Sliquid Splash - sensual bath by Sliquid, LLC - review by geliebt

Absolute LOVE!

I am 100% happy with this awesome stuff! It does exactly what is claims to with no fuss. I highly recommend this to anyone!
Reasonable price
Works really well
Smells great
Keeps me feeling fresh
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The most prominent use for this is as an intimate wash for the ladies. Put bluntly, you can clean your vagina with it!
I find that it works splendidly for this. I like to squeeze out about a nickel-sized amount onto my hands, lather it up a bit, and apply all around the downstairs, then rinse. I only use this externally and think that it works fine that way.

One might also use this as a general body wash, especially if you have sensitive skin, or if you just particularly like the scent! Essentially this is just a super mild, nice smelling soap, so you can use this for anything you might use soap for.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a very runny product. It feels a lot like most body washes and some shampoos; just a thin, but slightly viscous gel. It lathers up nicely and gives you some great bubbles, and feels very soft and pleasant on the skin.

Taste / Aroma

Don't eat this, I'm sure it tastes terrible!

The cucumber melon scent is very, very nice.
When I first got this, I was expecting the typical cucumber melon that one often finds in feminine body sprays and such, but this one is definitely unique. It doesn't smell like any body product I've used before, and I actually have something of a tough time describing it. It's very light, and fresh. It smells 'green' to me. It's a bit like real cucumber; that super light, slightly sweet, fresh and cool scent, but this has a fair bit more sweetness.

Whatever the scent may be (sorry for my inability to describe it well!) I love it. As I mentioned, it is sweet, light, fresh and clean, and I think it's perfect considering what it's for. Nobody wants an artificial, heavy, cloying, or otherwise not so fresh smelling product intended as a feminine wash!

I also find that this scent is not particularly feminine. It is sweet, but I think it would work fine for a guy as well.

The scent does not linger for too long, maybe only an hour or so. This won't clash with other scented products you may use after bathing.


I think this works really well.
As mentioned earlier, I simply squeeze a small amount (maybe the size of a dime) onto my hand, lather up a bit, and then rub all over my pubic region/vulva, and rinse (of course, you can use this for any other areas you may want, as well).
I find that this leaves me feeling thoroughly clean, fresh, and like I smell nice, which is precisely what I was hoping I would get with this.
Of course, I know us ladies sometimes do get that "not so fresh" feeling (if you'll pardon my ridiculous phrase!) and this keeps it at bay! It leaves me feeling confident that I'm not going to end up smelly, or gross at all. It just allows my body to stay clean, feel fresh, and do what it does naturally.

In addition to leaving me feeling clean, it does not irritate at all.
While I do not have sensitive skin normally, I'm sure we all know that vaginas can be awfully picky, and this has caused no problems. It's very mild and I would say it's safe for just about anyone, even with the most sensitive skin. If you have concerns, I would recommend trying a spot test first to be sure you won't react negatively to it, but I think most can be confident that Sliquid Splash will pamper the skin, instead of terrorizing it!


This comes in a simple bottle with a flip top lid.
I think the packaging is great, and works fine for what this is. It's easy to dispense (don't squeeze too hard, as the product is thin and generally takes very very little pressure to come out of the bottle) and the bottle is sturdy. I'm not worried about any of the plastic cracking or breaking, and I would be pretty confident traveling with this as well.

The label is cute, stylish, and very discreet. While it does mention that it is a "feminine wash," there is nothing vulgar on the label, and nobody would assume that this came from an adult shop. It's just soap for the ladybits!


I was thrilled when I first used this, and have continued to be happy with it as time goes on. I've had mine for around 5 months and I'm about halfway done with it (I use it pretty much every time I shower). I noticed that I absolutely felt more fresh and clean than with just water (since I haven't found any soap other than this that I trust not to give me an infection or something). And of course, this didn't cause irritation or infections, and didn't dry me out or anything! I just felt clean, which let me feel super confident. Love!
Follow-up commentary
This is still a staple! Unfortunately I'll have to get this elsewhere as Eden has discontinued it, but I'm glad I was at least able to discover it through Eden!
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