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Finally, My Search Is Over!

Nipple clamps are a fun way to spice up your bondage play. The Spartacus Press Style Nipple Clamps are fully adjustable and fit virtually all nipple sizes. The attached chain adds a bit of weight to the clamps feel. Want to take your nipple bondage to the next level? The attached chain works great as a nipple leash.
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Some would classify pinching and pulling on the nipples as nipple torture. If this is torture I say give it to me. I’m a willing victim.

Spartacus’ Press Style Nipple Clamps are designed to look intense and stimulate in all the right ways.

Fully adjustable, these clamps are a proper fit for practically all nipples. Also, the design gives you complete control over their bite. Also, the link chain provides a bit of weight hanging from your nipples. In addition, the link chain is great for tugging and pulling. The chain can even be used like a leash to lead your lover around by.

With a hard core look, these clamps are sexy and fun to wear. The press style clamp lets them hold tight without producing heavy pain. Of course, it is important to remember that pain is subjective. Therefore, it is not always true that everyone will feel pleasure and not pain when using this type of toy. Based on my experiences, if you enjoy a bit of firm pinching or pulling on your nips, these will be great for you.

Here’s The Facts:

Spartacus press nipple clamps are designed to work by pressing the nipple between two arms. There is a screw to adjust the pressure, which allows them to give a wide range of sensations.

They are made from metal.


Clamp – 7/8 by 1 inch. Also, the metal arms are ¼ of an inch wide and 1/8 of an inch thick. The screw is 1 inch long.

Chain – Each link is ¼ of an inch long. The entire chain is 12 inches long.


Since these are metal, cleaning is simple. They can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and warm water or wiped with a 10:1 water and bleach solution.

For storage you can choose to use the discreet clam shell plastic package. On the other hand, I choose to recycle the package and store my clamps in a small satin bag.


As always, playing safe is a key to sexual pleasure. When using any type of toy which restricts blood flow, there are a few precautions that should be taken.

Never keep blood flow restricted for longer than 30 min. at a time.

Inspect the area for bluish or gray discoloration. If you should notice this, remove the devices immediately and gently massage to promote circulation.

When removing the clamps rushing blood flow to the nipple may cause shooting pains. To lessen this effect, remove the clamps slowly and massage the area. This helps tremendously if you feel that prickly burning sensation when removing any style clamps.
I enjoy a bit of nipple bondage and torture. Through my quest to find the perfect pair of nipple clamps we ordered Spartacus’s press style nipple clamps. Everything about them looked perfect for me and I was excited at the possibilities these held.

Now that I have tried virtually every popular style of nipple clamps, I can say with confidence that these are the best clamps I have ever used. Once I tighten them up nice and tight, they stay put and don’t pop off unexpectedly. Also, Hubby can pull and tug on the chain and not have to worry about one popping off and hitting him in the eye. Yikes, that would hurt. The chain gives a nice weighty feeling to the clamps, but not too much. These clamps defiantly don’t make my nipples stretch and sag downwards.

We use these clamps in a variety of ways. I enjoy wearing them under my clothes and feeling the fabric rub across my extra sensitive nips. Also, Hubby enjoys binding my breasts and putting these on me. But that is not all; Hubby can also take a rope anchored to part of our sex swing and pull the clamps chain nice and tight with it. I really enjoy this aspect of these clamps. To use them in this way effectively, Hubby has to make sure the clamps are super tight to ensure they don’t come off. Thank goodness, Hubby is able to tighten these very tight and my nipples do not have severe pain or turn blue.

Over all, playing with these clamps is a real turn on and a great aspect of our foreplay. For me they don’t produce pain, but rather a nice pinching and pulling feeling.

What more could I ask for in a pair of nipple clamps? Whether you are new to nipple clamps or a pro., you are sure to appreciate the adjustability and versatility of these clamps.
Follow-up commentary
This is a great set of nipple clamps. In reality, I cannot find one single thing wrong with them. They are heavy duty and the metal is high quality. Throughout many play times there is not a single sign of wear or age to them.

They continue to hold tight and stimulate in all the right ways. Even when used for nipple torture and breast bondage, they perform like a champ.

I recommend these to anyone who is looking for a nice pair of clamps to add to their bondage play.
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