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Fifty Shades of Grey The pinch

Tweezer clamps by Fifty Shades Of Grey

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A likeable pinch

These are high quality adjustable nipple clamps which are suitable for people with small to average (at best) nipples. They're pretty, functional and there's a good chance you'll really love them once you try them. The only thing I'm unhappy about is I had to forcefully widen them in order to use them, but after I did that once, I've had no issues with their use.
- Well made
- Stay in place
- Pretty and elegant
- Don't open wide enough
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The Pinch are nipple clamps, part of the Fifty Shades of Grey series of toys, and as a product are pretty straightforward, especially given their name - they're made to pinch the nipples. I have to point out there are two types of pinch:
1. The physical act of pinching and
2. The painful feeling of pinching.
These clamps can do both. They're adjustable and it's up to you whether they'll pinch or pinch. I can promise you they can be quite painful, but if you're not into that, you can have them squeeze just enough to not bother you but still make you deliciously sensitive. The silicone tips ensure they won't fall of by accident, even if you're moving a lot or pulling on them.

Both clamps have little beaded weights attached to them, each weighing 9 grams. They can be felt during movement, but other than that are nearly unnoticeable. For anyone who enjoys weights, they'll have to add some of their own, which won't be difficult, because there's plenty of room to hang them.

I'm not sure whether to recommend these to beginners or advanced users. I actually think it's not your level of experience that should determine whether these are suitable for you, but rather the specifics of your own body and your personal preferences. This is mentioned several times in this review - The Pinch aren't suitable for people with large nipples, they don't open wide enough.

Apart from that, though, these clamps are really nice and I actually enjoy them a lot. It's fun using them alone and my partner enjoys using them on me when we're together. They're stylish and pretty, all silver, black and beads. They're not discreet, though, so use is limited to the bedroom. You can't just put them on under your shirt and go out wearing them - their size and design make them visible under clothing and they just can't fit comfortably inside a bra.

A popular opinion about The Pinch is that they're suitable not only for the nipples, but for the clit as well - mainly because the pinching tips are straight instead of curved. And you can try it if you'd like, it could be done, I actually managed it. For me, though, it didn't work that well because placing the clamps felt somewhat uncomfortable and it's easier for them to slip away.
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The Pinch are made of metal, but I can't tell you what kind of metal. The manufacturer hasn't disclosed this information. I can tell you the metal is sturdy and takes some significant determination to bend even slightly.

The tips of the clamps are black silicone and don't come off easily. Again, it takes conscious effort to remove them. If you decide to try it and pull them out, you'll notice the metal ends are relief, with short horizontal cuts which help the tips stay in place. The tips themselves have relatively unnoticeable seams - I needed to look really closely to see them and I only did it for the purposes of this review.
    • Firm
    • Not porous at all

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

These are the typical tweezer clamps - easy to understand and use. Another advantage of this design is adjustability - they have a small metal bar which tightens the grip of the clamps the further up you move it. I would say this part is a bit tricky to master because in order for the bar to stay in place once positioned, it doesn't have to be too loose. Therefore, it's not the easiest thing to move it, especially since you need to hold the nipple in place with one hand and close the clamp with the other. But I promise you, with a little practice it can be done and it will even seem easy.

Talk about nipples, the clamps, in their factory condition, I would say are only suitable for small nipples. When I got them, they would only open to less than a centimeter. That was totally not wide enough to even put them on. So I took a risk and used some brute force on them - now they open to about 1.5cm, which is much more acceptable. Still, I would say if you are the proud owner of big nipples, better not risk it with The Pinch, as they might turn out to be unusable.

However, after my intervention, these clamps proved to be a successful purchase. The silicone has some amount of drag to the skin, therefore you don't need to tighten them a lot for them to stay securely in place. I see that as a major advantage, because they don't have to hurt in order to be used. The idea that nipple clamps always hurt is a popular misconception which made even my more open-minded girlfriends wonder why I would buy such a torturous device. Truth is, you can have them tight enough to just make you more sensitive without causing you any pain, and we have the smart design to thank for that.
    • Adjustable

Care and Maintenance

With simple clamps such as these, it's clear that maintenance is low. Wash them with soap and water or use a toy cleaner, if you need to at all. Still, I am writing this to emphasize on the fact that the soft tips are made of silicone, so you should be cautious and keep the clamps separate from other silicone toys.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The box in which the nipples came is overall not impressive. It has the clamps displayed on it and the FSOG logo. I wouldn't say it's useful in any way. The only reason I kept it is for warranty purposes.

The clamps do come with a silvery satin storage pouch, again, carrying the FSOG logo. It's a simple pouch, well sawn and serves its purpose. It's a bit big as the clamps rest at its very bottom, but it's not really a big enough deal to be worth complaining about.


I was very pleased with these clamps. I use them often and they always provide exquisite sensations. They look pretty on the nipples and the weights, despite being modest, actually add to the overall experience. Putting additional weights on them is something I do regularly to enhance the feeling and although it's obvious, I need to point out - the more weights you add, the more you have to tighten the clamps to avoid them falling off.

Another accessory I got was a chain connecting the two clamps. I consider the chain to contribute a lot in regards to versatality and possible uses for play, and it's pretty easy to add to them. Honestly, the design of The Pinch allows for almost anything to be attatched - you want bells, or to perhaps tie them to something, it's all good.

I have tried pulling them off and although the sensation is intensified when doing so, I would say it's not the same as pulling off some other types of clamps (or clothespins for example) which are significantly more painful to remove in that way.
Follow-up commentary
As of now, I have owned these clamps for five months. They are still in excellent condition. They haven't broken, the metal hasn't bent, the silicone tips are still in place with no signs of falling off in the near or distant future. I think it's safe to say The Pinch nipple clamps have proven to be quality made.

I still use and enjoy them a lot. After the initial forceful bending I did, there has been no need for further permanent adjustment to the metal. Overall, I support the statements I made in my original review.

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