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Your Tasti-ness is Quite A Giveaway, My Friend Wonderland Potion!

This was probably the most disappointing energy product I have ever tried. If you're looking to buy this for the fun label on the bottle, you won't be as disappointed, but if you had any hopes of energy or an increase in libido, shy away, my friend. Stick to your cup of joe or a real energy drink. Or even better, spring for Shunga's Herbal Energy Supplement! It's our favorite because it does work & has awesome ingredients.
Tastes just lovely.
Cute label.
Ingredients don't actually contain Vitamin B6, B12 or Guarana.
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The Wonderland Potion is a mini "energy and libido-enhancing" drink. The purpose of the drink is to cause arousal and give you energy. I'll just tell you right now, from the start of this review that it won't do either & that there isn't a single ingredient in the bottle that's known to give energy or enhance libido, as it claims to have. None of the ingredients do anything for your libido or energy levels. Unless you consider the Tartaric acid is used in large doses on regular basis by some people to help health problems and to try and reduce fatigue to be energy-enhancing. If a Coke doesn't give you energy, this will give you even less. The bottle is neat & the idea was awesome, but in the end, you're better off spending $4 on a bottle of Mio Energy or if you like Red Bull, or hell, just have some coffee. The use, in reality, would be nothing more than the fun of tasting it or because you think the bottle is neat.

There's a single serving per bottle.

Purified water, Malic & Tartaric acid, Natural flavors, Potassium Citrate, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate (preservatives), Red 40 and Blue 1.

This product claims to have Vitamin B6, B12 and Guarana, but you see not a single one of these are listed in the ingredients. None of the ingredients listed on the bottle are known to have any kind of energy or libido-enhancing properties. It just doesn't make sense to me that they would not list these ingredients, the most important thing about the product, the only reason people buy it, on the label if they are part of the contents. I've never known of any company to just not list the Guarana and Vitamins in a product for energy if they are, in fact, in the product. I mean, Doc Johnson does have "Sexual Energy" on the label as well as their webpages describe it as having those ingredients (Guarana, Vitamin B6 & B12), but those are not listed anywhere on the bottle's label.

Ingredients Details
Malic acid is a food additive. It can be naturally found in fruits & vegetables, especially apples. Malic acid is said to have quite a bit of health benefits. It's also said to be helpful for chronic fatigue syndrome, which may be why it's used in this potion as well -- so it can be called an "energy" product.
It's gives a sour taste, which can partly explain why the Wonderland Potion (and most energy drinks) have a tart/sour taste.

Tartaric acid Found in citrus, fizzy drinks and vinegar. It occurs naturally in plants & fruits like bananas. Used as an anti-inflammatory. It too is supposed to have an array of health benefits. It's often used to help a product have a more palatable taste.

Natural Flavors Could literally be anything & since nothing is listed such as where the natural flavors came from, we are left clueless. Insects, aspartame and other strange things are among the things that can be labeled "natural flavors," so there's a wide variety of things this could include.

The definition of natural flavor under the Code of Federal Regulations is: “the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional” (21CFR101.22).

Potassium Citrate A Citrate salt of potassium. A compound composed of potassium, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms. Potassium Citrate is a components of electrolytes. Used to help balance the pH level in drinks that are very acidic. It, as well as Malic Acid (listed above) are said to be useful for kidney stones.

Sucralose A no-calorie sweetener. Sometimes called "Splenda." Made from either table sugar or sucralose & is 600 times sweeter than sugar, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation. Also according to the International Food Information Council Foundation, Sucralose is a very safe sweetener. . More than 100 safety studies, representing over 20 years of research, have shown sucralose to be safe.

Potassium Sorbate A preservative, inhibits mold & yeast. Potassium sorbate is a skin, eye and respiratory irritant.

Sodium Benzoate A preservative. According to Natural News, a study "conducted by an expert in molecular biology and biotechnology" showed that the preservative Sodium Benzoate was linked to cell damage and an increased production of free radicals. Sodium benzoate in combination with vitamin C causes the potent carcinogen benzene.

Red 40 An artificial coloring/dye or natural color (which comes from bugs) that's red, of course. FDA says Red 40 is safe & that there isn't enough evidence of ill-effects from it to ban it. However, others claim that Red 40 has serious effects on them or their kids. It's not uncommon for the consumption of dyes like Red 40 to cause hyper activity, irritability, attention disorders, etc. in children. The Center for Science in the Public Interest says that studies have shown that Red 40 can damage DNA in mice. Others make claims about this as being inconclusive for different reasons. According to Columbia University Medical Center, compounds in Red 40 have been linked to cancer.

Since there are natural alternative to coloring a drink product (or not coloring it at all), Red 40 is not a necessary ingredient to add.

Blue 1 Also called "Brilliant Blue." Blue 1 is also a dye which was once derived from coal tar, but now it's often made from some type of an oil base. Toxicology studies have showed that Blue 1 (and 2, for that matter) are relatively safe, but the Center for Science in the Public Interest as well as others claim that artificial dyes could be linked to problems like hyperactivity, attention disorders, etc.
Some moderate-asthma sufferers are at risk of Blue 1 inducing allergic reactions.

Made & packaged in USA

    • Gag gift

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Here I poured some of the red Wonder Potion in the lid to show the color of the liquid. It has the same consistency as water or Kool-Aid & it tastes similar to Kool-Aid as well.

The deep red color will stain clothing.

The mini bottle is meant to be one "dose," meaning you drink it all in one serving, but if by some chance you don't want it all, the bottle has a lid to re-screw back on.

Taste / Aroma

The first thing I did was smell of the liquid & it smelled great, which told me that it isn't similar to any energy drink I've ever had. In an energy drink that's actually an energy drink or actually contains ingredients known to give one energy, you often notice a potent odor, which is caused by ingredients such as Guarana. If you've ever tasted an energy drink (most of them do contain Guarana), then you'll know that funky taste Guarana has. It's also in some herbal drinks as well. It's very noticeable to the nose & tongue.

When I drink an energy drink (a real one) it makes me scrunch my nose because of the funky, usually strong taste of the ingredients. Energy drinks usually don't taste super delicious, but this one certainly tasted good. It tastes like cherry Kool-Aid. It's a bit tart, has that artificial cherry flavor. Just think cherry Kool-Aid.

The flavor is actually labeled fruit punch. I guess it somewhat tastes fruit punchy, but I notice far more of a tart cherry flavor. I even mentioned to my partner that the taste reminded me of that cherry flavored liquid Tylenol stuff I used to drink as a kid when I had a stomach ache -- the stuff always made me throw up, but it's just the cherry flavor that resembles the Tylenol, not the ickiness of it.

I can easily drink the entire bottle in one sitting. I've never been able to do that with another energy drink. If you just happened to want a fun mini cherry flavored drink, then you'll probably like the flavor. I doubt anybody will have trouble with the taste being unbearable.

This can be drank at room temperature. It does not require refrigeration. I drank one cool just for fun and one at bit warmer than room temperature since it was on a hot day and in the car. I didn't find one to taste that much better than the other, although when cooled, it did seem the tiniest bit thicker and perhaps it's just my over-thinking it, but a bit more tart as well. Both cool and warm were just as tasty.
    • Smells good


I got four of these, thinking they would be great since the product page claims that it contains Guarana and Vitamin B6 and B12. Had I known the product page was way off, I wouldn't have purchased any of it. But I did and was excited to try them. I had two and my partner had two -- We only drank one a day, though.

When we we're drinking these, we didn't know that they didn't contain anything special -- for energy or libido enhancement. We didn't know that the ingredients didn't contain these things until after finishing the first ones & a while later, I looked at the ingredients label. That's when I realized 'well no wonder neither of us noticed any added energy.' We've both tried the Shunga Herbal supplements (the men's and women's versions) multiple times. If I recall correctly, I've tried the Shunga Herbal supplement drink for women twice and the Shunga Herbal supplement drink for men a total of 6 times. I get them all the time for me and my partner. We're both very, very fond of them and they provide energy for both of us. We've also tried various others on the market, but none have ever really caused us a noticeable increase in libido or anything, so I did not expect the Doc Johnson Wonderland Potion to do increase our libidos anyways.

The product didn't last because the product never began performing!

I enjoyed looking at the cute bottles for a few days, until I threw the empty things away. I enjoyed the taste well enough, but not enough that the nice taste and cute label on the bottle makes this $4 mini drink worth anything.

The bottle is 2 fl oz./60 mL. About the same, if not the exact same amount of liquid as a 5 Hour Energy Shot.


This comes packaged in nothing. The bottle is just a little loner in there in the shipping box. Not that it matters. There are user instructions on the label. It has the typical tamper evident or safety seal over the bottle & the label is perforated around the lid -- just like a 5 Hour Energy Shot. If you've ever seen one of those, it's identical to this only the labels are different. Oh, and the 5 Hour Energy actually has the ingredients that give people... you know, energy!

The best part about this product is the cute label wrapped on the little bottle. Since I've called it cute so many times, it's probably about time I describe it, huh? It's white with little mysterious, eye-catching mushrooms all over it. It resembles an Alice in Wonderland theme, which was obviously intended & the label is clearly how they planned to make sells, that and the whole "contains Vitamin B's and Guarana" thing.

Contents On The Label

Front of Bottle:
"Wonderland Potion Sexual Energy. Dietary Supplement Energy Drink."

Back of Bottle:
Contains guarana to stimulate energy and endurance.
Specifically formulated libido-enhancing amino acids.
Drink one a day for orgasmic play.

Doc Johnson.com

For complete nutritional information, go to www.docjohnson.com/supplements.

"Designed by Doc Johnson in Los Angeles, California. All rights reserved. The shape, formula and appearance of the product inside this package
are a trademark & tradedress of Doc Johnson Enterprises. Copyright 2012. Distributed by Doc Johnson Johnson Enterprises. PO Box 9908, North
Hollywood, CA 91609-9908."

The ingredients are also listed on the back.

Clearly, this isn't as discreet as say, a 5 Hour Energy since it says (and it lies!) "Sexual Energy" on the very front. Unless you are okay with people seeing you drink this, then you may want to chug it in private or just put a sticker over the "Sexual" part. Better yet, just get yourself a good cup of coffee.

The small bottle means you can carry it in a pocket or purse if you wanted to save it for a special moment. As long as you haven't opened it, and torn off the label that covers the lid too, then it won't spill out. I carried one of my bottles (un-opened) in my purse for an entire day once before ending up drinking it in the drive-thru of Hardee's. No spillage. Once opened though, it could be too risky to put it anywhere besides sitting up right because of the red liquid possibly staining if there is any leakage.

Special Features

Absolutely none.

Doc Johnson describes the Wonderland Potion like this:
"Don’t let a lack of energy get you down! WonderLand Potion is here! Drink me to get energized! Containing B12 and B6 to stimulate the largest sexual organ, the brain, and Niacin too keep the mood flowing to erogenous zones, this Fruit punch flavored potion is a powerhouse!"

Personal comments

J. Allergy Clin. Immunol.; VOL 64 ISS Jul 1979, P32-37, (REF 25)
International Food Information Council Foundation, "Everything You Need to Know about sucralose."
The University of Oxford Department of Chemistry MSDS
Food Dyes -- A Rainbow of Risks.


As I've said, I got 4 of these freaking "Potions." I drank two, my partner had two, but we drank only one a day. I will most definitely not fall for this drink again. With the $ I spent on these, I could've bought an awesome Shunga Energy, which would've been 3 doses in one bottle, and actually gotten something out of it.

My partner is an energy drink enthusiast. He's who taught me that if it tastes good, you shouldn't expect it to "work." So that is why my first thought was that it tasted too good to give me any energy, and happened to be right. I was certain he didn't experience anything from the drink, either time he tried it either, but I did ask him just to be sure. He said he didn't feel any more awake or alert than he did before drinking it & as always, did not notice any change in arousal or libido, but remember, that's normal for us. None of the sexual "potions" ever do that for us, that we notice. However, there aren't any ingredients in this to cause that in even someone who does experience a change from most sexual "potions," so I can confidently say, do not expect any results.

I think it's very needless to say how disappointed I am about this. More disappointed that it made such blatantly false claims than I am about it not doing anything for us.
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  • AmethystQueen
    Wow! Excellent review Kendra! Thanks for breaking down all the ingredient info!
  • js250
    Awesome review! I was thinking of ordering this...but now am not too sure. I wonder, anti-inflammatory...hmm, might try one after all.
  • K101
    Thanks Amethyst Queen & Js250. I really, really appreciate you guys reading and your comments were so nice. Js250 -- I really don't recommend trying this one. I say go for the Shunga one! It's awesome -- one of the best I've had, but I seen it was discontinued today! That's terrible. It's a bit more pricey (I think about $9, but it used to go on sale all the time for $7) but so worth it. Especially since the bottle has 3 doses. Even the men's version amps me up! Lol. The men and women's aren't a whole lot different, so me and my partner just grab whichever. Lol. I hope they re-stock it because it is a great drink!
  • Beautiful-Disaster
    If it tastes like the cherry tylenol liquid I wouldn't wanna try it anyways. .. Well thanks for letting us know it doesn't do a thing and doesn't contain the ingredients it should. & again, great detailed review!
  • KrissyNovacaine
    Great review! I am tempted to try this for my fibromyalgia.
  • ImaGodiva
    I don't even like these products but your review kept me interested enough to finish reading it! Wonderful, thorough information.
  • Kitka
    What a bummer this didn't work out the way you wanted it to! Fantastic review on it regardless and thanks for the ingredients breakdown.
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Great review, thanks for sharing!
  • JADE76
    great review
  • Wicked Wahine
    What a scam! The absence of active ingredients sounds illegal with the label claims. I wonder what happened, but appreciate that you gave this product a fair shake in spite of it all. Thanks for the great review!
  • Wicked Wahine
    You mentioned th aback of the label said "For complete nutritional information, go to : [http://www.docjohnson.com/supplememnts]. So, I did and that's where you can get all the info they couldn't (or wouldn't bother trying to fit) on the label. Here's the link to the pdf of the nutritional label: [http://www.docjohnson.com/PDF/2012%20Wonderland%20Elixir%20081012.pdf]
    There, they have all the ingredients, including their "Proprietary Energy Blend" But, even knowing all that, you still have the experience from the two of you, each drinking 2 bottles and not getting any results! Hope you don't mind me sharing this info with you! It is a common practice for companies to dodge labeling laws this way! Though I see it most often on individual packets inside a multipack, say of candy, for example. The outside label will have the info, but all the individual packets will just say , "not labelled for individual retail sale" that way they don't have to put the info on them. Then the FDA allowed companies to just tell you where you can find the info yourself. So they often just list the inactive ingredients which is what happened here!
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