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Bathing In The Ocean?

So it's not *really* like bathing in the ocean; since you're in your bathtub and this isn't exactly what the ocean smells like. But it's still a nice way to relax if the scent doesn't bother you much. It bubbles up a bit and does leave you feeling smoother afterwards.
Leaves you feeling nice and smooth, Turns the water a nice color
Scent can be really irritating, especially if you have a sensitive nose.
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Baths are a wondrous thing that help to relax after a long day. A lot of us don't get that luxury very often, so when we do we have to make it count. Shunga has done their best to give you something that really does make each bath count as a relaxing activity.

The tin is something that's typical of Shunga, with the black background and the erotic images on the front. It's pretty big, about 5 1/4" across and 3 1/4" tall, but it holds about 20 ounces of salts, a shell to scoop those salts, a small floating candle, and a little instruction sheet for the candle. The back of the can does have instructions and ingredients as well. They read as sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, fragrance, glycerin, carthamus tinctorius, and prunus dulcis. Since there is glycerin in this, if you have issues or sensitivities to that, you should probably avoid soaking in a tub full of it. There's a small black coin with a pretty red ribbon attached that keeps the coin attached to the tin. The ribbon goes inside the tin when you shut it up, and the coin makes opening it up again super easy.

The salts themselves are a gorgeous shade of blue, and come inside a plastic bag sealed with a zip tie inside the tin. They're not very big and are grainy to the touch. They're available in either Oceana or Aphrodisia. Aphrodisia has been described as very floral like, and Oceana smells very much like what you might expect out of other ocean scented things. Definitely not smelling like the ocean, but I really can't put my finger on exactly what it reminds me of. Either way, it's pretty strong. Right when you open the tin you'll almost get hit in the face with it, but after it's been open for a while, it seems to get weaker. There's enough salts in there for at least 20 or so baths, depending on how much of the salts you use in each bath.

The salts get dissolved under hot running water, and they dissolve pretty well. At the very least they'll stay by the plug if that's where you pour them. For most bathtubs, a scoop and a half from the 3" wide shell will be more than enough to change the color of your water, add a nice scent, and smooth your skin. Two full scoops will get you a slightly deeper color and a little more scent. When you get in, you can feel that there's something else in the water besides water, but it doesn't feel oily or greasy or anything like that. When I used mine, I got little bubbles. Almost like a sad bubble bath, but since I wasn't expecting any bubbles at all, I was still pretty happy with it. They lasted for a while, about 15 -20 minutes or so.

The candle that's included is about 1 3/4" across and 1 1/4" tall. It smells a lot like the salts do, but that's because it sat in with the salts for so long. After removing mine from the can for a few months, it's definitely a lot less fragrant, but definitely still smells like the salts. The candle does float, kinda. The top of the candle seems to almost line up with the water (at least when I tried floating it) so I wouldn't recommend letting it float around your tub because any small movement and you'll definitely put it out. If you prefer, you can burn it in a small glass on the side of the tub. The little instruction sheet is mostly just warnings about candles in general about safety, but it's still worth a read.

After the bath, you might notice some traces of blue either on you or on the tub. I don't end up with any on me on a consistent basis, but when I did it wiped off real easily. I did see some in the tub too and if it hasn't dried on you can just fill a cup of water and help it on down the drain. If it has dried, it still doesn't take much work to get it off the tub. When you're all done with the salts, you can twist the bag shut and close the tin. If you didn't want to deal with the bag you could also just dump the salts into the tin, but I'd keep them somewhere with low humidity then just in case. Mine inside the bag have been living in my bathroom for months and haven't shown any signs of having interacted with moisture.
I never remember to take a picture on the few occasions I do get to take a bath, so I drew a small bath in the sink to show you the nice color. The candle is in there too and you can see that it does float.

I admittedly don't get to take baths as often as I might like to, but working 60 hours a week leaves me limited time and I'd rather just shower and get back to my life. But every now and then, I'll take a bath. And when I do, I really like to use this in there. I'm always pleased with my choice to bathe with Shunga, and these salts do leave me feeling smoother. I noticed that it didn't seem to right away, but even without my usual "oil as moisturizer" routine I normally do after bathing, my skin still felt hydrated and smooth the next morning. The scent was barely there the next morning either, but still noticeable if I really tried to smell for it. While I was bathing, the bathroom did smell very much like the salts, but it wasn't overpowering like it is if you just smell the can. I've spent months trying to figure out what I think it smells like, but all I can come up with is "things that are ocean scented" (even though none of them ever smell like the ocean), and it's grown on me a lot.
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