Organic body souffle - lotion by Intimate Organics - review by Backseat Boohoo

Sweet, but soapy.

A great moisturizer with a wonderful chocolaty scent, Intimate Organics' Body Souffle is an excellent body lotion...provided you keep your mouth away from it.
Smells amazing, not greasy or oily, does not cause rashes or breakouts.
Tastes like soap, takes a lot of product to moisturize your skin properly.
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I have an affinity for things that smell nice. Having grown up in a house where NOTHING was scented due to my father and brother's allergies, I've gained the amazing ability to smell things from a mile away, and I enjoy those that smell good and avoid those that are absolutely putrid. Luckily, this body lotion falls into the former category.

Eden Fantasys shipped my Intimate Organics Body Souffle wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap AND a layer of bubble wrap, then taped it up in a box. Yet as soon as I opened up the box, I could smell this lotion through all of that plastic! It has a very strong, sweet scent, similar to cocoa butter, but a little less artificial and with a tinge of berry scent mixed in. This makes sense, since the front of the tube lists "cocoa bean and goji berry" as its main ingredients.

The tube itself is translucent white and is decorated with a picture of a wet stomach--erotic, but not pornographic. While the bottle claims that this product is vegan and organic, I have a bit of a hard time believing that, since the ingredients list includes things like polysorbate 20 (a detergent) and alkyl acrylate crosspolymer (which I'm pretty sure is a derivative of rubber). To me, organic means "nothing that isn't natural." Still, none of the ingredients are dangerous or toxic, so perhaps I'm just being picky.

The actual lotion reminds me of cream eyeshadow. It's light brown with silver swirls mixed in, giving it a opalescent, frosted appearance. The lotion rubs on clear, however, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about shimmery lotion.

The lotion also has a relatively thin texture, similar to hair conditioner. Again, this can be a good or a bad thing: it helps the lotion soak into your skin easily, moisturizing beautifully without feeling greasy or slimy, but it doesn't spread very well, so you'll need a palm full to fully cover your legs and arms. Also, because this lotion is thinner, it won't penetrate into thick, callused skin; it did next to nothing for my feet, so I had to apply vitamin E cream on them after the fact.

Intimate Organics' Body Souffle does a great job of moisturizing your skin and leaving you smelling as fresh as a chocolate flower. Unfortunately, there's a major issue with this lotion. The back of the tube suggests using it to "prepare your skin for a night of romance." The taste of this lotion is anything BUT romantic, however, as it tastes just like soap. Yes, the back of the tube says you shouldn't ingest the lotion, but if you're anything like me, you do a lot of kissing and licking on your partner's skin while your having sex, and the taste of this lotion will DEFINITELY ruin that intimate experience.

Generally speaking, I like Intimate Organics' Body Souffle. It's not something I'd buy for myself, thanks to its thin texture and its nasty taste, but I highly recommend it to people who collect pretty-smelling things.
I was sniffing this lotion through the tube, safety seal still intact, for hours before I used it. It smells so good! It IS a really strong smell, however, and it gives me a headache if I put a lot of it on at once. I highly doubt the average person would be as effected by it, though; I'm ridiculously sensitive to smells.

3 of my family members agreed to be guinea pigs for this project. None of the 4 test subjects (myself included) experienced any sort of rash or skin irritation from this lotion.

Avoid using this lotion as a lubricant, as it contains ingredients like alcohol and glycerin and may cause infections.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Carrie Ann
    It sounds like a great smell and probably works fine for those with only slightly dry skin but I'm stumped on the "organic" bit, too.

    Marketing. Meh.

    I love your reviews and how you test on multiple people. Always fun to read and always well researched! Smile
  • Naughty Student
    I love coconut smelling stuff, it reminds me of the south! Nice review.
  • Sammi
    That's quite the ingredients list! Too bad it doesn't taste good, although I'm not surprised Smile

    Good review!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Carrie Ann: Yeah, I'm always really antsy about things labeled "organic." I know that a lot of times, they're just trying to draw in people who won't read the ingredients list.

    Naughty Student: This doesn't smell like coconut...? It smells like cocoa (chocolate) with a bit of berry mixed in.

    Sammi: Yeah, apparently, IO stuff in general smells great and works well, but tastes like rancid ass.
  • Mamastoys
    Nice review..I love good smells too...thanks for a great review (as usual)!
  • Liz2
    Loved your review! I think of the time I take to rinse completely after a shower so I will not have soap residue on my body for my partner to taste.
    Can't figure out a moisturizer with alcohol though?
  • Epiphora
    Keep your mouth away!! Or else!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    I have the IO Massage Balm in the Relaxing scent, which smells like coconut and lemongrass, and as I recall, that tastes a little "hmmm..." as well. I'm not sure how a product containing complex synthetic ingredients can be organic, either... Oh well. Great review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It actually smells like chocolate? Nice. A lot of chocolate scented things just smell like ass.
  • Rockin'
    Not sure if this definition applies here, but when I read "organic" on a package, to me it means that any plant/animal product in the product has been grown/raised organically (w/o pesticides/hormones/antibiotics/etc.). For this product, I'd expect the cocoa and goji berries to be organically cultivated. Technically/chemically speaking, anything with carbon in it is organic. And rubber is a natural product (from rubber trees). That we can now synthesize so many natural products kind of blurs the line between what's really natural and what's not.

    Aside from all that, this review was great and the product sounds fun.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review
  • levellc09
    Great review. I have to try this scent soon!
  • levellc09
    Great review. I have to try this scent soon!
  • Jenny Smith
    nice review
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