Monet rollerball eyeshadow set - eye shadow by Bella Il Fiore - review by VioletMoonstone

Monet rollerball eyeshadow set

Eye shadow by Bella Il Fiore

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Shimmery and sultry eyes, easy to use, gorgeous colors!

These eyeshadows are great! The colors are pigmented and extremely shimmery. The rollerball application makes it so easy and quick to apply that you don't even need brushes. I love that the eyeshadows have very smooth microglitter in them to give your eyes a little hint of sparkle. The packaging is really cute and perfect for gift giving! I think they're kind of expensive and small but a little goes a long way and the price is worth it to me. I'd recommend them.
Very shimmery, pigmented, pretty natural/romantic colors, microglitter, variety, easy to apply.
Expensive, sometimes eyeshadow can get a little messy when applying, fallout.
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These fabulous rollerball eyeshadows are unique in my huge collection of cosmetics. I'm pretty much a makeup junkie (I'm a nail polish junkie to but that's a different story...) and I collect all kinds of things to try out. These are the first rollerball eyeshadows I've ever tried and I'm really impressed with them. The rollerball makes it so quick and easy to apply! I still prefer to use my brushes to blend but if you're a "on the go" type of gal then these are perfect for you. All you need is a couple of eyeshadows, a mirror, and your fingertip to blend for a pretty shimmery look.

You get four different colors in the set. You can layer colors or make your own combinations of lid colors/crease colors for different looks. For this review I'll describe both sets because I purcased them both together at the same time and I thought it would be helpful to compare.

I'm highly recommend these for makeup junkies, those that like makeup but don't have a lot of time or makeup applying talent, teenagers, mom's, and just about any girl that likes makeup. The boxes are cute and compact so they're perfect for travel and gift giving. You can also split the colors up and keep the ones you want and give the others away in a small gift bag or stocking for the holidays. These are perfect little gifts! You can throw them in your purse for when you're on the go. They're small but don't let the small size fool you, these eyeshadows are intense!
    • Gift
    • Makeup
    • Stocking stuffer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I purchased both the Sun Kissed Collection (St. Tropez) and the Lumiere Collection (Monet) together. I'd describe the colors in both sets as shimmery, natural, romantic, and pigmented. The eyeshadows are extremely shimmery having an almost liquid-metallic type look. The texture is soft, blendable, silky, and powdery. They feel like very high quality shimmery minerals. I'll describe the colors in each set so you can decide which set to get. But then again, you could always get both like I did so you can mix and match!

Lumiere Collection (Monet)
~LUNA - Extremely shimmery white highlight. When used as a highlight it should be used extremely sparingly! It applies so smoothly on the skin and it's so shimmery it almost looks silvery. It reminds me of sparking fresh fallen snow. It contains rainbow microglitter that's extremely fine.
~PRETTY PINK - Wow, and this pink is gorgeous! It's not bubblegum pink and it's not cotton candy pink either, it's more of a very light, rosy mauve, romantic pink. It's definitely what I would consider a more natural shade of pink. This one also contains rainbow microglitter.
~HALO - A very shimmery light semi-sheer gold color. This one could be used for either a lid color or a highlight. It contains rainbow microglitter as well. When I compared it to other colors it almost looks like it has a tinge of pink in it. It's a unique color.
~LEFT BANK - This one is the darkest out of the set. It's an extremely shimmery cocoa brown color. It's not as dark as the stock photo would have you believe though. To me it kind of falls into a light/medium brown with rainbow microglitter.

All the colors in this set are extremely shimmery to the point where they almost look like molten metallics! The colors in the Lumiere Collection remind me of a neopolitan ice cream. Very cute and oh so "La Cafe!"

And now, on to the next!

Sun Kissed Collection (St. Tropez)
~Sunshine - This color is unique. I compared it to Halo in the other set and this one actually appears more like a light yellow/gold and it makes Halo look pink in comparison. It also contains rainbow microglitter. This shade can also be used as a highlight.
~BARDOT - This one appears similar to Sunshine in the tube but when applied they are completely different. This one leans more to a silvery/nude color. I don't know how to to describe it, it's so shimmery and the colors are so unique! This one contains rainbow microglitter as well. You could easily use this as a highlight.
~RIVIERA - Liquid gold! This shade is absolutely stunning and reminds me of fall and the holidays. It's a dark shade of almost bronzy dark gold but it's incredible. Contains rainbow microglitter.
~BRONZE - This is similar to Riviera but it's definitely a darker bronze. It reminds me of a dark copper penny with a hint of that reddish coppery hue. Gorgeous!

Riviera and Bronze are by far my favorites in this set. Sunshine kind of looks like a chalky light yellow color when compared to the other colors. If you want a really pigmented gold/bronzy "sunkissed" look definitely grab this set.

Out of both sets I can't say that I have a favorite. I plan on mixing colors from each set! Overall, if you want a pretty girly look go for the Monet, if you want a sultry bronzy exotic look go for the St. Tropez.
    • Silky
    • Smooth
    • Soft

Taste / Aroma

The eyeshadows have a typical light powder cosmetic scent. I wouldn't recommend tasting them or smelling them unless you want glitter up your nose!
    • Light smell
    • No taste
    • Not edible.


I highly recommend using these eyeshadows with an eyeshadow primer. Eyeshadow primer keeps your eyelids from getting oily and creates a smoothe base for your eyeshadow. I absolutely need primer because I have oily eyelids and if I didn't wear any then my eyeshadow would crease up within an hour. If you have an eyeshadow primer that's slightly tacky I think that would work best. I never wore them without a primer so I can't really say how well they hold up without it. With a primer they lasted for several hours before wearing off and creasing up on me. For the most part they lasted a long time and held up well to a long day. I did notice some fallout on my cheeks after a busy day though (sometimes I'll see a tiny sparkles on my cheek.) They're a little messy but if you're careful you won't have any issues. My mom uses these and she says it's easy and she loves them. She's not the type to deal with messy stuff either.

I start with the lid color and then use a darker color in the crease. Then I blend blend blend! I apply the highlight near the inner corner of my eye with a tiny brush by lightly touching the brush tip to the rollerball. The rollerball works well for larger areas but not if you want precision like the inner corners or to line the bottom lash line. I also highlight underneath my eyebrows. A little goes a LONG way. The eyeshadows blend together well and I love the shimmer! I'm really impressed by these eyeshadows.

I take it all off with makeup remover wipes. If there's some tiny sparkles left you'll have to wash your face to get it all off. For the most part the eyeshadows clean up easily.
    • Blendable
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


The eyeshadows come in a small box with a clear plastic window in the front. The box is cute and perfect for gift giving or can be used for storage if you decide to keep it. The rollerball eyeshadows are a little bit smaller than a typical chapstick. They look really small and might seem disappointing at fist but a little goes a long way so don't get discouraged by the size. The lids are gold plastic. The rollerball is also plastic. There's no seams or rough bits on the rollerball and it's really smooth so there's to tugging on your eyelid. It's really easy to use and apply.

The back of the box (same for each) says, "This trend setting eyeshadow uses a fun rollerball to evenly coat the eye with Bella's ultra rich color formulation. Simply roll it on, then blend with your fingertips. Add different shades for a fun layering effect. Simple and fabulous!"

These eyeshadows are small and perfect for travel. You can also keep the ones you want and give the others away as gifts. Did someone say stocking stuffers? ;)

Ingredients: Both boxes have the same ingredients. Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, red 40 lake, phenoyethanol, ethelhexylglycerin.

Made in Taiwan. Paraben free and not tested on animals.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I purchased two more sets for mom as gifts and she loves them! She told me the rollerball idea is genius. She just blends with her fingertip and her eyeshadow is done in no time. She told me that she wishes they would make more colors. I couldn't agree more! I'd love to see more color sets available in the future. Her favorite color is Pretty Pink from the Monet set.
Follow-up commentary
I still really like these eyeshadows but they have their time and place. They're so shimmery sometimes it makes me feel like I look like a disco ball. Lately my personal interests have been with more soft matte makeup looks. I enjoyed wearing the super shimmery gold/coppery colors on Thanksgiving and Christmas during the fall/winter season. Now that it's early spring I'm not that interested in these particular shades at the moment (maybe the pink one) but that may change in the summer. I also find these eyeshadows to be pretty messy because of the loose minerals. I tend to use pressed eyeshadows more often than minerals because it's easier to control. I'd much rather use brushes than just rely on the rollerball itself. If I decide to wear these eyeshadows I give myself plenty of time to play with them with my own brushes to get the look right. These aren't my go-to eyeshadows but I do enjoy them and would recommend them.

I purchased a set for my mom as a gift and she's crazy about them! She loves how easy it is to use the rollerball, the intensity of the color/shimmer, plus she doesn't have any sensitivities to these eyeshadows like she does with drugstore brands. It's a winner! I hope they come out with a different variety of colors. If they come out with more colors I'll definitely repurchase!
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