Treasure trove gift set - sensual kit by Kama Sutra - review by VioletMoonstone

This box of raspberry treasures will delight and excite!

I am very impressed with the Raspberry Treasure Trove collection! The box is gorgeous and all the products taste like sweet sun ripened raspberries. This is perfect for a romantic gift for couples looking for something sensual. I love it! This is a very nice set for the price. I'd highly recommend it. The only thing I dislike is the cork bottle. It's a little messy and you have to be careful with it. Overall, I am extremely happy with this purchase!
Gorgeous packaging, tastes delicious, High quality products, Romantic Gift
Slightly sticky, Oil of Love cork bottle is pretty but not very practical.
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The Raspberry Kiss Treasure Trove Box is a sensuous set for romantic couples. I call it a box because mine came inside of a box and not a tin. The collection of raspberry treasures includes the following:

A beautifuly decorated high quality gift box.
Raspberry Kiss Pleasure Balm (stimulating gel) 1.7 oz.
Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love 3.4 oz.
Raspberry Kiss Honey Dust 8 oz. (includes a feather tickler!)

This boxed set is best for couples and would be the ultimate romantic gift! Give your girl/guy a warming raspberry kiss massage with the Oil of Love or put a little Pleasure Balm on your lover's sensitive spots. Lightly dust and tickle your lover with the Honey Dust and feather tickler. You'll be in sexy raspberry bliss!
    • Bridal gift
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Raspberry Kiss Honey Dust - The dust is a fine powder that is light pink in color. When applied with the included feather, it glides onto the skin and feels silky smooth. If you lick a lot of it off of your partner it can leave a sticky feeling behind.

Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love - The oil of love is a thin oil used for external stimulation. It's a gorgeous deep hotpink raspberry color. You should be careful when pouring the bottle because a little goes a long way. When applied it tends to sit on the skin and only absorbs if you rub it in. It shows up as a light pink color to clear on the skin. It can get sticky so this will probably need to be washed or wiped off after use.

Raspberry Kiss Pleasure Balm - This stimulation gel is for external use only. The gel is a deep hotpink raspberry color similar to the oil of love. It's not too runny and not too thick. It's very smooth and easy to apply. It does get a little sticky so you'll have to wash or wipe it off when you're finished with it.

The more product you apply and lick/kiss off your partner the stickier you'll end up. The best way to use these products is to use sparingly and only use as much as you need. Everything washes off easily with soap and water or you can wipe it off with a wet wash cloth.
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Raspberry Honey Dust - The dust can be a little too chalky if you use too much. You only need a light dusting. It tastes the best out of everything! It tastes like yummy raspberry sugar powder. It smells really good too.

Raspberry Oil of Love - The oil tastes really delicious! It's a warming oil and it tastes like sweet raspberries ripening in the summer sun. I love the way it tastes! It does have a slightly bitter aftertaste but I really like it. I can't really smell a scent from it, it's very lightly scented. The taste is strong and pleasant.

Raspberry Kiss Pleasure Balm - The gel smells like a mix of raspberry and menthol. It warms when you massage it into the skin or blow on it. I actually like the smell of it but others might not. It tastes like raspberries but the menthol taste may be too strong or unpleasant for some. It makes your tongue and lips tingle a lot.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good
    • Strong taste


Once you lick the product off the taste is gone and you'll have to reapply more. The more you use the stickier you'll end up so afterwards it's best to at least wipe down with a wet wash cloth or take a shower. I love the gorgeous packaging! I also love the taste of all the products.

When I used everything with my boyfriend we had a lot of fun! It definitely enhances the mood and creates sexual tension. We both loved the taste of raspberries in all of the products. We don't use it daily but sometimes on weekends or when we feel the need to have some slow intimate time together.

All of the products are really easy to apply! You simply apply the oil and the balm with your fingertips and the honey dust with the feather tickler.
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water
    • Performance
    • Reapply often


The description says, "tin" but I got a box. It's a beautiful box too! It's very high quality and is made of thick cardboard. It has some shiny decals on the sides. The bottom has a sticker with ingredients and the back sticker lists the items. The box is hotpink, raspberry pink, blue, purple, and trimmed in gold. The designs are beautiful and the top graphic reminds me of a lotus flower. It's very Indian! The box opens by lifting the lid. The inside of the box is a greyish/purple color and holds a fancy little card with a beautiful description of the Raspberry Kiss flavor. Wow, this box is so pretty!

Inside the box with the items were shredded packaging papers that I threw away. The Oil of Love was wrapped in it's own plastic bag with a twisty tie. The Pleasure Balm was not wrapped and the Honey Dust was inside of a plastic bag with a twisty tie as well. The honey dust comes with a beautiful raspberry pink satin pouch with pull ties! The Oil of Love came in a pretty glass bottle with a cork. The Pleasure Balm comes in a squeeze tube.

The feather is very soft and has creamy/caramely colored feathers. It has a painted black wooden handle.

I honestly wouldn't travel with these items because they are too messy and shouldn't be carried around.
    • Leaky container
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

The Raspberry Kiss Pleasure Balm contains menthol and it warms up when you touch it or blow on it. It makes your tongue and lips tingly.

The Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love warms up when you blow on it or massage with it. It's less intense than the pleasure balm.
    • Increases sensitivity
    • Tingling
    • Warming

Personal comments

Raspberry Kiss Honey Dust - Corn starch, glucose, honey, raspberry seed oil, ect.
Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love - glycerin, sucrose, ect...
Raspberry Kiss Pleasure Balm - glycerin, sucrose, menthyl lactate, ect...

I did not have any allergic reactions to these products. If you are diabetic these products might not be the best choice for you because they all contain sugar. Everything is made to be used externally.

The oil of love bottle should be stored upright at all times to avoid leakage! The honey dust should be kept in the plastic bag and put inside of the satin pouch. I wouldn't pour the powder into the satin pouch because it probably makes a huge mess! I keep the plastic bag inside of the satin pouch with the ends sticking out and the strings pulled tighty.

These products probably expire in time because of their sugary content but I'm not sure about this. None of these products need to be refrigerated.


I use the honey dust the most often with my boyfriend. It's really easy to use and the feather tickler is a lot of fun. The oil of love is really good stuff but I find that the bottle is annoying. It's really easy to get the cork oily or pour too much out. It's also very easy to lose the cork so we always make sure to put it right back in the bottle. The oil is great for massages. We use it on my shoulders for massages, inner thighs, neck, breasts, ect. The pleasure balm is used on me for nipple stimulation. It works amazingly well for that! I really love how these products make us more intimate with eachother. Everything is great for foreplay! The sun ripened raspberry taste makes us both feel warm and comfortable.
    • Fun!
    • Romantic
    • Sensual
Follow-up commentary
I still love this set but the oil of love and the gel often get ignored because it's so messy. I love the bottle of the oil of love because it's pretty but using the cork bottle can be messy and annoying. I wish it would have been in a bottle with a click top cap or something more functional. If it was we would probably use it more often. I love the honey dust the most and I use it a lot! We usually use these products on special occasions or when we have lots of time to spare. It's a gorgeous set, tastes good, I still like it!
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