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This is a really nice game for some people, just not me. The games are very short and some can only be done once.
attractive design, lots of games
short lived, no cardboard box for the cards
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Purpose / Audience

I am in love with Cosmopolitan Magazine, so you know I had to snatch this up! The Cosmo's Steamy Sex Game is directed towards hetero couples only, but that isn't to say anybody can't play them. They also say its a couples only type game but I think it would just as good as multi person sexy game. The activites and fantasies are pretty male normative (sexy lingerie and heels, oral for him, pictures of thin (mostly white) women wearing revealing clothing) nothing risqué here.
    • Anyone
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

The Games:
Dirty Truth or Dare - "Want to push your passion to heart-pumping new heights? Tempt your guy with these titillating turn-on cards and inspire the kind of desire you've only dreamed of." Only consist of eight playing cards, so it ends quickly and not much of a game you can play. The only good thing about pre-made cards like this is no one can really get mad at you for saying a truth/dare they don't like, however theses ones aren't all that steamy. Examples: Truth - If you could dress me in the naughtiest come-get-me-garb. what kind of outfit would I be wearing? Dare - Strip off a piece of my clothing...but you can only use your teeth.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt - "You already know the bedroom can be a delicious place This game sends you on a tasty version of hind-and-seek that will definitely whet your erotic appetite even more." In this game you will need a blindfold and it says 5 more more lick able treats such as honey, jam, and chocolate syrup. I think one will do just fine thou. You have your partner blindfolded pick three cards and by what the cards say you place the food there and have him find it then name it. Honestly you could play this game in many ways, I think the way they do is kind of dumb, but thats just me. The Body Parts: Lower back, back of knees, inner thighs belly button, nipples, neck earlobes, and lips.

Call of the Wild - "There's nothing like a little animal passion to fire up your lust life. This playful take on the Kama Sutra will unleash your inner wildcat." In this game game your partner picks a card without showing them the back they must guess what the position is just by seeing the name of the position. Theres only 6 cards so this game wont last long. If the person gets the position right they get to pick the position for the night if they get it wrong then you get to pick. So either way you both win! Example: Amazing Butterfly - This position can send you soaring to ecstatic heights as long as you line up correctly with your man. Find a surface where you can lie on your back, he can stand in front of you, and your pelvis will be about a foot lower then his(try a bed or a sturdy table or desk). Then place your legs over his shoulders and tilt your pelvis upward so your crotches meet. He can hold on to your hips or butt cheeks to keep you elevated as he thrust.

A Night of Naughty Adventure - "Lock the door, dim the lights, and get ready to play out the theme of the evening: pleasure. All that's required is being bold, a little bad, and more then a little hungry for excitement." With this game you will need a whole night if played like the rules say. You must complete all 5 cards no matter how horny you may get (be sure to have all your props). This again is kind of a one time kind of game. Example:Card Three - The Icy-Heat Treat: Flip a quarter to decide who gets to go first. For Him - Have her lie her down on the edge of the bed, naked with her legs apart. You kneel between her legs on the folded towel, sip the hot liquid, and lavish her with your tongue. Then sip the cold water and indulge her again. Alternate hot and cold sips. For Her - He lies on the bed and you kneel between his legs. Sip the hot drink, swallow, and lick your lips. Now treat his privets to warm kisses. Next, do the same with the ice water. Go back to hot and slide him in and out of your mouth.

Finish the Fantasy - "One way to take your sack sessions to the next level: tap into your erotic fantasies. This game will help you - and your partner - get into a deliciously dirty mind set." There's only 4 different scenes, what a bummer, but you can have endless amount of endings. Example: I have been lest then great to you lately. I've been spending too much time with my friends, and not enough with you. You miss feeling my soft kisses and our bodies melded together, drifting off to sleep after having had incredibly hot sex. Yet, you want to teach me a lesson I need a little tough love. So the minute I walk in the door, you order me to take off my clothes, get in your bed, and...[Finish the Fantasy]

Dicey Discovery - "Uncovering new erogenous zones can lead you and your partner to new heights of ecstasy. Ready to explore uncharted erotic territory? Grab your dice and start rolling." With this game you will need dice, buy rolling the dice pick the card with the corresponding number and the card tells you what body part to do the act on, then your partner picks the card with the action. This was pretty boring to me (11 different cards) Example: Nuzzle - Your nose should barely graze the skin as you move your head in various directions, very quickly. Erotic Extra - Turn up the tease factor by intermittently licking the skin as you nuzzle your partner.

Titillating Trivia - "Upping the intimacy factor will bring you and your guy closer...and closer to ecstasy. Play this game to get clued in to each other's sexiest secrets." Place the cards in a pile and have your partner pick a card and read it to you. If you answer it correctly you get to act out the reward if wrong then theres a penalty and you act out your partners wish. I felt the questions were more hard to answer because they were the kind that was more a personal opinion, odds are you both have different sex you thought was the best. Example: What's the kinkiest thing we've ever done together? Reward - We act our your lusty wish. Penalty - We act out my lusty wish.

Get Him Hot Game - "Want to make his head spin, his knees weal, and his toes curl? Then break out these card and start exploring his body, one erotic inch at a time." To play take the cards out and ask your guy to pick one with our peeking at it, then follow the instructions Example: Thigh - Gently tract your fingernails from the middle of his inner thigh to the crevice where his leg meets his pelvis. Then caress the sensitive line with your fingertip. Don't be surprised if surrounding areas start to quiver.
The Cosmo Carnal Challenge - "We dare you to pump up the thrill level in your lust live. Prepare to ditch your inhibitions and elevate your tease-please-and-titillate talents to new heights." You will randomly pick a card for every day of the week and fulfill the act. Example: Build the erotic anticipation. Titillate, tease, and please each other with marathon foreplay for at least an hour until you truly just can't least one single second longer.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


Daring Dice - "This game is for the lucky lady, it's all about her pleasure. All you need is a set of dice, a timer, and a ready-to-get-randy mind-set." With rolling the dice you pick the corresponding card and do the act, but each act can not last more then three minutes! Example: Use the tip of your finger to trace the outside of her areola, brushing the tip as you make little circles with your fingertips. Up the erotic ante by licking around her nipples, flicking your tongue back and forth over each tip. Then give her a jolt of pleasure by finishing up with a gentle bite.

Sexy Tarot Cards - "We put a naughty spin on the ancient art of tarot card reading. Deal them out to get a glimpse of his sexual past tap into his present desires and foretell his erotic future." Separate out the 12 tarot cards and shuffle them, picture side down. Place the deck in front of your guy and have him cut it twice, so your left with 3 piles. Flip over the top cards and read the corresponding card. The last card will be a "try this tonight" card and its a hot move you can both do. Pretty lame if you ask me. Example: (You flipped in the second pile) Hight Priestess - His current craveings: Under the high priestess's power, your guy will open up if you make yourself vulnerable in bed.
A Week of Passion Prop Play - "These frisk-things-up cards will put you two on a seven day sizzling adventure. So clear your calendars and get set to discover the hidden benefits of some less-then-obvious joy toys." Randomly pick a card for each day of the week and you must use both the props it says. Seems a lot like The Cosmo Carnal Challenge. Example: Tape Recorder 1. Read erotica or talk dirty into the mike then play it back to get you bothe all hot and bothered. 2. Record yourselves having sex. 3. Play music that has a beat you don;t usually listen to...and shake up your usual sex pace.

The package is not 100% discreet with the couple on the front half naked and words like sex and naughty used every where. I could leave it out and my 2 year old wouldn't have any ideal but any one person who can read will know. I love the magnet closer on it but if my child got a hold of it or I dropped it I'm sure the cards would fly out and that sucks, wish they would have a cardboard box that the cards could be in.
    • Attractive design
    • Lots of pieces
    • Travel friendly
Follow-up commentary
The only reason I even remotely liked this is because it has great games, when I am on cam working with another female. Other then that is sucks if you wanna turn up the heat in the bedroom.
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