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Cupid's collection

Sensual kit by Kama Sutra

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-Cupid's Cute Collection-

I'm very pleased with the Cupid's collection. The kit offered a good amount of items at a lower price than some other kits that I've purchased in the past. We had so much fun on our trial run of the kit, that we are excited to use this on Valentine's weekend! You can't go wrong with these items. Try it out today!
- Soft Blindfold
- Inexpensive for so many items
- Honey dust can get messy
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I purchased the Cupid's Collection kit by Kama Sutra along with many other items that I wanted to use for a romantic Valentine's night. I paid around 19.99 for the kit. For the price of this kit, it wasn't a bad deal at all. I mainly wanted something to use for an upcoming night- (Valentine's night) and I wasn't wanting to spend a large amount on something that wouldn't be used a lot. I did research to find something that would be the best deal for my money. This kit is what I came up with and I'm happy that I decided on this one instead of spending more money on only a few items. I was able to save and buy many items for the night.

The Cupid's collection is perfect for use by couples. This is designed specifically for that use. By the name of the kit, it's going to be perfect for a night or weekend with that special someone. You could use this solo but it wouldn't be much fun, now would it? This works great for both genders and the size of the blindfold works well for any size heads. I especially liked that it ties in the back and the ties and mask portion are soft.
One major problem that I find with other blindfolds with elastic or fixed backs is that some are too loose and some are too tight. It's hard to find the perfect fit all the time. With this blindfold, you really can't go wrong. That is the main reason that I opted for this kit. I was looking at other blindfolds that were similar in appearance but the back was solid and I read that it was pretty snug. I just wouldn't want to waste a higher amount of money on a blindfold that may or may not fit me. I'm so glad that I bought this one. I have no complaints and after buying the collection, I had more money to spend on other great items for Valentine's night.

I also like buying the Kama Sutra brand. They always cater to couples and I like most of the products that I've tried by them. A great addition to this kit would have been a candle. I have all of their candles now so I would have liked to see a new, scented candle. This would have made the kit extra special, even if it was just a small one. I adore the candles from Kama Sutra and would love to see a similar kit with a candle. For now, I'm going to use my Mediterranean almond candle with the Cupid's collection because it smells amazing.

The strawberry honey dust that's included is a nice touch to the kit. When I purchased the Getaway Kit I really liked the feather duster and the body dust. That was the first kit that I tried from Kama Sutra and that kit really made me like their products. The only difference in the dusts, is that the Cupid's collection kit has the dust that comes packaged in a baggie type plastic bag, inside of a cute red, drawstring bag. The other kit has the dust that arrived in a tin can.

The rose petals were a big plus in this kit. I've purchased several kits in the past that had rose petals included and these seem to be of a higher quality than the other brands. I also like these more than the Love Candy kit rose petals. The love candy rose petals were very stiff and thin. The ones included in the Cupid's Collection kit were thicker and softer. These also look like a better quality rose petal. These are also scented, which is very nice. The scent is perfect.

Since there is an edible part of the collection, please check the ingredients that I will list below to make sure there is no ingredient that you may be allergic to. You may also test it out on a small area of skin before placing an amount on a large part of the body. I always check for skin interactions before using anything of this type. I guess it's just a habit of mine. I usually put a small amount on my wrist or arm and rub it in and wait a few minutes to see if it gets red or itchy. If it doesn't, I will usually wet the area and wait for a few minutes and see if that changes anything. If both of those tests are passed, then I feel the powder is good to go for using. In the case of this body dust, it passed with flying colors.

The Cupid's Collection kit would be a great gift for a couple on their wedding or anniversary night. In my opinion, the best time to use this is on Valentine's night or weekend. It's perfect to use as a mood enhancer and to get the night started.

-The rose petals can be tossed onto the bed or they can be made into a trail leading to the bed. (I love that option)

- They can be placed around the edge of a hot tub or bath tub.

- They can be placed on steps leading up to the bedroom.

- You can make them into a heart shape and place on a bed or rug near the fireplace.

- You can place on your lover's body.

- You can spell the word Love with them.

The blindfold can be used for foreplay, during intercourse, to sleep in and to lounge around with during the day.
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity


The red satin blindfold that is included in the set is one of my favorite items of the set. It's very soft and I can tie it tightly on my head and it doesn't hurt or give me headaches. The texture is soft, with a nice feel of satin on my skin. I did snag it a few times unexpectedly with my nails but it didn't seem to do any damage. Inside the eye portion of the blindfold, there is a padding which feels especially nice on the eyes. It really helps to cushion them if your partner wants to tie it tightly. Even with the texture being so soft and satiny, it doesn't slide off my head. I walked around in my bedroom with it on to test out the functionality of the blindfold and it stayed exactly where I placed it. I really like the feel of the blindfold and I'm so glad that I own something so comfortable. The blindfold doesn't have any information included about what type of material that's used in manufacturing it but most of the items that feel this way have a large amount of polyester included in the making.

The measurements for the blindfold are:

Total length- 53 3/4"

Blind fold length- 13"

Each tie length- 20"

Blindfold Width (vertically)- 3"

This will fit ANY size head.

Honey Dust

The feeling of the honey dust compares to baby powder or corn starch. It's fine just like baby powder and if you aren't careful, it can spill out and go everywhere. If you blow lightly on the applicator, the dust will go all over the place. Be careful when using as I've managed to spill some out while it was in the bag. It's completely silky feeling and doesn't clump up. I can place it on my fingers and run them back and forth and it feels great. There are no rough textures in the honey dust. It rubs into the skin well and leaves a powdery look. Once water or saliva is introduced to the area, the powder dissolves quickly. It's applied nicely by the feather duster that is included with the kit. The honey dust feels like a light chalky taste in the mouth. It does leave a slight aftertaste but you could rinse your mouth or take a drink of water to rinse it out, the aftertaste isn't too bad.

Feather Applicator

The feather applicator has two main parts, The first part are the feathers which act to distribute the honey dust onto the body. There seems to be more than 30 feathers included. The feathers are extremely soft and they are multicolored. The colors of the feathers are tan, dark brown and honey/blonde colored. They don't itch or scratch the skin. They really feel nice and very seductive. They can also tickle at times. I never had a problem with being poked with any of the feather ends.
The Handle to the applicator is wooden and rounded. It's very smooth and is easy to hold. The bottom of the handle has a sort of rough feeling area which works for helping the duster to stand on the handle. It keeps it from sliding over. It gets a bit harder to hold onto when dust gets on it. The feathers are glued inside the handle. They are really packed in tightly. The duster fits perfectly into my small hands since it's a smaller size. My partner who has larger hands said a larger handle would have worked better but it wasn't much of a problem for him.

Rose Petals

There are 33 rose petals included with my kit. Each of the rose petals has a soft top with a somewhat rougher bottom side. Although one side is softer than the other, I can't tell much of a difference when I'm on top of them or if they are on my body. I took both sides and rubbed them on my arm and I really couldn't tell which side was which. They didn't itch or scratch my arms. You can squish them into a little ball easily and they go right back to their shape fairly quickly. I have several types of rose petals and these are my favorite, by far. I really like that these aren't stiff. They are red in color and have a black tint towards the end. There is a vein like texture which branches out through the whole petal. It looks as if the petal was stamped or embossed with a heated item to give that textured look. Some petals have deeper stamps on them and some have shallow stamps. I like the variation of texture on the petals. The rose petals aren't too thick and they aren't thin. They feel just right.
    • Smooth
    • Textured
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Honey Dust

The honey dust tastes exactly like corn starch with a hint of strawberry SweetTart flavoring and honey. It's not one of the best tastes that you can ask for but if it's applied lightly on the skin, its nice to taste instead of just bare skin. My partner liked it better than I did. We did a run through to test all the products out and he liked to brush the dust on my nipples. I think it made the nipple sucking better when using this. He may have found a new favorite taste. The taste isn't strong when it's light on the skin, although, if you place too much, it does become a little overpowering. If too much is applied, just wipe off or blow off the excess. It works better when there is a thin layer. Some may like it with more, it's really a matter of preference.

The strawberry honey dust reminds me of crushed strawberry candies when I place my nose next to the bag. My nose has to be pretty close to smell any of the scent. It has made me sneeze when I placed it too close to my nose, so be careful when doing that. I usually won't place my nose next to it but I wanted to get an accurate scent for the review. I've included the ingredients below.

Modified Corn Starch, Glucose, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Honey, Silica, Honey Extract, Sodium Saccharine, Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Hydroxy Citronellol, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate.

Rose petals

The rose petals have a perfumed 'rose' scent. The scent isn't that noticeable when my face isn't close to them. When I pick up one and smell it, the smell is very faint. When they are in the container that they arrived in, they do smell strong. When my partner placed the petals on my body, it was hard to smell them.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste
    • No taste


Everything in this kit will get lots of use by my partner and myself. The blindfold will work for us to use during play time and I can also use it during nap time or sleep time. I'm always looking for a new blindfold or sleep mask and I currently have about 12 or more of them. The one offered in this kit is one of the more comfortable kinds for sleeping because of the cushion that it has for the eyes. If you are a back sleeper, it may not be that comfortable because of the ties at the back of the mask may be uncomfortable and cause discomfort. I'm a side sleeper and stomach sleeper so it works for me.

The rose petals work as described and we can use them for our anniversary or a special date night as well as what I originally purchased them for, which is Valentine's Day/Night. They are sturdy and they have held up through me placing them on the bed, stairs, floor and bath tub just fine.

The honey dust worked perfectly for being a light dust on my body that was very tasty for my partner. You may want to test the honey dust for allergic reactions prior to using. To clean it off, I just rinsed with water and it was as if nothing had been there.

The feather duster worked perfectly for what is was intended for, which was to spread the dust on my body. The feathers are placed inside the handle well and there have been none that have come out of the handle. They seemed to be glued in nicely.

As a whole, this kit is nice and performed well for my expectations. I've purchased higher priced kits in the past that didn't perform this well so I would recommend this for a nice night or weekend getaway.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Performance


The Cupid's collection kit arrives in a red box with a clear window in the front. You can see all of the accessories through the transparent window.
On the front of the box, it reads :

Cupid's Collection

Kama Sutra

A playful assortment of Kama Sutra body treats

Scarlet blindfold, Red rose petals, Strawberry Dream honey dust (Net wt. 2oz. 50g) Medium Feather

The back of the box reads:

Heighten the senses and elicit passion with this enchanting gift set designed with lovers in mind.

This is included in 4 languages.

It also states:

- Dermatologist tested

- Hypoallergenic

- Use externally

This is also in 4 languages.

The ingredients are also listed.

Modified Corn Starch, Glucose, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Honey, Silica, Honey Extract, Sodium Saccharine, Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Hydroxy Citronellol, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate.

The box is 8 3/4" tall, 7 1/2" wide and 2 3/4" deep.

The packaging doesn't have any nudity on it and it could be given as a gift. It's not a giant size for travel but if you wanted to take the items, you could always remove from the box.

I placed the honey dust into a small solo cup container that has a lid. This actually fit perfectly inside the satin pouch and I was able to close the satin pouch with the cup inside. Now it won't spill out when transporting and I won't lose any of the strawberry honey dust. The feather applicator works better when I dip it into the container. The bag just made a big mess trying to get the feathers to fit into there correctly. I also poured some into the satin bag and that was messy and some fell out of the bottom, due to the holes that were made from the pouch being sewn. My method to keep the dust in has worked perfectly.

    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I know that some people may find that the price tag is somewhat expensive for this. I bought the collection when it was close to twenty dollars. If this kit can give me 4-5 nights of fun with my partner, then it is well worth it to me. I wasn't looking to purchase something that was going to last me forever. If I would have been, I would have purchased the more expensive blindfold sets that Eden Fantasys offers.

With this kit, I know that the blindfold will fit my partner as well as myself. It will fit how we need it to. It's not the highest quality material but I believe that it may last longer than I expected it to last. I will check back and update on my 2 month follow up to let you all know how many times that I've used it and how it held up.

I washed it in baby wash, when I first received it. I didn't want to use any detergents that were harsh because it was going to be placed onto our eyes and our faces. I also didn't want the material to become rough or itchy. I washed it by hand and hung it up to dry on a plastic hanger. If you are going to be using this frequently, give it a wash every few times that you wear it. If your face is very oily, you may have to wash each time that you use it. My face is normal and it doesn't seem to collect oil so I can get away using it a time or two before it gets washed.

If you don't like the scent on the rose petals, you could also wash those in a delicate wash to remove the smell. You could spray your partner's favorite cologne on them to remind you of them when they are away. You could also spray your favorite perfume on them for your partner. I did get a large amount of water on one of the rose petals from the bath tub and the scent dissipated. If you like unscented petals best, just wash in an unscented wash, then rinse and you should be good to go.
Follow-up commentary
This is such a wonderful kit! I've used it several times to play with, and I've used it many more times as a sleep mask. This kit was perfect for Valentine's, and now it works for great nights alone.
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