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Not So Wonderful

The Wonderland potion is small bottled energy drink that gives the user a boost of energy through vitamins B6 and B12. It's made up entirely of vitamins and amino acids, so it does not contain any added sugars or caffeine. The flavor is a yummy fruit flavor that leaves no bad aftertaste. The bottle is small enough to drink as a shot or the liquid can be mixed into another drink. Users should be able to expect results within an hour or two.
good flavor, easy to drink, works fast, caffeine free
no different from other energy drinks, bad experience
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The Wonderland potion is intended to be drank prior to sexual activity to increase the user's sexual energy. According to Doc Johnson, the bottle contains libido-enhancing amino acids for enhanced pleasure. While no directions are given as to when to drink the bottle, it seems to take effect within an hour or so of drinking.

The potion can be drank out of the bottle as is or mixed into another beverage. The drink itself has a pleasant fruity flavor with no bad aftertaste.

Since the Wonderland potion relies on vitamins B6 and B12, it does not contain caffeine or sugar. For that reason, I think anyone should be able to drink it unless specified by a doctor to avoid these vitamins. Since the product does contain Niacin, which is also a vitamin, users may experience a Niacin flush, which is temporary reddening of the skin as the Niacin enters your system. This is not harmful and doesn't last for more than 15 minutes or so. Most people experience this on their face, so it's not much different from blushing.

This product is intended to give the user a boost of energy similar to that of 5 Hour Energy drinks. I would not recommend drinking this before bedtime as it may keep you awake. Aside from this, I don't think there are any other product concerns.
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Wonderland potion has the same consistency as water or fruit flavored drinks. It's very easy to shake up in the bottle and pour out. If you were to spill it on skin, it would become a little sticky since it has sugar in it. Some energy drinks tend to have little bits sitting in the bottom, like pieces of fruit or seeds, that I don't particularly enjoy swallowing. This potion is just liquid; there are no little bits in it.

While the potion can be drank as is, you can also mix it with water or juice if you don't care for the taste of it.

The potion is a clear but dark red in color. It's very similar to most fruit punch drinks found in the grocery store. While I haven't spilled any of it, it may stain clothing or bedding, especially if it is white.

Unlike energy drinks like Monster, the Wonderland potion is not caffeinated or carbonated. If you've ever tried products similar to 5 Hour Energy, this is a very similar product.

Taste / Aroma

Doc Johnson describes the flavor of the potion as fruit punch. I think it tastes more like most mixed berry energy drinks. The taste is sweet with just a small amount of sourness to it. It's also very sweet and fruity smelling. The flavoring and aroma are pretty natural. They're both similar to regular juice and don't make me think of artificial fruit flavoring.


The Wonderland potion doesn't really have much information on how long it is supposed to last. Going to Doc Johnson's web site, I found absolutely no useful information on it. Since the product depends on vitamins B6 and B12 to give you energy, your results will be similar to those you'd get with products like 5 Hour Energy.

You're supposed to drink the entire bottle at once, like a shot. Alternatively, you could mix it in with regular juice or water and sip it.

Once you've drank the entire bottle, you will have to wait a little while for it to take effect. The wait time depends on how long it takes for your body to process the liquid and begin absorbing it. For me, the waiting period was about 30 minutes.


The potion comes in a white plastic 2 ounce bottle with a shrink-wrapped label on it. The label shows little wonderland-like things such as mushrooms and little floral designs. The front says this is a sexual energy drink and is used as a "dietary supplement". The back says it contains Guarana to stimulate energy and endurance. It also contains "scientifically formulated libido-enhancing amino acids". It instructs you to drink one bottle per day to experience orgasmic play. Beneath this bit of information is the ingredients list, production information, and a link to go to for nutritional facts. On the bottom of the bottle, the expiration date is printed.


Purified Water, Malic and Tartaric Acid, Natural Flavors, Potassium Citrate, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate (Preservatives), Red 40, Blue 1.

This product does include sugar as a sweetener, so those who are monitoring their daily sugar intake may want to skip this product. Other than that, the ingredients list has nothing in it that raises any concern for me.

As I stated above, the nutrition facts are not included on the bottle. When I went to the link listed on the bottle (link) the link was not valid. Contacting Doc Johnson, however, a representative sent me a copy of the supplement facts.

The bottle has a safety seal underneath the cap that must be removed before consumption. If you receive a bottle without a safety seal, discard it immediately.

I would not consider the bottle to be discreet since it refers to the product as a sex enhancer. If you were to remove the shrink-wrapped plastic label prior to consumption, it would be discreet since the bottle itself is just plain white.

The bottle is good for storage if you decide to only drink half of it at a time. The cap screws on tightly so that it doesn't leak all over the place. As with other energy drinks, I wouldn't hold onto this for more than 24 hours and I would make sure it is refrigerated prior to consuming the remaining portion.

Personal comments

Despite how this product is supposed to give you sexual energy, I found it to be no different from a regular energy drink. At the time being I cannot comment on the price of this versus regular energy drinks since the price displayed on the product page is messed up. However, energy drinks tend to run from $1 to $5 each, depending on brand and bottle size. If this sold for any more than $5, it would be terribly overpriced.


Since this product is described as a sexual energy drink, I decided I'd drink it prior to sexy time with my fiance. I took it about 45 minutes before when I thought things would start to get intimate. Within half an hour of taking the potion, I started to feel something.

The bottle and Doc Johnson don't exactly describe what is supposed to happen to those who drink the potion. Like, it doesn't say "increases blood flow" or anything like that. It just says it increases sexual energy. So really, there's nothing to expect as typical results.

Anyway, after drinking the potion and waiting, I started feeling the same horrid effects I feel after drinking a 5 Hour Energy drink. My stomach became very unsettled, I got kind of shaky, and I started getting really bad heartburn. I felt no boost to my energy and actually felt more like just going to bed because I felt physically ill.

As with 5 Hour Energy drinks, I ended up feeling ill for quite a long time. I took it about 9 hours before I went to bed, however the heartburn and stomach pains I felt kept me up so that I didn't even get half an hour of sleep. I ended up calling in to work because of it. When I tried some antacids, they did nothing for the heartburn.

I would say if you decide to drink this, expect the same exact results you normally get from other energy drinks. My experience is just that, my experience alone, and your results may differ widely.

Personally, I feel more "sexual energy" following a good, heart-pumping workout and a shower with my fiance. Working out with a partner releases pheromones and lots of feel-good vibes about both yourself and your partner. If you try this potion and get the same kind of results as I get, I strongly recommend trying a quick workout prior to having sex.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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