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A neon green bath? Yes, I love you Shunga!

A gorgeous, artistically designed can full of mini beach, Shunga has made my bath both neon green and relaxing! The large amount of salts mean I can splurge on days when I feel like ripping my hair out and the lovely Lotus Flower scent kind of gives me this pretty yet strong feeling.
Silky and moisturizing.
Neon green water!
Stress relieving.
Large amount.
Not a one!
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The Oriental Bath Crystal are nothing like the typical bath salts. Instead of being mostly decorative only, Shunga has gone above and beyond with their bath crystals. These can be used by both male and female and I actually find these to be stress relieving and that's not something I ever come across!

The crystals are for using in the bath. The cute tin comes with a sea shell for scooping the crystals and a cute little floating candle for extra mood-setting purposes.

Sodium chloride, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, Fragrance, Glycerin, Carthamus tinctorius, Prunus dulcis.

The crystals are made of dead sea salts which is super amazing! I love dead sea products.

As you see, there is glycerin in the crystals. Since they contain a minimal amount of the ingredient, it isn't something I would suggest writing this product off completely over, unless you are extremely sensitive to it or any of the other ingredients.

The Oriental Crystals aren't full of nasty, harmful ingredients which is a major plus. The Lotus Flower scent can be strong when the salts are first opened, but it subtly scents your bath without taking your breath... Well, the lovely relaxation you may experience might take your breath, but the scent won't!

I absolutely love how artistic all of Shunga's products are. More about that later.
    • Bath / shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When the crystals begin to melt around your body in the warm water, you feel their high quality silkyness. They melt quickly and don't just sit at the bottom of the tub like sea salt or most bath crystals. When I pour some in my hand and on my body, there's a slick, silky shine until the water rinses the residue away and leaves a natural softness. I'm completely in love with Shunga's crystals (and many more of their products as well).

The crystals feel like any bath crystal when dry. These are finer chopped than the hard rock-types. The Lotus Flower scent is green and leave my bath water neon green! When I saw my neon green water, I did make a little squeal! I thought it was so cool.

They're sealed in a plastic bag and placed inside of the beautiful tin, you can pour from there or scoop by the sea shell. I do both. If you give your body a quick scrub down with them before they melt, they will act as an exfoliant as well as silken your skin.

I'm really impressed with the no-residue left behind after using these. When I felt the silky, slightly oily looking substance in my hand, I worried it would leave me as greasy as a buttered biscuit. I'm not able to detect even the slightest residue after getting out of the bath, but my dry skin is left silky and smooth. When the crystals are in the palm of my hand and I run water over them, it feels similar to a water based lubricant for a second, until they're melted and distributed throughout the water. The feeling of them directly on my damp skin is a lot like Slippery Kitty on my skin in the bath.
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The scent is strong and perfumey when I open the large tin. I'm usually sensitive to any scent. There are very few I can use without sneezing up a storm or getting a migraine. When I first opened the tin I went straight for the migraine meds. I was totally shocked to no have needed them! Not one sneeze, not one sign of a headache! That was very surprising. I love the Lotus Flower scent. I left the lid off the tin and let the crystals scent my bedroom. They aren't strong enough to fill the room, but will give you a light whiff when passing by them. The scent is hard to explain. It doesn't smell exactly like Lotus Flower. It's floral and perfumey.

I would not taste this stuff, not even for review purposes! It's not meant to be tasted. I also would not recommend having sex in the tub while using these as getting in the vagina could be irritating or harmful. It won't hurt to share a romantic bath with your partner in the neon green beauty though!
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


Bath crystals haven't ever been anything all that thrilling or relaxing to me. I tend to over stress at times and there's not many things that relieve my stress. I'm impressed with Shunga's Crystals. I can't get enough or say enough good things about them! When I slide into the bath and dump some in the tub then lay back, I actually feel less stressed and very relaxed. Baths are not usually relaxing to me or de-stressing, but these crystals do the trick for me. I can the constant tight muscles relax with every breath!

When the crystals have melted, there will be a minute of a white frothy look to the bath. I use a handful. I like the neon green! If you're worried, no it doesn't leave any color behind.

Since there's no residue left from the Oriental Crystals, there's no clean up necessary. A quick rinse is all you would need if you wanted to make sure you didn't leave the tub smelling like Lotus Flower. I don't even rinse off after bathing with them. I don't have any stick, slimey or greasy residue left on my body. I even let my hair dip in a little without it being greasy afterward.

I am not able to smell the Lotus Flower scent on my body at all after getting out, but the soft, moisturized skin lasts for an entire day.

As for the candle, of course you'll need to trim the wick to 1/4". It is a floating candle and floats like a swan! It can be used in a glass bowl or to make your tub look nice before stepping in. I wouldn't recommend adding this hot guy to your bath time though. Just take him out first and place it in a bowl to float around while you bathe.

The candle smells like the Lotus Flower crystals. It's not very strong when lit. I don't smell much of it at all, but it's cute and really does look nice floating around. It will last for a good 5 hours at least. I've burned mine for a while and there's still a bit left.


As always, Shunga uses a gorgeous, artistic container for the product. Half of the beauty in their products is the way they package. The extra sea shell and floating candle stacked inside the 20 OZ tin was like a mini beach! The cute tin is reuseable and has a lid like paint cans do. It came with a nice little circular charm dangling from the lid. The charm is on a red satin ribbon. I said "how cute! They even added a little charm." My partner said "I think that's what you're suppose to open it with." After closing and then trying to open with the little charm, I think he's right! The ribbon hangs inside the tin and the charm outside. I just slide the ribbon around the lid and it snaps right open. It's so cute!

Inside is a plastic bag sealed with a bread tie type of deal and another little sticky seal to ensure no spillage. The crystals could be dumped into the tin I suppose, but I plan to reuse it later so I left them sitting inside in their bag.

I just leave the tin in my bathroom for easy access. There's been no problems with leaking or spilling. Very easy to use. I have to say, this as well as many of Shunga's products are the absolute most beautiful gifts! I have been kicking myself for not purchasing these for Christmas gifts. I came close and changed my mind.

On top of the bag of lovely green crystals is a medium size sea shell. It will hold about the same amount of salts as a table spoon. Then inside the sea shell sits the floating candle. It's all so beautifully done!

The tin is gold with a paper label. It has some tiny text of information included and a cartoonish image of a couple. Nothing tacky, trashy and no nudity! I love the tasteful, gorgeous packaging. On most of their products, you'll see a couple embracing or something, but it's rarely dirty and pretty discrete. One product I have does have the cartoon guy with the cartoon girl sitting on him with an exposed breast. That's the most "risque" I've seen with Shunga.

There is a leaflet with some nice art on it (as with all of Shunga's products). The text is just too small for me to see!
    • Very informative packaging

Special Features

While the bath crystals won't arouse or cause the clitoris to throb with desire, the major stress release alone is enough to put me in the mood!


Like I said, never have I had a bath that released anything besides dirt. There aren't many things that will take away stress and relax me when I'm totally stressed to the max. I don't know what it is that Shunga does, but those bath crystals and my neon green water really relieve my stress and relax the tension in my body.

I have been using the crystals for less than three weeks and would absolutely purchase over and over again. There's nothing like it! The smell is the perfect strength when poured in a bath.
Follow-up commentary
Four months later and I'm still enjoying these bath salts! I am surprised that I have any left, but I don't use them daily. I do use a lot of the salts when I add them to my bath so I'm really happy with the quantity, quality and price. I tend to use these bath salts when I'm going to take time for a long-ish, relaxing bath. That's why they've lasted so long, but unless you're going to use them all the time, you can expect them to last as long as four months. At this point, I still have at least two or three more baths with a big clump of thes left.

I will absolutely buy these again, but will go for a different scent this time. While these have a nice, super clean scent, it sort of bugs me sometimes. I'm not sure what it is, but I am extremely sensitive to scents. These don't really irritate me or give me headaches, but sometimes they just aren't friendly to my nose. This could also have something to do with me not being keen on the clean linen scent and this reminds me of that. They aren't overpowering, but I think I would enjoy something softer, sweeter, more fruity.

I am still impressed with this tin of salts and enjoy them each time I use them. This isn't one of the bath products that I end up stashing away and never using. It stays on my shower edge, ready for dumping!
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