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Performs but doesn't Perfume

The Bianco Breeze for lighter hues is a hair and body powder that works exactly like it says it does. It leaves hair and skin fresh and oil and odor free. The only disappointment in this product is that it doesn't have much smell at all, but that could easily be seen as a plus since you could then use your favorite perfume/cologne over it. Overall, it's a great, multi-use product that would make a very nice gift.
Unassuming packaging
Multiple uses
Doesn't have a bad smell
Easy to use
Doesn't really have much of a smell at all
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The Bianco Breeze for lighter hues is designed to work as a body and hair powder. It can be sprinkled on the skin like baby powder or brushed into the roots of your hair like dry shampoo.

When used as a body powder it can help prevent chaffing and heat rash in trouble areas where the skin may rub against itself, preventing the dreaded "chub rub". Ouch! It leaves the skin soft so that it glides against itself fairly easily. I wouldn't recommend using this near the genitals, though the bikini area may be fine, because it is scented and may irritate or inflame sensitive skin. For the upper thighs and armpits it would probably be fine though.

When used as a dry shampoo it helps absorb excess oils and odors so you can extend the time between washes. It can help add volume to your hair if you brush it in near your scalp and fluff as you go.
    • Bridal gift

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This powder is fairly light and sprinkles easily. It feels similar to powdered sugar or maybe a bit lighter than flour. Compared to Avon's Haiku body and hair powder it felt about the same consistency, but compared to Cake's body and hair powder for lighter hues it definitely felt lighter, silkier, and absorbed faster.

After you remove the sticker from the top of the bottle, it pours easily and you may find yourself with more product than intended. A very gentle tap on the bottom of the bottle should get plenty coaxed out. Once rubbed into the skin or massaged into the scalp, it absorbs quickly and you'll soon forget you're wearing the product; except when your skin and hair don't get oily or greasy later. When first applied to the hair or skin, it's white and noticeable, but I haven't found it to last like that unless it wasn't rubbed in well.

As long as you don't let any moisture into the bottle it doesn't clump up easily. A gentle shake, with the lid closed, easily breaks up any possible clumps and allows the product to move freely again.
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The bottle and description on the product page describe this powder as having a 'floral scent'. Even with a quarter sized amount of powder in my hand I couldn't detect any smell (and I'm pregnant and have a BAD case of pregnancy super smell right now). It doesn't smell bad though. It just doesn't really have a strong smell and dissipates quickly after being rubbed into the skin or hair. It does help get rid of any odors on the hair or skin though and just kind of leaves with you 'no scent' or a slightly 'clean' smell. My partner and I have found the smell to be unisex enough that he uses it in his hair on occasion when he needs to skip shampooing.

This product is NOT intended to be ingested and is not edible. I would highly recommend against tasting it or trying to eat it.
    • No smell


I generally use this product as a dry shampoo and have found it to work really well compared to Cake's hair powder for lighter hues, Avon's Haiku hair and body powder and a Walmart generic dry shampoo in a vanilla and jasmine scent. It's helped me go up to three days in between shampoos and still keeps my hair looking fresh and oil and odor free.

While I'm a bit disappointed that the scent isn't more noticeable, the lack of a strong smell isn't bad because then I can go back and add a spritz of perfume to my hair later.

I did notice that if I styled my hair after using the product, it allowed me to keep that hairstyle for up to 48 hours, with sleeping and brushing. My hair is bad about not holding any styles at all so this was pretty awesome to me. It also added a decent amount of volume to my hair and retained it for about 35 hours before it started to drop.

When washing my hair after using this for three days, it came out easily with just a minimal amount of shampoo. When washing after using this as a body powder it came off with just water and didn't leave any residue that I could detect.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting


This product came packaged in a pink tin that has a black twist up (not off) cap. It was sealed with a white sticker on top. To use the product you just remove the sticker, twist the cap into the open setting, tap a bit where ever it's needed and then just twist the cap back into the closed setting. The tin looks like something out of a bath and body boutique and is fairly feminine. It doesn't look like something you'd find at an adult store.

Because of the unassuming packaging, I imagine this would make for a nice gift for any beauty product lovers. It's something I might consider gifting my 17 year old sister as a part of a bath gift set and something I'd definitely be comfortable gifting to my mother or grandmother.

Because the cap twists up to use and can be opened fairly easily, I'd consider storing this in a ziploc baggy when travelling. If packed upright and not in a position where it could be jostled too much, then it would probably be fine. I have a purse with pocket organizers in it so I could see myself travelling with this upright in one of those pockets and not having any issues with it spilling or leaking.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift
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