epic nit-pick, but when I saw this, I knew the book would be instantly docked. The book, in the anal sex chapter, prefaces that anal sex can be used by homosexual or heterosexual couples. It furthers goes on to explain that homosexual men enjoy anal sex because it stimulates the prostate gland, and only lesbians enjoy using a strap-on to perform anal sex. I know it sounds like a nit-pick - I know - but we've had experience with this type of crap. When I first met the boyfriend, he wanted to try anal, but like all the myths out there, he was told that if he did, it made him homosexual. I don't like how the book encourages/perpetuates this myth as if guys can't enjoy anal sex without being gay.

The sex positions are pretty average in difficulty. The book does a good job of presenting positions that aren't common but aren't ridiculously hard either. The basics are presented such as "doggy style" or "missionary", but you also have some ones that would be harder to achieve as well. None of them are near-impossible, but almost every couple will find a position in this book that they haven't tried yet. Some of the harder ones include leaning up against stairs or having your upper half of your body hanging off the bed. They are things average couples could do, but it would require being stronger than, say, missionary would require. Either way, the positions presented do have the ability to give you ideas for positions you've never tried without being way too hard to perform.

This isn't the best sex positions book I've ever seen, but it does do a good job for being just ten dollars. It will give you inspiration to try new sex positions, but it does do the best job of explaining how to get into them nor does it gives a lot of sex positions. It doesn't talk about physical difficulties or anything (would not work for overweight, too tall, etc.) For being such a tiny book that's so easy to read through in just an hour, though, it does a decent job of presenting some sex positions to try. However, since there are pictures lacking in some areas and the idea of "homosexuals" are the only ones that like anal sex, I was left a bit disappointed by this book.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    My boyfriend got this but I have yet to go through the whole thing. I more or less flip through the pics and find a position I like, read it, then do it lol. I did find mention of self esteem issues, but not necessarily body types. I have not yet gotten to the gay stuff you mention, but now...I really don't want to read the anal section. That is very closed minded.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review and pointing out about the anal sex section. Why is it that straight men cannot enjoy anal play?
  • darthkitt3n
    I didn't notice the tone on anal sex when I read through this. It's pretty sad that they did that, since it could turn a lot of people away from anal sex. Great review!
  • Kissaki
    I totally missed that on the intro to the anal section. Probably because my wife an I never read any of the intros to any of the sections. We just skipped to the positions.
    I agree with you. The implied statement that is made with the wording in that section, whether intentional or not, is unacceptable. Good job and I don't think its an epic nit-pick.
  • whatevergirl
    Great to know! Good review!
  • arewehavingfun?
    Judging by the wish lish requests, I would say this is a book worth reading!!!
  • FemmeFlo
    Hmm, since you didn't like this book very much, is there another sex positions book that you would recommend? Preferably one that's more queer-positive; I also find the implications you talked about offensive.
  • zwee75
    Thanks for the review...
  • Art & Sensation
    I've been looking on a quality book to enlighten me with all sorts of new ideas.

    I'm looking for something a little more detailed though. Given the price, I might decide to buy this one later in the year.

    Thanks for the review.
  • sweetiejo
    Thank you for the review
  • Blooddragon
    Awesome review!
  • wonderwifey
    Great Review!
  • mistressg
    Wow, I really like the bit you've included about anal sex being "for homosexual males" and strap-ons for "lesbians only". Thanks for including that, that's a good thing to know about the way a book is written before buying it!
  • Aydios
    Thanks for the review
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