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Brown sugar scrub

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Smooth Skin is Now a Slice of Cake

Overall - do yourself a favor. Ignore the price tag and treat yourself to something amazing. Indulge in this product and you will realize that it was worth every penny. Who doesn't love a product made with the best ingredients available, lacking terrible ones like parabens, gluten, GMOs, etc.? It smells great, gives fantastic results, and leaves you feeling like you just left the spa. I am so glad I found this body scrub. It's my favorite!
Exfoliates well, High Quality, 21 oz., Smells AMAZING, A little goes a long way, Safe ingredients
A little pricey for some, Otherwise no complaints.
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Having smooth skin has never been easier! First off, let me ask you a few questions...

Do you LOVE Orange Dreamsicle pops?

Do you LOVE body scrubs?

Do you LOVE smooth skin?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, let me tell you now - this stuff is FOR YOU. It's probably about $10 overpriced, but I truly feel it was worth the money. So I guess you could say I'm on the edge about the price. But the product was so outstanding that I don't feel money is an issue anymore. I am totally hooked, 100%.

This product has several great uses. I found it to be particularly good for use before shaving. That is a common use for body scrubs, and that is how I was taught to use them as a little girl - as a shaving aid. But no scrub I have ever used has been this good. The thick organic sugar scrubs dead skin off without effort, making smooth skin a slice of cake!

It's also great for the common dry skin areas - feet, elbows, knees, and legs. I get really dry skin on my shoulders (no idea why) so I found this to come in handy for that as well. It moisturizes, and leaves a layer of moisture on your skin that cannot be penetrated for at least two hours. So there's honestly no need for lotion after usage. It's all you need!

Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the following:

Turbinado (a more organic sugar), Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil, Theo broma cacao (Cocoa) butter, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid, Fragrance (Parfum), BHT

I have VERY sensitive skin and noticed no allergic reaction whatsoever. When I'm allergic to something, I'll notice within the hour. It's been 24 and my skin looks better than it has in years. It actually has a glow to it!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

There is definitely texture to this product. Upon opening the jar, you'll see granules of sugar that are about 5x the size of your regular sugar granule. Why? Because it is turbinado sugar, which is a less processed and more organic sugar. Therefore, the granules are much larger and harder to dissolve. This makes it better for use in the shower or bath. With other scrubs I will find that it dissolves in the water, making it useless. But when my shower was done, the granules were still sitting on the floor of the tub!

I like to shake up the tub before using the product. Why? The oils, although they coat the granules, sinks to the bottom of the tub a bit. So be sure to shake up your tub a little bit or stir the sugar granules around before scooping. When you scoop about a teaspoon out (enough for one leg) you will feel like you're holding large chunks of sand, or extremely tiny pebbles. It's REALLY thick stuff. As you scrub it across your skin you don't feel any pain. It's powerful enough to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin, but not so harsh that you have cuts or skin irritation afterward. I recommend soaking your skin for about 3-5 minutes prior to using. You will get better results.

It is a little greasy, but it's easy to clean out of towels or clothes. It will soak into your clothes so only use this in the shower or bath when you are naked or wearing something you don't care about. I don't find this to be a flaw.

After use, you rinse. It's simple! You don't even need to use lotion because you will feel how smooth your skin is, and the layer of deep moisture left behind. It's absolutely amazing! You wont be able to get enough of this scrub!

Note: This scrub is NOT sticky like others I have tried. Not at all.
    • Greasy
    • Textured
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

The smell of this product is TO DIE FOR. I read on the Cake Beauty website that it has hints of creamy orange and vanilla. It smells just like an orange dreamsicle, which happens to be my favorite treat since I was just a toddler. If you've ever had one, you know what I'm talking about. If this isn't your style, check out the other scent called Desserted Island.

The scent is very, very strong - but not overpowering once you rinse it. It may bother people who have EXTREMELY sensitive preferences as far as aroma. But I assure you that once you rise it is tolerable for everyone. You are left with a pleasant scent that lasts about 3 hours and is not too strong or too weak.
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


Cake Beauty's Brown Sugar Scrub performed extremely well. I loved everything about it. I think the price could be lowered a bit, but after using it, I don't think I will argue. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. It removed my dead skin (I seriously wish I took a before and after photo... My skin looks so much healthier!) and gave me a much closer shave. My pores look smaller and cleaner. And gosh, my skin is just GLOWING. I am not exaggerating at all. This scrub is just the best available to you!

You do have to rinse off after use, but it leaves a layer of moisture that will last you all day long. You will be left with silky skin that is sexy and irresistibly touchable. I know that sounds like a commercial, but I tell you the truth! I used it all over my body before bed tonight and I feel like a whole new woman. My husband could not stop caressing my legs!

I highly recommend it for people who need to remove dead skin from elbows, feet, legs, or a tan that started peeling. Gets your skin off the right way without damaging your skin. It contains all the good oils (olive, sunflower, coconut) and is free of Gluten, GMOs, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Triclosan, and Parabens. What more can you really ask for in a product?


The product comes in an ultra-sturdy 21 oz. tub made of plastic. I expected it to be smaller, but this tub is HUGE. It is flexible enough that it wouldn't crack if you dropped it on the floor, but sturdy enough that it wouldn't melt in the sun or bend to the point that your product would leak all its oil out if it was left upside down. The cap twists on, and twists off. Underneath the cap is first a Styrofoam-type layer that you peel off, and then a layer that looks like plastic - but it is actually some sort of material that dissolves in water. Just peel it off and throw it in the sink or garbage. Whatever you prefer.

Since this company sells only beauty products, there is no sexual references you need to worry about on the packaging. Feel free to leave it anywhere you want. I prefer to hide mine... because it's ALL MINE! I don't want anyone to use it but ME! It isn't good for travel only due to the size. But if you can find a good package to store a small bit of it in you can take it anywhere you'd like.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

Gluten free


No Petrochemicals

No Phthalates

No Triclosan

Parabens free


I have had just a lovely experience with this product. I am so glad that I had the pleasure to review it and I will be purchasing more this week. I have a great feeling that it's going to sell out quickly! It does exactly what it is supposed to, and it is definitely a high quality product. The smell alone is enough to die for. If you grew up loving orange dreamsicle pops then you have probably already added this product to your cart due to the scent! My skin is brand new, and I am loving the way I feel. It's like my skin can breathe for the first time in years. I LOVE IT! Enough said!
Follow-up commentary
I am absolutely in love with this stuff to the point where I have it stocked up in my bathroom cabinets! It smells like heaven, leaves my skin feeling like heaven, and keeps it feeling that way long after use. It's worth the price and is probably at the top of my favorites list right now!
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