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Like a Candy Coated Rubdown

Oil of Love is a sweet, candy like massage oil that enhances erotic and sensual massage by making it tasty. Kissing, licking and blowing on the skin is pleasant, almost a compulsion once you're tempted by the sweet taste and lack of bitter or foul aftertaste. While it's not a true oil and, as such, less long lasting, a dime or nickel sized dollop gives a good ten minute massage. And you can always add more!
Sweet, tasty, fairly long lasting, very kissable, smells good, pretty packaging.
Not truly raspberry in taste, a bit sticky, glycerin can be a problem for some.
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Kama Sutra oil of love is a non oil oil. What that means is it's not truly oil based, not an actual "oil". Instead, it's glycerin based, like many lubes. Glycerin is a sweet tasting liquid that has properties that moisturize the skin. It's also an ingredient many have a bad reaction to when it's used in the vaginal area.

As a massage oil, however, it's less of a problem. It's slick, it's supposed to draw moisture to the skin, it reduces friction between hands and skin and is super easy to add flavoring and other ingredients to.

Unfortunately, though glycerin based products are absorbed into the skin quite well, the additions of other sugars and flavorings in these massage and flavored lube products also make them a bit sticky.

Oil of love is an excellent product if you want to perform a sensual massage that includes a lot of kissing and licking. It lasts long enough to get a decent rub down and doesn't leave you feeling "oily" but it does leave you a bit sticky. It has slight warming properties that are enhanced by a whisper light breath across the skin.

Because it has added sucrose (table sugar) care should definitely be used if it's applied near the vaginal area. Glycerin is touchy enough for most people, extra sugar just gives yeast a better breeding ground and almost guarantees some issues if you don't clean it up quickly. Definitely refrain from using it as a lube.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Oil of love is a thin, syrupy liquid that looks like it's going to be instantly sticky but is, instead, slick and kind of glistening on the skin. It doesn't feel like an oil but neither does it feel like a syrup. It's a cross between the two in that it smells and tastes like sweet candy syrup but spreads and coats like an oil. It's slightly sticky as it dries but provides a nice, reduced friction glide as you rub it in. What it does not do is feel greasy - a definite plus for those who dislike the heavy, coated feel of oils.

Because it's thin it does pour out of the bottle quite rapidly. I've found it works best to lightly tip the bottle to spill some into my cupped hand, rub my hands together to warm it, then apply to the back or body part I'm intending to massage. Pouring it directly onto the body tends to leave it running and dripping a bit.

Taste / Aroma

The best part of Kama Sutra's Oil of Love is it's taste. I got the raspberry kiss and, while it doesn't exactly taste like raspberries, it does taste really, really good. I'm going to be totally up front and admit that the main reason I bought it was because Adriana reviewed it on her blog and mentioned that it tastes a lot like cotton candy. I have a cotton candy weakness. And she was right. It smells very much like raspberries, to the point that it's almost got a vine-like smell to it. But it tastes like pure, sugary cotton candy. No real flavor that you can pinpoint, just a general candy like sweetness.

This oil has absolutely no after taste and no hint of that "diet" flavor many sugar free oils and lubes have. (Probably because it's not sugar free. Avoid it if you're diabetic!) For me, that true, sugary taste is worth it as it makes licking and kissing skin covered with this oil a pleasure.


Oil of Love performs about like any glycerin based massage oil. It reduces friction for about ten minutes before you need to add a bit more and it dries slightly tacky, slightly sticky. It is mostly absorbed by the skin other than that lingering stickiness. A damp, warm washcloth will generally take care of it but some may feel they need a shower to be totally clean.

It's not the best massage oil I've ever used. It's not going to give you professional level massages. But it absolutely makes sensual, fun, erotic foreplay a blast. I barely notice the warming sensation (compared to many warming lubes and body rubs) but the taste alone makes it exceptional. Who needs warming when your hands can do that with friction and the product tastes so good you're compelled to lick and lap and kiss your way around someone's body?


Oil of love comes in a gold and black cardboard "tin" with a sort of India inspired motif. Inside the tin is a glass bottle, stoppered with a real cork. The cork is wrapped in plastic when you first get it to prevent spillage during shipping.

Once you've opened the plastic the cork pops out easily with a small tug to reveal an eraser sized opening to spill the oil out. When you're finished, the cork goes back in and stoppers the bottle fairly well. I've yet to have any problems with it spilling and leaking -- though I did save the outer tin and generally keep the bottle in there simply because it's pretty.
Follow-up commentary
I still really love this product but wanted to note that I do find myself using it as more of an oral sex lube, something to inspire kissing and licking and teasing, than as a massage oil. Because it's glycerin based it doesn't give the greatest friction on hairy body parts so, as much as I'd love to rub my partner down entirely with this and lick him head to toe, he's less than fond of the sensation. He says it "pulls" on his hair unless I use a lot and then it feels sticky.

I don't notice that as much, having much less hair, but somehow it seems to be him getting the rubbies more often than me...


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  • ......
    I have this and I really have issues with the stickiness, but I have the mint one. I wonder if the raspberry is less sticky? Because I have a major cotton candy weakness too.

    Great review!
  • Carrie Ann
    I dunno. I have so many glycerin based oils and lubes and potions, it could be that I"m used to the stickiness or that I'm bothered by it less, too.

    Or it could be different ingredients in the different flavors.

    I shall have to try another one and see. Lol!
  • oliverHyde
    Great review!!!
    I also couldn't handle the stickiness, so I use less like a massage oil and more as a tease tool. It's fun to lick off in tiny dollops.Big smile

    Rubbing it on the skin like massage oil felt kind of like rubbing in syrup to me, and it made the sheets gross afterward.
  • ? Amanda ?
    Great review, I love your writing, you are always so right on the point, and have great opinion that I like. Great job!
  • Carrie Ann
    Thanks, guys. Smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Thanks for the shoutout!
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for sharing!
  • Michele
    Great review! Thank you for sharing.
  • MissCandyland
    Very informative review! Thank you!
  • crazycouple7281
    Thanks for the review!
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    thanks for the review!
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  • purpleflower1972
    Great review
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