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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

Well made and bridging the gap between sturdiness and comfort, the Little Deeper Love Cushion is one of those great items that you buy and it does everything it promises. This is marketed as both a sex position aid and a Yoga cushion and although we don't do the latter, there's no reason to think it wouldn't work for that too. Overall it's a great, solid 5 star product and one that's well worth owning.
Sturdy; Well-made; Compact; Removable covers; Does everything it says
Name on attached label could give away the sexual uses for it - otherwise none!
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Do you ever look at items online and think to yourself "Well it looks nice, but would we use it?" It could be anything - a new coffee maker, dining table, Playstation, whatever. But what about those things you take a chance on then wonder how you ever lived without it? That's where we found ourselves with the Little Deeper Love Cushion.

Regular viewers will know that after years of trying to make normal bed pillows work, my wife and I bought the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Pillow that got a grand total of 0 minutes use. Then towards the end of 2012 we took delivery of Love Bumper's Iceberg pillow and were pretty happy with it. After all, all you really want a position pillow for is to make missionary & doggy-style sex (or the occasional easy-access solo session) even easier right?

Actually not really. I mean, yes a position pillow will get your hips and/or bum in a better place but Little Deeper (the company behind the Little Deeper - go figure) want you to know that there's more to a sex pillow than a slightly-elevated shag. For that reason, perhaps unusually, this particular cushion is aimed at several markets simultaneously. A little Googling shows that people are using this for anything from bedroom frolics to Yoga positions to helping to conceive.

Honey, can we skip the comfortable anal and just make babies?

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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

Despite the way this looked to us in the stock photos, the Little Deeper doesn't really have the long, sweeping curves of a European ski slope. That's not to say there aren't curves - there are and very nice they are too. Actually to borrow a description from the manufacturer's own website, the curves are best described as contours. Starting out at a relatively thick 7" at the thickest (deepest) point, there's a nice slope down to the 1" thickness at the other end. The overall measurements are given as 23" x 21" x 7", but at the risk of being picky, we found the widest point to measure 20.5". The other measurements were dead-on though.

One of the stand-out features of this cushion is the ergonomic shape that (again, quoting the manufacturer's website) "is designed not only for her, but for him as well." Now many position pillows will probably make similar claims but you can't help feeling that this one has the potential to deliver. Viewing this at the most basic level, the idea is that the woman/bottom lies down with her/his head lower than the hips and the man/top positions himself between their partner's legs. Notice that little cutout there? That's what that's for - clever, hey? More on that later though...

Cushion Material
Dear Mr Giant. Seriously? Yours, the Tooth Fairy

The cushion itself is made in the USA from high-density polyurethane foam, which is pretty much what goes into a lot of modern soft furniture. I've no idea whether this is actually the case or not but this feels more like memory foam, and despite being dense and extremely firm (the attached picture shows me trying to push down on it as hard as I could), it's very, very comfortable. The manufacturer states that this supports "hundreds of pounds in motion", and while we couldn't work out exactly what that means, our combined weight of 300lb (180lb for me and just shy of 120lb for the missus) made barely a dent while we were on top of each other.
Material Strength
You know when I said "Push harder"..?

The cushion cover is a very nice scarlet red affair. The label says it's made in Thailand and is polyester, feeling somewhat like a cross between velvet and suede to the touch. We found that it's not as much of a lint magnet as we expected, but does still like to have dust bunnies over to play, so a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth is usually all that's needed. The cover is fitted and closes with two zips along approximately 2/3 of the way down each side of the cushion allowing it to be removed for washing if needed.

A feature of the cushion that we were particularly pleased with was the fact that it comes with a fairly heavy-duty black nylon carrying case (also made in Thailand). Since our cushion was provided as an assignment, we were hoping to get the case too but weren't sure. The good news is that Little Deeper (who kindly offered to send us a case for free!) sell them individually and if you happen to acquire one of these cushions on its own, the case is highly recommended. Not only does it help to protect your cushion, it also makes it a little more discreet and easier to store. Plus the case has a handy carrying handle - perfect for those little weekends away, carrying it one-handed or even hanging it up when not in use.

Sex cushion? No, I'm a drummer. Honest, guv"
    • Ergonomic
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


Here's the fun bit! Having discovered what a position pillow can do for sex with the Iceberg, we were half expecting more of the same but with fewer edges. The Little Deeper is really so much more and we're thinking that it has now made our Iceberg redundant. Our primary need for a cushion/pillow was as an aid to make pegging easier, and we've found that the position this puts me in when on my back with my wife is doing the fucking is pretty much identical to the one it puts her in for regular missionary sex. And for us, missionary sex is where this cushion excels.

"What do you mean 'This one's just right!'? Have you been seeing that Goldilocks girl again?"

Despite the 7" depth of the cushion, it really puts you in a comfortable position. Not only are you not having to hold your own hips up but your body is being held in a position that allows for deeper penetration. We found that the cutout worked well but needed a little positioning to get the best out of it. Despite what you might think, the cutout does allow you to get closer, but not by bringing your legs nearer, rather it lets your whole crotch area get closer to your partner's, especially if he/she gets right up to the edge. We've found that we're in agreement with other reviewers and really have had very very good missionary sex using this.

Don't let the constant references to missionary or pegging fool you though. The only limit with this cushion is your own imagination. We've used it successfully for other positions, with Cowgirl and Doggy being other favourites. Some positions will obviously work better than others, and some just won't work at all. The basic rule of thumb is that anything that requires any sort of support is probably going to be better with this. In fact it's not even full sex that can benefit from using this cushion - it's a great way to raise your partner's crotch for some head-on oral action too.

"I'm so glad this is the one place you don't have fur!"

    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use

Care and Maintenance

There are essentially three parts to consider when it comes to care & maintenance. The foam cushion, the red cover and the black case. Care instructions on the attached labels give the following directions:

Red cover:
Close Zipper
Hand Wash, Mild Soap
Cold Water, Air Dry
No Bleach, Do Not Iron

Opened Case

Black carrying case:
Close Zipper
Hand Wash, Mild Soap
Cold Water, Air Dry
No Bleach, Do Not Iron

(yes, they're exactly the same care instructions as for the cushion cover. But at least I'm thorough!)

I actually haven't come across any info on the manufacturer's site regarding care of the foam cushion, although that doesn't mean it's not there. When it comes to caring for polyurethane foam cushions in general though, opinions seem to range from wiping down with a 1:2 ratio of white vinegar/water mix to 'grape-treading' it in a bath of warm water with a little detergent and allowing it to hang and air dry. Personally I wouldn't want to try the latter since I'd be worried about mould (mold) forming.

Having said that, I still consider this to be easy to clean and take care of since the chances of you needing to wash the cushion itself after the kind of use it's likely to see are minimal.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

After trying the Iceberg, we'd been kicking ourselves that we never got around to picking up one of the Liberator pillows that EF used to carry. However, that's worked out well now since we probably wouldn't have accepted this assignment otherwise and that would have been our loss. If you're the kind of person (or people) who want to make great sex even better then you owe it to yourself to try this one out. This is one of the easiest reviews we've had to rate - an easy five stars every time.

Ride 'em, Cowbear!



We've had a lot of fun with this cushion in the short time that we've had it. It's made otherwise routine positions more interesting and more intense, and even the simple act of one of us putting the case up on the bed is sexy - it's almost like walking into the bedroom and noticing that your wife's already put the sexy lingerie out ready for tonight. You just know that you're going to be in for a fun ride.

"Is it too late to ask whether you're on bearth control?"

Pretty much every single position we've tried has been improved just by using this, with the one possible exception of doggy-style pegging. That's a personal thing though and is purely because of our height difference - something that the cushion usually cancels out. But being 6' tall with a 5'2" wife, being bent over the cushion with my ass in the air makes me a little unreachable for her. However, it worked better when she was standing at the edge of the bed rather than kneeling behind me, plus - as already mentioned - missionary-position sex (whether you're male, female, teddy bear or 'other') is definitely enhanced.

"Hush and take it like a good girl bear"

Follow-up commentary
We still can't believe that in the 3 months since we got this cushion they still haven't come up for sale on here. It's easily one of the best items we've had from EF and just works wonderfully.

We've tried using this for different things now. It makes pegging so much easier (especially missionary position) and enhances regular sex quite a lot. It raises both of our hips to a perfect position for regular oral and analingus and when we make love using the cushion I'm able to hit her G-spot with no effort.

We also tried a little experiment with this. We'd been trying for another baby so actively used this cushion when we were having 'planned' sex. It may well be unrelated but the combination of the cushion and whatever other voodoo we were doing actually worked and my wife got pregnant (before we get any congrats though, she miscarried a few weeks after finding out). Still, when the time comes to try again we're going to make the Little Deeper cushion part of our lovemaking. It's still holding up perfectly with no tears or stains and we're using it about once a week on average. We're pretty sure the bears are using it more than that but as of yet none of them are pregnant!

Hopefully EF will offer this cushion for sale sooner rather than later, and when they do we definitely recommend picking one up.
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