Waterproof mini metal - discreet massager by Cal Exotics - review by Mwar

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Danger, Will Robinson!

The Mini Metal may be affordable, but it comes at a price. It is not the safest toy and it's faulty construction could cause a plethora of issues. It is just not a safe item.
Fire Hazard, Buzzy, Loud, Gets HOT, Watch batteries
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The Waterproof Mini Metal is a plastic bullet. It comes with a long cord and could be worn like a necklace if desired. This bullet is designed for both internal and external stimulation. The tip can stimulate the clitoris and the bullet can be inserted for shallow penetration. It can be used safely in the shower and can be submerged when fastened tightly. It is only discreet in the shower. If looking for a silent toy, this will not be suitable outside of the shower or without sufficient background noise.

The bullet is easy to travel with so long as you take safety precautions. Because of some construction issues, the toy is not worry free. This toy is not really suitable for the average user or any user who doesn't want to worry about a toy burning them.

Material / Texture

The Mini Metal is made of plastic. Plastic is a pretty body safe material. It is non porous, so bacteria cannot live inside the toy. It also is easier to remove scents from it. The Mini Metal comes odorless. The plastic is smooth and very shiny. It makes any scratches or seams very visible. The tip of the toy is not as smoothed as it could be. It could irritate some users. The side has a seam that is visible but barely felt.

The plastic is unyielding. It can stand up to firm pressure, but the smoothness of the toy can make it slip away. It is slightly pointed but doesn't provide very pinpoint stimulation. The texture would not keep most users from using the toy. Other properties will, though. The base of the toy is a black plastic that is not shiny. The cord is a synthetic fiber like nylon.
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Mini Metal is, well, mini. It has an oval shape and is thinner than an egg shaped bullet. The design looks like a Christmas light, especially in the red color. The black base gives it a bit of an acorn feel as well. The measurements are accurate. It is on the smaller side, which helps with discretion. It can be inserted, but will probably not hit the G-spot for most users. It is best suited for clitoral stimulation, teasing, and shallow vaginal penetration (most of the nerves in the vagina are located at the shallow end anyway).

The toy can be traveled with as long as you remove the batteries. The toy is safest without the batteries and this also prevents it from being accidentally turned on. Some users may be able to wear the Mini Metal as a funk fashion statement. Others can store it in a purse or bag. It's best to keep it out of direct contact with keys and similar objects because the plastic coating can get scratched.

The Mini Metal is not discreet in terms of sound. It is a sold 3 Bees. Unless in the shower, you will be heard beyond a closed door. You will have to out on a strong fan or music to become more discreet.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is where the bullet becomes unreliable. The batteries need to be treated very carefully when being placed inside the bullet. If not, you can have a fire hazard on your hands. The Mini Metal takes 4 watch batteries that come in a plastic sleeve. These are included in the packaging. Never remove the plastic sleeve from the batteries. You can cause a short inside the toy and it can get dangerously hot.

Even if you place the batteries in correctly with the plastic sleeve, the sleeve does not cover the batteries completely. Part of the side of the battery can come in contact with the metal node at the top of the battery cage. This can also cause a short circuit in the toy. Within a couple of minutes, the batteries can get so hot that they burn skin.

If placed in correctly and the bullet is held gingerly, you'll get some vibrations. The highest is 3 vrooms. Sometimes if the batteries are jostled the power will jump down to 1-2 vrooms. The vibrations are standard and buzzy. There is only one setting. You will also have to be careful when turning the toy off if you're in the shower. If you turn it too far the top will pop off and you can get water inside. The toy is fully waterproof when sealed tightly.

Care and Maintenance

Make sure you always keep the batteries away from the bullet when it is not in use. Even if you turn it off and are done, get the batteries out of it because it could cause issues. This is the primary thing for caring for this bullet. Once you do that, the rest is simple. Soap and water can wash the toy's surface. If you don't want to get the cord wet you can remove it. Make sure to check where the base joins the bullet for debris. Once clean, dry and not full of batteries, the bullet can be stored away from porous toys. Porous toys like jelly and rubber can cross contaminate other toys.

Both silicone and water based lubricant can be used with this bullet.


The packaging was transparent, plastic snap-shell. It is not discreet since you can easily see the toy inside. There is a picture of a burlesque looking woman. It's not the most classy, but it is also not raunchy. The packaging includes two packs of watch batteries and a small slip of instructions. The instructions come in understandable but not grammatically correct English. The instructions were very basic and contained instructions for many other types of toys.

The packaging is not intended for long term storage. It can be recycled.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


This is the first time I have ever given a descriptive review product 1 star, let alone less than three. I try and see all the possibilities with a toy even if I am not directly a fan. However, this toy is not safe to use. I cannot, in good conscience, give it anything more than 1 star.

I thought that my bullet was a dud because it had so many flaws. I gave it to my partner, who's an electrical engineer and has literally picked apart some of my vibrators. He showed me that my toy was not a thud and that the issues with the bullet is an across-the-board collection of design flaws. He showed me the plastic sleeve the batteries come in. The plastic sleeve does not cover the sides of the batteries well. Because the batteries are still partially exposed on the sides, they can cause a short in the circuits. This short can become a possible fire, chemical, and electrical hazard. He even burned his finger removing the batteries from the bullet when it got too hot.

The bullet was in the off position as a started on my review. Within a few minutes it got uncomfortably hot, which seemed odd considering it was not on. Fearing faulty construction my partner removed them and got a slight burn on his finger. He was very adamant about getting rid of the toy as soon as I was done reviewing.

You should not have to worry about burning yourself or creating a hazard with a toy. This, in addition to the noisy level, poor construction, watch battery use, and battery cage make this toy an unsuitable option for users. Spend a few extra dollars and get a better vibrator like the Dream Massager G or a Tantus bullet.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • nahbro84
    Oh, my. I had noticed that mine got a bit warmer after play, but I am absolutely throwing it out after having read this. It was my first sex toy and I've used it but thrice.
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