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Let's get it on....

A personal wipe for your personal bits after you are done getting it on. They are high quality wipes, but be warned, if you are sensitive to chemical scents, these are something you might want to pass on.
thick, sturdy, long lasting, fun scent
"fake" tropical smell (but is that really a con?)
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I've been really tryin , baby
Tryin to hold back these feelings for so long
And if you feel, like I feel baby
Come on, oh come on,

Let's get it on...

And now that I have Marvin Gaye stuck in your head, shall we get it on?

Cum Kleen are your more higher end personal wipes on the market. They cost you about one dollar per wipe compared to our Eden Wipes which cost us half a dollar. Now, let me try for a comparison... if EF wipes are your average no-name paper towel, Cum Kleen would be your Bounty.

They are thick. And we are not just talking about Bounty thick here, we are talking like your 4ply with lotion style thick Kleenx verses your 1ply thick tissues.

A Cum Kleen personal wipe comes to you in a vibrant orange package with a squirting penis smack dead in the centre of the package. Not to mention the product name, "CUM KLEEN" right there in big bold black letters. So when it comes to leaving these out in the open, or disposing of the used package... be careful or you are going to have people wondering why you have a squirting cock in your rubbish bin.

But then again, do what I do. Toss it in your neighbours trash.

I am so evil.

I know.

And I am ok with it.

To dispose of the wipe itself, do not flush down the toilet, toss in the trash bin (personal experience here... shall we say clogged pipes?)

The scent is supposed to be mango, but to me it reminds me of some sort of tropical tanning solution. Now let me just say... I so love the smell. It brings back tons of memories of tropical beaches and the oceans... and just a lovely scent. It is artificial smelling, just like all the tropical tanning lotions- but hey. If you cannot make it to the beach? Bring the beach to you in whatever form you can!!!

Ingredients: water, vitamin E, aloe vera, body safe preservatives and fragrance.

Ummm... I am still wondering what "body safe preservatives" they use.

Because this is a review, and I want this to be as in-depth as possible, I need to explain what you use these for. Well, you know when you masturbate or play a part in a sexual activity there is lube, bodily fluids and from time to time other liquids all over your fun bits? Some people use tissues, some people use a towel, some use Eden Wipes and some people cannot decide between a shower or just letting the liquids dry? These are "personal" wipes that you use to clean yourself up to feel somewhat clean after getting it on. Not to mention, they'll leave your snatch smelling like a tropical paradise.

Whenever I have used a baby wipe to clean up, I have always found that they leave an almost soapy residue that leaves me feeling more unclean. These I find are not as "wet" feeling as baby wipes, they get the job done without that wet, soapy residue feeling.

Each wipe measures approximately 8x8 inches, and is only good for one use.
I have used these wipes to clean up my toys, but I am not saying that these replace good old fashioned soap and water. You still need to clean your toys with soap and water. But they are good to just do a quick job before rolling over and going to sleep and cleaning them in the morning!

I find these wipes to be so very expensive, but I do feel they were worth the cost. If they were still in stock here at EF, I probably wouldn't pick up any more. Instead, I would pick up more Eden Wipes as you get more in each package. I also prefer how clean I feel using Eden Wipes. There is less scent left behind when using EF Wipes.

When I go camping, I do like bring personal wipes with me to get a somewhat more clean feeling than just tissue paper alone. However; these wipes with the scent, do attract mosquitoes. So be warned. Mosquito bites on your "junk" is just not pretty.

Overall, I am going to be giving these wipes a two star rating. The reasoning; price is high. And the packaging. That is a lot of packaging for one wipe. I feel they could have made the packaging a little smaller.
Follow-up commentary
I still like these wipes, but I still prefer Eden Wipes. I look forward to my Eden Wipes in my parcels from EF!!! These were great while they were in stock if you needed to increase your order by a buck or two.
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  • FieryRed
    Your reviews are always so much fun to read! Geez, is this the tackiest product name and packaging ever, or what?? Maybe I'm just getting old?
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    Very funny review!
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    Thanks for sharing!
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