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Flogger case

Storage container by For your nymphomation

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Keep Your Kink Safe

The Flogger Case fits most types of canes, riding crops, and paddles, but it will not fit the majority of most average floggers. It's a discreet, durable case that will allow you to keep your privacy while taking your kinky toys out in public.
Small size, good depth, discreet, decent lock and key, and carries most canes/crops/paddles
Small size, can't store most floggers, and loops are kinda useless in theory
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The Flogger Case is one of the BDSM cases manufactured by For Your Nymphomation. It's 22 inches long and has a depth and width of three and a half inches. The case is made of faux leather and comes only in lack. The case zips up to keep all of the toys safe, and it has a handle on the top of the case for easy carrying, and it has an adjustable long strap for carrying it on your shoulder. Inside of the case, there are two pieces of leather with velcro on the end to allow you to slip in the hanging straps of your toys then to velcro the strip shut. The lid of the case also has two straps of elastic to slide canes and other toys under.

The case does come with a small set of lock and keys. The keys are definitely better than the set that these used to come with. While the lock and keys aren't going to keep out someone who really wants to get in, you could always purchase a small professional lock if that concerns you. (Although, if someone really wants in, they'd just cut into the case.) This set of lock and keys will keep the children from being able to open the case though - though it won't stop them from running off with the case.

The case itself actually seems pretty sturdy. It holds up its shape when nothing is in it. While it could be cut into by someone with some strong scissors, even with regular use, this thing is going to last you years. We've kept some toys in there for a week straight of multiple different colors and didn't have any problem with the bleeding from the case - all of the toys look just the same as when we placed the toys into the case.

So what all fits into this case? Not many regular-sized floggers, which I find ironic because of the product title. If you have a regular sized flogger, chances are that it won't fit into this case. What does fit into this case? Well, you could use this case for a lot of your different sex toys if you wanted. This is a great product for swingers if you tend to take a mixture of kink and sex toys to your parties. This would also work great in a kink setting for canes, riding crops, and mini floggers. Basically, it comes down to numbers. If the object is less than 22 inches tall, it will fit into the case. Some of my riding crops (like the Kitty Crop in the video) have too wide of a tip to fit into the case as well.

From my own collection, I can tell you that a vast majority of the Ruff Doggie Styles crops will fit. Ruff Doggie Styles floggers, however, are too long. Strict Leather floggers seem to slip into the case just fine. The Hitachi will fit into the case, as well as the vast majority of traditional vibes. Most rabbits have too wide to fit into the case. If you really don't have that many storage options, I think Jor and I figured out that the case will also hold over 40 Cosmic Brownies. In case you go on a picnic with...umm....brownies.

I'm not exactly sure what the little loops on the one end are supposed to do. It seems like a good idea, but when I actively tried it out, it doesn't do much. Since, most likely, all of the toys you store in here are going to be about the same size or slightly smaller than the case, nothing really will move around. Unless you plan on taking out some mini floggers or something, I honestly don't see the point in the straps, especially since you can't tell the case's top from the bottom while carrying it. We never use any of the straps when we store toys in it.

In the video, you can see some of the things that I store in. For us, we will most likely be using this to carry smaller canes, riding crops, and floggers to BDSM events. It can be a pain to carry our other BDSM case - the Flogger Case XL - to an event if I know I don't plan on using our larger floggers. For the most part, this case will mostly remain empty in our apartment unless we are using it for travel.
What are the differences between the Flogger Case and the Flogger Case XL? We own both, so I can give you a bit of a run-down. The case really depends on what you want to store in it. The XL case will take every crop/cane/paddle you own because of the long size and the wider width. The XL case will also store larger, dungeon-style floggers without any sort of a problem. However, we find the XL case a little awkward to carry around since it really is twice the size of the Flogger Case - a whopping 44 inches. This means that it's over half of my height, so you can imagine that looks awkward to carry. We don't mind carrying that one if it's going to be a quick in-out. So put in car, drive to place, take out of car, play, put back in car, you get the idea. If we'll be walking around with it for an extended period, we prefer to leave it behind.

The Flogger Case is much smaller and much more easy and discreet to carry around. If you plan on storing canes, paddles, or riding crops, this one is much more advisable than the XL case because the XL case just takes up a lot more room. So, which one you choose to pick up really depends on where you want to take it, what you want to use it for, and what you want to store in it.

So overall? I wish the Flogger Case was a bit longer so I could fit the majority of my floggers in it, but I do enjoy the smaller size. We’ll be using this as our crop/cane/paddle carrying case when we got out to places. It's easy to carry, sturdy, and keeps your toys safe and protected while you're out and about.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy my Flogger Case a lot more than my Flogger Case XL. It's much easier to carry, but I'm a bit disappointed by the slight lack of length. If it was just a bit longer, it would have carried more floggers. As it stands, it's still a good choice for flogger storage. It has gotten a bit awkward after being stored underneath another, heavier item, so watch where you store it. I'm sure it will get back it's square shape (as opposed to slightly flattened) when I start storing it as a square again.
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  • ......
    Great review and video!
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    I. love. cosmic. brownies. Unfortunately (or, probably fortunately) I moved to a place where they don't sell them.
  • YoungCouple
    Nice review as always Miss Kay!
  • Kayla
    They don't sell Cosmic Brownies? That's a crime in itself. I love them.
  • P'Gell
    Good to know what this will fit. I have heard, like you said, this case fits the Hitachi well. As we use Sugar Sacs and the Hitachi won't fit in there, this case would be great for that!

    Thank you.
  • Kayla
    It's actually taller than the Hitachi, so a couple Hitachi attachments could fit in here as well.
  • Sir
    I had been looking at the XL, but now that you've said its inches, I am a little..but aback. I'm 61" in height, so imagine me carrying around a 44" case with my floggers. HA! I'll probably still get both eventually, but I'm glad that you added that part with the comparison. Thank you!

    Also, great review, Miss Kay. I'm glad that you enjoyed your new case!
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    Oh that is very cool! I think I might want one. Excellent review too.
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    Great review thanks
  • Sera
    Great review!
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    Great review and video!
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    See? you never know when you will have a low blood sugar moment during a flogging session and need a cosmic brownie pick me up! :p Great review as always!
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    I need one of these now. :p
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    Ya kinda lost me when I saw something yummy....hehehe.
    I have never tried them but my mouth waters over most sweets!

    Great review
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  • AliMc
    I had my eye on an FYN flogger case for a while but had to settle for something else instead unfortunately.

    By the way, are those glittery riding crops rough or smooth? They look so cute but I wouldn't want to be scratched by the tiny pieces of glitter.
  • souviet
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