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Double dipped lip balm

Lip balm by Not Soap Radio

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(Black/White Cookie) Yum! I love this lip balm!

Oooo Yummy yummy! What's not to love about this lip balm? It's cute, you get a lot of product, it smells delicious, and it makes my lips so soft! I love it! The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that it's expensive and you have to use both hands to open it. These lip balms would be the perfect tiny gift or little extra. I'd highly suggest picking a flavor and trying it for yourself, it definitely won't disappoint!
Cute packaging, large tin, smells delicious!, makes my lips soft, long lasting, ect.
Expensive! After using it you have to wipe your finger off all the time which can get old fast.
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This delicious smelling lip balm keeps your lips sweetly scented and sensually soft. It also makes your lips look shiny and healthy! I chose Black & White Cookie because I have a serious love for Oreos. It's called "Double Dipped" because inside of the lip balm tin you get a different flavor on each side. For example, for Black & White Cookie one side is white and smells like vanilla frosting while the other side is a dark chocolately brown that smells like chocolate cookies. Although the lip balm is slightly tinted it went on clear for me. It lasts a long time, keeps my lips soft, and makes me crave cookies! Yum!

I'd highly recommend the Double Dipped Lip Balms to anyone that loves sweet yummy food scents! If you're on a diet and the scent of chocolate and yummy sweets make you crave chocolate bars and Oreos this might not be a good thing. The box claims that this lip balm is "deliciously all natural." The tin the lip balm comes in is so cute! Be careful when traveling with it in your pocket or in a hot car though as it may melt and all go to one side! You'd never know this was purchased from an adult website because the box and label have nothing of a sexual nature on it. You can get some for yourself or give them as gifts to your friends and family!
    • Everybody
    • Gift
    • Luxury

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The lip balm in the tin is a solid pressed lip balm. You can't scoop it out unless you're really digging into it on purpose. Just swirl your finger around on the surface. The lip balm shows up clear, shiny, and allows you to get just enough lip balm to apply to your lips. I personally have to "double dip" to get the right amount of lip balm for me. I just swirl my finger around both colors twice. The lip balm is pressed well and the colors don't really mix at all so no worries about ruining the look of the lip balm. I noticed that a light brown tint sometimes covers the white side but it easily wipes away with my finger.

The lip balm itself feels thin, silky, and soft. It's not sticky or gloopy at all! On my lips it feels slick and moisturizing. It lasts for about an hour or less without eating/drinking anything. If you eat or drink anything you'll have to quickly reapply it. It wipes off but it leaves your lips feeling softer and in better condition than before.
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

I got the black & white cookie scent hoping that it would smell like Oreos. When I first opened the tin the scent really wasn't there at all. I swirled my finger around a bit and when the heat from my finger warmed up the lip balm the scent started to get stronger. It's not overwhelming at all and I wouldn't even consider it to be a strong smell, but it's a medium/light scent that smells delicious! It definitely smells chocolatey with a hint of creamy/milky vanilla frosting. I wouldn't say it smells exactly like Oreos but very close! It smells good enough to eat! Yum!

When the lip balm is on my lips I can smell the scent very lightly but it quickly wears off. When I lick my lips I don't really taste anything besides a slight waxy aftertaste. It's not unpleasant at all and I don't really taste much of a flavor. If I lick too much (in excess for the purpose of this review!) it gives me that instant "fuzzy teeth" feeling like the way Soft Lips lip balms give me which is kind of gross. I hope that makes sense! As long as you're not licking it all off constantly you should be fine and wearing the lip balm will be a pleasant experience. It's meant for your lips not to be eaten even though it smells that good!
    • Light smell
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


The lip balm lasted for about 45 minutes to an hour for me. I didn't eat, drink, or talk much during this time (I was on the computer!) so this is just how long it lasts without any of those type of activities. Obviously if you're drinking, eating, and talking it's going to wear off a lot faster and need to be reapplied. I've wiped it off my lips just to see what would happen and it actually leaves your lips feeling softer than before. You can't get it completely off unless you lick it all off or go rinse it off.

I love the yummy vanilla/chocolate flavor! I also love that it keeps my lips soft. I have to admit that I get a little tired of dipping my finger in the lip balm all day because after you use it you have to wipe your finger off. It gets old fast especially if this is the only lip balm you're currently using. Other than that I love it! I wouldn't hesitat to get the other flavors now.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Reapply often


I love the way this lip balm is packaged! It comes in a cute little light cardboard box with a circle cutout in the front. The circle is a window that shows the design on the front of the lip balm tin. The box is really attractive, super cute, and has lots of details. My box was a light tan with yellow and orange accents that remind me of awnings outside of a cute cafe or an ice cream shop. The lip balm tin itself is larger than I expected which is a good thing! The tin has a sticker on top that says, "black & white cookie" and shows a cute image of the statue of liberty against a sketchy New York City scene, a cup of coffee, I <3 NY, and a big black and white cookie. I've never been to New York and actually live on the opposite side of the United States. This is my first lip balm in this collection and I chose this one because I love Oreos!

I've traveled with the lip balm tin in my purse but you have to be careful in really hot weather. Don't leave it in a really hot car or else it'll melt and make a big mess. The packaging is discreet and you would never know it was purchased from an adult website. You could give it as a gift to friends, family, or even young teenagers without having to worry about them discovering where you purchased it from.

Ingredients: castor seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, lauryl laurate, olive fruit oil,hydrogentated castor oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, hydrogentated soybean oil, candellila wax, cocoa extract, flavor, mica.

Paraben and phthalate free. Never tested on animals.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I'm definitely going to be purchasing all of the other flavors now! This lip balm is so good!
Follow-up commentary
I love it! I've been using this lip balm many times a day for weeks in a row. It's about the only lip balm I've been using lately. The more I use it the more melty and soft the lip balm gets. My lips feel soft and yummy. It smells so chocolatey and delicious! I'm also surprised that I haven't even made a dent in the balm yet despite using it constantly. I've just barely skimmed the top. This lip balm is big compared to others I have and this is going to last me a long time. I plan on picking up more! These would make great gifts too.
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