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Have you heard the jokes about being able to sit and spin on your lover’s rod? It is not a joke; it is an erotic and stimulation way to play with your lover. With the Fetish Fantasy, Fantasy Swing you can experiment and explore the joys of supported or weightless sex. Try the positions you have heard about but don’t have the strength to do. Now it is possible. Let you imagination run wild and have fun in your own sex swing.
Erotic, Fun, Versatile, Easy to install, Perfect for anyone.
May need to add some extra padding.
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Using a Sex Swing to spice up your love life is an excellent choice. With the Fetish Fantasy’s Fantasy Swing you can let your imagination run wild and explore a whole new world of love making.
Breathe a breath of fresh air into the classic sexual positions. The classic positions which require you to support your own weight or your partner’s weight are now a thing of the past. With the feeling of weightlessness there are no more cramps or fatigue during your playtime.

For those with disabilities which hinder their performance, a sex swing can be an ideal way to bring sexual enjoyment back into the bedroom. Its multiple straps can be positioned in a variety of ways to meet your needs. Also, the sturdy craftsmanship is sure to hold you securely without the fear of falling or injury.

Those who are larger framed and have problems getting into the right position will enjoy the ability to be securely supported while getting your hips up and your love oven wide open and ready for your lover.

Do you enjoy bondage? The Fetish Fantasy’s sex swing is the perfect addition to your bondage play. With this swing you can spread your lover wide open for your pleasure. Adding tethers, ropes, or cuffs to your swing allows you to bind your lover in even more positions. In addition, tethers can be used to hold your swing stationary. Bondage with this Sex Swing truly is a whole a new experience.

Spanking games are even fun in a swing. With this sex swing you can bend your lover over and let the swing support their weight. Use the leg straps on your lover’s thighs to keep their legs right where you want and open up their sensitive areas.

Are you curious about suspension games? When you want to be more creative, you can add ropes and tether them to the swing’s hardware for added support of your lover. Now you can experiment and explore the possibilities with ease and comfort.

There isn’t much you can’t do with a swing. It is great over the bed or hanging in the middle of your room with plenty of spinning room. For the person out of the swing, you can stand, sit, lie down, or even pull up a bar stool to get in the right position. The best part of a sex swing is that you can be creative and find what works for you.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Fetish Fantasy, Fantasy Swing is designed similar to most strap style swings. Included in the box is all the hardware you need to set up your swing the day you receive it. The only tools you will need are an eclectic drill and a stud finder.

The hardware includes an eye bolt to anchor in your ceiling, 1 heavy duty link chain, a torsion spring, 2 ez-open connection hooks, and 1 heavy duty steel swivel eyelet bolt.

The swing frame comprises of an arched metal bar and a metal support rod.

The straps for the swing are made from heavy duty woven nylon. These straps are all 2 inches wide.

The main anchor strap for the system wraps over the top of the arched bar. It hangs over each side and has a heavy duty plastic bracket contacted to each end.

Attached to these brackets are the limb stirrup straps and the body straps anchor.

The body straps are anchored to the main strap and have their own plastic bracket.

There are two body straps one for your bottom and one for your back. The strap intended for your bottom is a bit longer then the back strap.

Each strap has its own adjustment clamp. These clamps look simple yet hold amazingly well. The body straps and stirrups have padding added for comfort. The padding is a bit thin and when sitting up in the swing for long periods of time your butt tends to get numb. A pillow can be added or additional pads made for the swing.

Fetish Fantasy’s Fantasy Swing is well made and sturdy. It holds 350 pds. without the spring and 200 pds. with the spring. I weigh 145 pds. and the spring does not stretch in the slightest.

The swing is easy to install. It comes with a heavy duty eye bolt for your ceiling. With a stud finder, locate a stud in your sealing and mark the middle of it. It is important that you locate the middle of the ceiling rafter to ensure that the bolt has the strongest grip. With an electric screw driver drill a starter hole with a small bit, drill about an inch deep. Screw in the eye bolt by hand ensuring that it screws in straight. Turn until none of the threads are exposed.

Now whenever you want to play with your swing, just pull it out and clip the connection hocks and your swing is ready to go.

Storage and Cleaning:

Storage may be a small issue for those with curious children or family members. The eye bolt in the ceiling is predominate sticking out. I choose to keep a hanging basket from mine to disguise it.

The swing arrives packed inside of a small box. Although it is the perfect size to tuck away your swing in, you cannot store it in the box with the metal hardware attached. Also, the box has several photos depicting different positions to try in your swing. I chose to simply store my swing in a gym bag in the bottom of our closet.

Should your swing happen to need spot cleaned the nylon can be wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaned with upholstery cleaner.

Noise Level:
The spring and chain are metal. Therefore it is easy to believe that this swing may be loud when you are using it. On the contrary, I found that this swing is quieter than I imagined. Although you can hear the spring bouncing in the room, those standing outside the door will have a hard time hearing it over the radio playing.

What a relief. I don’t know what I would think if dad had a clue we owned this swing.
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


This sex swing can be using is so many ways. I would like to share some of them with you…

The height your partners hips can be adjusted by either the body straps or by removing the spring and using the chain to adjust it. This allows the partner not in the swing to stands, sits, kneel, or lay down.

Getting into the swing can take a bit of finesse. Therefore, it is best to always assist your partner by stabilizing the frame bar while they are getting into the swing.

As for the positions you can experiment with in a swing…

1. Amazon and Reverse Amazon – with him lying on his back, legs up in the air bent at the kness. Female sitting straight up in the swing. Either facing him or her back to his face. Bouncing up and down with her butt checks resting on his inner thigh.
Sex info 101 dot com description
2. Booster Seat – man standing behind the female, female sitting up with feet in the stirrups or propped on a chair. Bouncing motion and thrusting motions. Sex info 101 dot com description.

3. Bull Dog – either with the swing low to the floor or over the bed. Female bent over in straps. One across the stomach and one across the chest. Man squatting and thrusting from behind.
Sex info 101 dot com description.
4. Cradle or bridge– female laying back in the swing arched back. Legs in stirrups or on the bed. Partner in a knelling positions.
Sex info 101 dot com description.

5. Delight or butterfly – Female sitting up on the edge of the swing with legs spread, her partner kneeling on the floor or bed.
Sex info 101 dot com description.

6. Doggie style or standing doggie style - Female kneeling or standing over in the swing male partner standing.
Sex info 101 dot com description.

7. Fire hydrant – doggie style with one leg through the stirrup supporting her thigh cocked up in the air.
Sex info 101 description.

8. Frog leap – female bend over the body straps and legs pulled forward and the thighs through the stirrups. Sex info 101 dot com description.

9. Fusion – male laying back on the bed or leaning back in a chair. Female leaning back in the swing and straddling the male. https://www.sexinfo101.com/sp_fusion.shtml [|Sex info 101 dot com description.]

10. Lap dance – This is an exciting position in the swing since both lovers can be in the swing at the same time. The female stands while supported by the butt strap and the male against the back strap. With you both facing the same way she can sit on his lap and grind away. Sex info 101 dot com description.

11. Piston and Stand and Carry can even been done effortlessly with this swing.

A few other amazing position in this swing is Super Women or even the Wheel Barrel.

Bondage and your swing.

This swing is a lot of fun to incorporate into your bondage playtime. I have figured out that by adding tethers with cuffs to the steel rod you can lock your lovers wrists in any position you desire. Also with more tethers attached to the bar you can incorporate thigh or ankle cuffs.

If you desire, you can also incorporate rope bondage with the swing in a similar manner. The bars are great to anchor off your lover’s limbs. You can position your lover in any fashion, including on their side in the body straps with one leg tied up in the air. With this swing you can experience suspension type bondage in a safe and easy way. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can discover.

Another option for bondage play is holding it stationary in the air by tethering the straps or your lover’s limbs to the bed posts. Another option is using furniture legs and such as anchor points. This way your lover will stay put as you tease them.

These are not photos of the product. They are images of position ideas.
This is not photos of the actual swing. It is photos of the possible positions
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use


I have always heard the jokes about a sex swing and was a bit curious about them. Hubby thought having one might help us try some of the more complicated positions with his bad back. After we finally gave in and bought one, we were surprised by many things we can do with this swing.

First of all, we loved how easy it was to install. It only took a short time and it was up ready to go. I even put it through the bouncing test and it seemed very sturdy.

Putting it up for the first time, we were also surprised by how heavy the swing is. Realizing now how much weight and tension the swing must endure, I am thankful for the heavy metal.

Using the swing has been an adventure, to say the least. However, we have found that some of the positions we fantasized about are not possible. Hubby just does not have the upper body strength required for them. But that is not a huge deal, there are many other ways we can work the swing during intercourse. For instance, hanging over the bed and bouncing in it is utterly amazing.

Another great aspect we have found, is that the swing is perfect for bondage play and teasing sessions. With me suspended at table height, Hubby has full control over me. It is comfortable for him to stand or sit and work me over. For me, I feel fully supported and safe while in the swing.

Due to the thin pads on the straps, the swing does get a bit uncomfortable from time to time. Fortantly, I have found that adding a pillow or a folded towel helps a great deal when in the swing for extended periods of time.

Over all, I am thrilled with our new toy. It is fun and adds a lot to our playtime.

I am hoping to do a video tomorrow and show you all the great new things we have found to do with our swing. Until next time.. HUGS …
Follow-up commentary
We absolutely love our swing. There is just not enough words to explain how much fun can be added to your playtime with one of these hanging in your room.

Using the swing has added a whole new dimension to out bondage play and I would not trade it for the world.

It is sturdy and well made. In fact, it shows no signs of wear and tare. Judging by our experience thus far, we are sure to enjoy this swing for years to come.
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