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Powder by Chocoholics divine desserts

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For REAL Chocolate Lovers Only!

"The sensual qualities of chocolate come to life in this intoxicating dust. Chocoholics Chocolate Passion Body Powder makes you look, feel, smell and taste good enough to eat. Why put anything else at all on your body?" The words on the can are right. This delicious powder, made from only three simple ingredients, is a chocolate lover's dream.
3 natural ingredients, Multiple uses, Comes with pink feather tickler/duster, Tin can for storage
May be TOO chocolatey for me!
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Making sure the Chocolate Passion Body Powder tin can is tightly closed, give it a shake for about 30 seconds to ensure the ingredients are evenly distributed. Then, dip your chic, pink feather tickler into the delicious chocolate powder... it's up to you how much is enough! Next, using the tickler, dust your partner's or your own body with this magic powder and watch it transform your sex lives from simple quickies to all-night, body-licking fun!

Turn your lover into your treat:

Tie your partner to the bed posts, sprinkle some down their neck and back, and lick it up slowly... Enjoying the taste of chocolate as you watch them go crazy. You may find yourself sprinkling more and more, as you just can't seem to get enough of the pure chocolate taste in this powder.

Turn yourself into the treat:

After the rose petals have been spread across the bed, and you're lying naked on top of the sheets awaiting your lover's arrival, why not add some chocolate into the mix? After all, who doesn't love chocolate when they're eating it off of their naked lover? Carefully dust your body with as much chocolate as you'd like, and watch your partner lick away at each intimate area that you've covered with this sensual treat.

You could even use this everyday behind the ears and across the neck and chest in small amounts to surprise your lover with a chocolate-filled kiss. Just be careful not to use too much, and to apply it before you put on your clothing as it turns dark when wet and can stain clothing. When doing this you should only apply a small amount that cannot be seen or noticed.
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    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Chocolate Passion Body Powder by Chocoholics Divine Desserts is velvety smooth and perfectly sifted to give you almost crystal clear coverage in one swipe. Once dusted on and rubbed in, the powder stays in place in your skin quite well. However, you may be tempted to dump whole spoonfuls once you get a lick of this stuff! If that ends up being you, you'll be glad to know that the powder is more than easy to pour.

I honestly expected this product to feel sticky, since it is made of only Powdered Sugar, Cocoa Powder, and Natural Vanilla... but it's not sticky at all! Even if your lover accidentally forgets to lick off all the powder, it dries and feels like nothing. It may feel sticky if you use a lot (and by "a lot", I mean dumping directly from the can), but you can easily wash this off with warm water.

The chic hot pink tickler/duster makes application very easy and it works far better than any other feather duster I have used. I only wish the feathers weren't so thin, as I know they will be completely ruined if it were to get wet. So you'll want to keep this away from water or steam. This is my second feather tickler of this sort, and the first was ruined from being used in the bathroom as my hubby showered. The steam totally ruined it... So as long as you avoid getting it wet, you're fine.
    • Smooth
    • Thin
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

Taste? Think of the best dark chocolate truffle you've ever had... Now imagine it dipped in pure cocoa powder.... Now you've got the idea! That's exactly what it tastes like, and I love it! If you're a fan of chocolate or you would like your lover to taste like a gourmet chocolate bar, then this is the product for you!

The aroma is also strong. Reminds me of opening up a jar of Hershey's Dark Cocoa Powder when I was a little girl, getting ready to bake brownies with my mother. I still remember the smell, and that's the best way to describe the aroma! Absolutely delicious, whether it be scent or taste.
    • Smells great
    • Tastes amazing


This product performs extremely well. The fact that it is made with real powdered sugar, real cocoa powder, and real vanilla makes the taste totally delicious and lacks the aspartame aftertaste that you get with most flavored body powders (that's a good thing)! The flavor lasts for a long time when rubbed into the skin well. I usually dust it on myself or my husband twice and we never have to reapply it. The taste and scent just lingers for hours... I love it so much!

Like I mentioned, you'd expect this stuff to be sticky, but it's completely the opposite. When it dries, it feels like nothing is there. If it does feel sticky (for those of you who use the whole can) it easily washes off with warm water, and soap isn't really needed to be honest. I'm not a fan of using soap on my body more than once a day unless it's absolutely necessary, such as after a workout, so I'm glad that water does the job on it's own.

If I had to choose what I liked best about this product, I'd have a really hard time telling you. It has so many wonderful features! The body powder can be used for multiple occasions and purposes. You can sprinkle some on in the morning before work to surprise your lover with a tasty kiss at lunch time, or dust your entire body (or you lover's) for a unique and tasty treat!

I also love the fact that such a cute, functional, hot pink tickler was included. You can use it just to dust on the powder, but for use as an actual body tickler, it works wonderfully. When I use it on my husband's neck he'd just about die and get an extreme hard on, right then and there!

The can is very high quality - although mine dented during shipping, unfortunately - and the lid shuts very tightly. So it's a little tough to open, but for me that's never a bad thing. I live in the south and with the humidity, I don't want any of my body powders getting soggy. And God forbid this stuff fell off the bed onto my white carpet! So thank God for the tin can!

If I had to tell you things I didn't like, I would only have two. I don't consider them cons, so you wont see them in the con section.

1) The label was slightly damaged on my can and was peeling off. Must have gotten wet. From the pictures, I honestly thought the label was printed into the can, rather then being a stick-on label. Not a big deal, it just bugs me to look at from time to time.

2) I wish the feather duster didn't get messed up so easily with water or humidity. I store mine in a plastic zip-up baggy to keep it safe. This is my second (not from the same body powder), and like I mentioned, the first got messed up simply from steam.


Your delicious, chocolatey body powder comes packaged in a tall black tin can. The can is 6.5 inches tall, and holds 6 oz. (170 g) of powder. That's A LOT of body powder, which in this case, is GREAT.

Inside the can, upon opening for the first time, you will find a plastic bag that contains the powder. To open:

1) You will want to go somewhere with a surface that cannot be stained, such as the kitchen or bathroom counter to open it.

2) Hold the bag by the tippy-top, and gently shake up and down so that all the powder sinks to the bottom.

3) Then, carefully, using a good pair of scissors, cut the bag open from left-to-right across the top of the bag.

4) Still being careful, shake the powder (slowly) out of the bag and into the tin. I used a baking funnel, which made things a lot easier. If you feel uneasy about doing this, you can fashion your own funnel out of paper like this: I strongly suggest using some sort of funnel or you may have a mess.

5) Close the can for use later, and clean the area if any mess was made.

There weren't really any instructions that came with the package. There was a little tag around the duster, basically hinting that this product is used for sex. I trashed it early on, but it said something about sprinkling it between the breasts. Nothing super sexual, though. Plus, from afar, this just looks like some sort of girly perfume tin.

I did not appreciate that the feather duster was just rolling around, uncovered inside of the box. It should have all been put in a plastic bag at the least, or a box. This isn't really EF's fault, but I would love if they did something about that.

Special Features

- Flavored

- Great taste

- Natural ingredients

- Great tin can for storage

- Cute, chic, pink feather tickler/duster (multifunctional)


I absolutely LOVE this body powder. I tried it once before but I HAD to buy it for myself to experience just how amazing this stuff really is. It transforms any night of dull, repetitive foreplay into a sexual fantasy. I love that it contains natural sugar, and natural ingredients (only 3!), which means you get no corn starch or aspartame. I'm not a fan of either... So basically, everyone who loves chocolate needs to buy a tin of this! You will not regret your purchase!
Follow-up commentary
I still love this stuff. I'm getting very close to running out, but I'll tell you that this is a really cool way to spice up your love life without spending tons of cash on a sex toy. My hubby enjoys this each time I've used it and he's begging me to buy more but I'm going to save up some cash for a new toy, so he will have to wait. I don't love it any less though. It's surprising that the taste of this stuff DOES NOT get boring! I loved it especially during oral sex on him!
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    It's funny, we sift icing sugar and cocoa powder together at work to cover marshmallows. I'll probably just try a little of that if I want to experiment with this sort of thing.

    Lovely review, dear~
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    Thanks everyone!
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