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The scent set the mood for the night, but the flavor was almost entirely lacking in the candle. Additionally, the wax was rather cool, so it may not be suitable for those who are advanced in candle wax play, but it is a good introduction for beginners who can’t take the heat. When burned, it transforms into wonderful massage oil that leaves skin feeling refreshed, without the clump of traditional wax or grease of other oils. It certainly lit up my night.
Great smell, discrete, great moisturizer for skin, attractive, edible, good massage oil.
Spoon is useless, very little flavor, does not retain heat well.
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For our anniversary, my partner and I decided we wanted to add a little fire to our love life - literally. He has always liked candle and wax play, but I wasn't so sure I could take the heat. However, we both love sensual massages, so I thought this delightful candle could be a wonderful compromise. I was initially attracted to it because it supposedly tasted amazing, burns at a lower temperature than normal candles, and when melted turns into massage oil.

However, it was not quite what I expected. Upon opening the tin, it looked like a giant tub of lip gloss. In fact, I used my finger to apply some to my lips and that is exactly what it tasted like - cheap strawberry-scented lip gloss (key word "scented"). The flavor, which was one of the main reasons I ordered it, left much to be desired. However, this was just the beginning and I could not rule it out without burning it.

The candle burned quickly and smoothly, as expected from a soy-based candle of this type. It also filled the room rather quickly with a delightful sweet smell that was reminiscent of strawberries and cotton candy, which helped set the mood. However, the tiny spoon that comes with it barely held any of the oil. We had to go fetch a regular spoon from the kitchen, since pouring it from the little tin made a mess.

When we finally began to play, the oil was only mildly warm, which felt rather pleasant to me, but left my partner desiring more heat. In the end, we used a regular candle for him, since he claimed he could "barely feel it" otherwise. Regardless of temperature, the oil served as good massage oil because it moisturized the skin without immediately absorbing into it, and allowed enough lubrication for hands to gently glide over the skin and muscles for a relaxing sensual massage. While the oil lacked flavor, I had no qualms about licking or biting my partner’s skin after its application, since there was no foul taste or strange chemicals I would fear ingesting. Additionally, our skin felt extremely soft and supple after one use. As the wax/oil cooled (rather quickly), it did not clump like regular candle wax, so it was easy to clean it off skin and body hair - if it had not already absorbed into the skin.

Finally, the candle came in an attractive little tin that keeps dust and other particles from sticking to the wax, which keeps it more sanitary. The picture on the tin is suggestive, but does not scream SEX so I had no qualms leaving it out in plain sight in the bedroom, for future uses.

Overall, the experience was a positive one. While this candle may not be suitable for those who are advanced in candle wax play, it is a good introduction for beginners (such as myself) who can’t take the heat or those who just want to add a little spark to a sensual experience.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I have a massage candle by the same company, I believe. It's not edible, though. It's a shame it doesn't taste any better but at least it doesn't really taste bad.
  • Dark Muse
    Hey, at least it smells amazing though! It doesn't taste bad, but it just doesn't really have much of a taste. At least I feel ok licking my partner's body after using. I think that's the important part.
  • VelvetBound
    mmmm strawberries and cotton candy! If only it taste that good as well!

    If you do not wipe off the access oil, does it leave a oily film behind or would you say it's just more like a lotion?
  • Airen Wolf
    Does it wash off cleanly or leave a film? Could you perhaps use it as a massage oil and then leave it on the skin or might that be too messy?
    Sounds nice even if the taste isn't spectacular! Thanks for the review
  • Dark Muse
    To answer both Lovers Love and Airen, it only leaves a film if you don't rub it all the way in to the skin (e.g. if you just pour it on the skin, it will cool into a slightly waxy clump). Just like lotion, you want to rub this in. If you use it like a massage oil while it is still warm and liquid-y, then it absorbs into the skin like a traditional massage oil or lotion and feels great for the skin. It also washes off pretty easily. You'll just need a little soap. For a wax, it's pretty clean as long as you rub it in. Think of it kind of like chap stick--it's a bit waxy if you put too much on, but it rubs into the skin to soften it very well.
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    Nice review!
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    Thanks for the review!
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