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For those of you who love to text all the time, you may enjoy this cute "Sexting Kit". It is a little silly, but can be fun with the right person. Add some bling to your skin, and have fun letting your partner discover it! With the affordable price, it would make for a fun little stocking stuffer for the holiday season! Some of the items can be used on objects instead of skin.
Lots of pieces, cute adhesive gems, can be used for other things.
Stickers need to be individually cut, tattoos quite small.
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Purpose / Audience

The idea of this product is to add some bling to your body, for a little added fun. The Do it Sexting Kit: Female by Sportsheets, is a small little kit that includes stickers, adhesive gems, temporary tattoos and a ruler to help aid in application. The idea is cute, but it's lacking in product. This product is supposed to be for adults to enhance your appearance for anything sexual. Half of the items in this package I wouldn't use, I'd end up giving to my niece, like the emoticon stickers and the adhesive letters.

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The idea of this kit is that you're supposed to leave little "sexting" messages on your body, so someone can find them. Cute idea, but a little old school to me. I personally would rather text my fiance with a naughty message while he's working, then "sexting" a message on my body. Maybe teenagers would like this product more, as it's a little juvenile. "Bling your body for hot sext"!
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Rules / Content

There are no rules, as this isn't a game. It's listed as a game, but I wouldn't qualify it as that. There's no instructions with the kit, so just have fun sticking the items all over your body!

Contents in the kit include:

100 adhesive gems
9 temporary tattoos
16 naughty stickers
40 emoticon stickers
52 adhesive letters
12" Junk ruler
    • Can make your own rules
    • Easy to play


The front of the kit has a mans torso and an iPod/iPhone taking a picture. It has the tattoo on his torso that says "Suck It!", and an arrow pointing downwards towards where his jewels would be. The picture is cartoon like, not a real mans torso. At the top of the box it says "Sexting Kit", and at the bottom it says "bling your body for hot sext".

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The back of the box has small shots of each item that's in the kit:

- 100 adhesive gems
- 9 temporary tattoos
- 16 naughty stickers
- 40 emoticon stickers
- 52 adhesive letters
- 12" Junk ruler.

The back also includes a photo of a woman's torso with the words "Slide Here", and an arrow pointing between her breasts, as well as "Lick It!" under her navel.

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Now for the contents of the kit, with a better description:

The adhesive gems I like the most out of the kit, as I would actually wear them as a bindi on my forehead. They come attached to a clear sheet of plastic, that measures 3" in width and 3.5" in height. It comes with 50 circle shaped gems, and 50 teardrop shaped gems. Each gem is roughly 1/4" in size, and can be applied to pretty much anything! Stick it to your cellphone, nails, body, hair, wherever you like. Keep in mind that your skin must be clean for it to stick to your skin, as if it's oily it may fall off.

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The kit comes with 9 temporary tattoos that look fairly realistic. They are all black in color, and in a tribal type design. They come on one sheet that measures 5" in height, and 3" in width. With that said, the tattoos are quite small in size. Realistically you would probably want them twice the size that they are. The largest tattoo is about 3" long, and only about 1/2" in height. The smallest tattoo is about 1.5" in length, and 1/2" in height. They look good in areas like: wrist, ankle, breasts, foot, etc.

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Sex Toys Shop

With these tattoos being on one sheet, it requires you to cut out each one in order to apply it. Once you have your cut out tattoo, remove the clear plastic from the front, and place the sheet of paper tattoo side down on your body. To get the best application, place a cloth with warm water firmly over area of tattoo. Once it's fully absorbed through the sheet of paper, slowly remove sheet carefully, and let tattoo dry. If you want to remove tattoo, rubbing alcohol will work. Refrain from scratching tattoo, as it will damage the design!

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Sex Toys Shop

The kit comes with 40 emoticon stickers, and these I think are the most useless and ugly of the kit. Why would I want a small little laughing or crying smiling face on my body? The stickers are too small to even see them, as they are only 1/4" in size. They come on one sheet that measures 5" in height, and 3" in width. All the stickers are in color, and look like chatting smile icons. I personally wouldn't want these on my body, but I can see them on a teenagers notebook, cellphone, etc. These stickers are all on the same sheet and must be cut out to use them, and they have a clear background.

The naughty stickers come on a sheet that measures 5" in height, and 3" in width. This would have been more fun if it was actually tattoos, but they are stickers and seem to fall off from the skin. Make sure your skin is clean before applying, or it wont stick. The sheet includes phrases like: "Suck It!", "Lick It!", "Touch it!", "Here", "Rub n`Tug", "Motor Boat", "Slide Here", and arrows pointing in different directions. These stickers are all on the same sheet and must be cut out to use them, and they have a clear background.

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There`s a sheet of adhesive letters which have 52 different letters. On the sheet there is a total of 104 letters, however, the package says 52. The packaging is a little misleading, but I guess they were referring that the alphabet has 52 letters! For each letter there`s 2 capital and 2 lowercase. Realistically you can`t make many words with what they`ve provided. There should have been two or more sheets included in this kit, in order to properly spell out words. These stickers are all on the same sheet and must be cut out to use them, and they have a clear background.

The last item in the kit is the Junk ruler, and it really is junk! It`s made from cardboard and was folded in order to fit inside the kit. The ruler measures 12" in length, and 1.5" in width. I guess the point of the ruler is to help space out the letters when applying to the skin, but I find that it`s almost useless. The fact that I have to cut each letter sticker out first before even applying, is a real pain in the butt. I personally didn`t have any need for the ruler, as I don`t have enough patience.

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On the ruler at every inch there`s a saying: "you`re in trouble", "getting better", "keep hoping", "almost there", "pretty close", "about average", "not bad", "wow", "this is going to hurt", "good going", and "she is in trouble". What are those sayings referring to? Doesn't really apply to the adhesive letters. To me it sounds like the measurement of a penis: 6" "about average", 7" "not bad", 8" "wow", 9" "this is going to hurt"!
    • Flimsy
    • Lots of pieces
    • Requires scissors


Overall the kit is a fun idea, and not bad for the price. This would make for a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. I personally would only use half of the kit: tattoos, and gemstones. When it comes to the tattoos, they are a little small for my liking, but are still usable. I put one on my wrist and on my breast, and it looks cute. I found it a little itchy right after applying, but make sure you don't scratch or it will ruin it. Once the tattoo dries it's no longer itchy.

The gemstones are super cute and look good any were you place them. The rest of the items in the package I ended up giving away to my niece. Honestly, I don't have the patience to cut out every letter to stick it to something. She found it cute and actually used them on her iPod. When it comes to the ruler, that went directly in the recycling bin!
Follow-up commentary
Most of this kit ended up in the garbage after writing my review. I kept the gem stickers, and the mini tattoos. The tattoos I wouldn't normally wear, as they are quite small in size, but they were fun using them on my nieces. It's a cute idea, but lacking a lot. I hated that I had to cut everything out.
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