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I'm Not Too Scene, But I Like The Hipster

Because the second curve offered good back support, and the first curve offered upper thigh support, we were able to get ourselves into positions we've only seen pornstars do before. It's a good positioning aid, if you can make it do what you want it to.
Gets you into interesting positions, makes them easier to sustain
Has a bit of a learning curve
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(This is going to be a long review with lots of work-safe, badly rendered photos, so please buckle up and keep all hands, feet, and toys inside the review at all times. Your cooperation is appreciated!)

The Liberator Hipster is a sexual positioning aid pillow/piece of furniture. Made of a really thick foam that isn't hard and uncomfortable, the Hipster is intended for couples, but can be used by an enterprising single person, as well. The Hipster can be used with almost any position you can think of--some with more success than others--but it makes almost every position easier to do for longer.

When I picked up the Hipster, it came in a giant box, and it was kind of difficult to carry from the mail room all the way back to my apartment. I found that the box was what made it so heavy and bulky! It comes in a plastic bag type thing, so it won't get dirty on your walk, and it is the perfect size to stick right up under your arm and hold on the bottom. Travel-friendly!

If you drop your Hipster in the mud on the way home, don't worry! The first layer of defense against a ruined Hipster is the plush microfiber plush velvety sleeve. It's easy to remove, and easy to clean--just toss it into the washing machine with similar colours. The plush of the Hipster is similar to that of the Liberator Throe, but I find the Hipster to be far more plush and cozy. Underneath the plush sleeve is a nylon sleeve to keep the foam from getting wet, even when the plush side is soaked in lube/ejaculate/grape kool aid. This, too, can be removed for deep cleaning, but I've found that all cleaning I need to do can be done easily while it's still on the Hipster.

The Hipster is LARGE and IN CHARGE. Measuring in at 33" long and 24" wide, this thing is almost as wide as a twin bed. For those of us with wide hips (or wide anything else): have no fear. Never did I feel like I was going to topple off the side to my ultimate embarrassment; it was comfortable all the way through, whether I was on my back or my stomach. It has two gentle curves for positioning, the first curve is the highest and reaches reaches 10" (as a comparison, it's a few inches higher than a 17 oz poland spring bottle stands when I'm laying on it. This thing doesn't squish down when you're putting weight on it, it's made to take serious use) and the second reaches almost 5".

We found that a few positions worked really worked for us, and some were a little unsuccessful.
(The photo included in these pictoral examples is on an angle, the actual product has a much more defined curve, but when I tried to draw a representation it came out like this

so we're gonna use a stock photo, instead.)
One position that worked really well was with the receiver on their back on the Hipster like so Your hips should be at the top of the curve. We, however, had a bit of trouble getting into position comfortably by sliding up from the small end to the big end, so we just sat on the big curve and laid backwards. Not the most graceful, but it totally worked for getting into position. We did have a bit of trouble in this position, though, because during vigorous thrusting, the recipient slid down a bit, into the curve of the Hipster, so we had to do a little pulling up of the hips to stay in place. It was nothing major, but it's something to watch out for.

Another successful position was with the recipient bent over, in a semi doggy-style position, like this.

We didn't have a lot of trouble here with slip-n-sliding, and it made access easy.

Our favorite position by far was this one, also entered by the graceful fall-over-backwards method. This one required pillows under my head, because my neck landed at the lower end of the Hipster and I didn't like the upside down feeling. This one does have the minor problem of getting 'stuck' in that position. With my legs in the air like that for so long, my hips slid a bit farther back into the curve of the Hipster, and my feet got a little tingly, and I and needed a hand getting back upright... So do be kind to your receiver and pull them back down when you're done.

There are a few positions that DIDN'T work for me, though. I found lying on my stomach, with my knees resting in the curve to be incredibly uncomfortable. I also found that lying on my back, with my ass in the curve was comfortable if I had a stack of pillows above the Hipster for head/neck support. However, that position is great for oral sex, because it allows your throat to open when you tilt your head back.

As to singles, all the single ladies (all the single ladies) can use this to raise your their hips up for more enjoyable masturbation, and single gentlemen can enjoy the angles for anal play. The Hipster also makes a nice footstool, if you rest it just under your knees.

One word of caution: a lot of the positions required a big learning curve, for us. That might've been because I'm vertically challenged, so the Hipster fell at a bad angle, or it might've been because neither of us had used a Liberator before. It kind of felt like the first time you had sex, where you went into it like, "Yeah, I TOTALLY know what I'm going to do with this!" and then you start and... You realize you have no idea what you're doing and it's kind of awkward. Stick with it and give it a few more chances because, like with sex, if everyone's loving it, there's gotta be something fun about it, and once you figure that out...!
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