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Flogger case

Storage container by For your nymphomation

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When it just can’t fit in your purse

The Flogger Case by For Your Nymphomation is a well-made, sturdy, travel case shaped perfectly to hold one or two floggers or paddles. This black case made of animal friendly faux-leather, comes with a handle, shoulder strap, and a lock and two keys for security. Inside are straps to keep your toys in place. If you are looking for something to carry a few small things, this is for you.
Discreet, animal friendly material, comes with lock, great size for floggers and paddles, sturdy.
Zipper’s difficult, not an inconspicuous shape, heavy even when empty, not a lot of space.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The box the Flogger Case came in was much larger than I had expected. When I pried it out, I found that the case, a product of For Your Nymphomation, is not overly large, but is very sturdy. This isn’t a bag you can fold up later to store, but on the good side, no prying hands will be able to squeeze to guess what goodies are inside. While the case looks like black leather, it is actually faux-leather which will make the animal lovers out there happy. Just don’t expect that classic leather smell.

The material is very classy looking and has a zipper running down the length of it with a small padlock and two keys included to lock the two zippers together to prevent peeking. My partner and I both got a little caught up on how nice the padlock looked with its little silver keys. Both of us found the zipper to be a bit difficult, as it seemed to drag and stick around corners. Attached to the case are two handles: one smaller handle to hold the bag like a briefcase, and a longer nylon strap that adjusts similar to those on a backpack to use as a shoulder strap. Inside there are two Velcro loops to hook your toys on and on the top flap there are two wide elastic bands used to secure your toy in place.

Overall, I found the case to be very well made and perfect for the task it has been assigned: as a flogger case. It fit all of my different floggers and all of my paddles—not at once but all sizes fit. I’d say you could probably fit 2 comfortably and 3 max. However, it did not fit my crop, so make sure to measure yours before ordering if that’s your intention. The most I was able to fit in it was: case of batteries, my smart balls, a hogtie, small scoop vibe, and small dong. Not as much as I’d like in a carrier, but I can certainly make due with that list.

We had two main issues with the toy:

1. How exactly did you use it? I would not use it for general storage as it isn’t very convenient to get at quickly, but those of you with curious children might find this case perfect for that. For travel, the case does not fit all that much so I wouldn’t be bringing this to a play date that would require a lot of equipment. But if you needed something to bring materials for a simple scene, or just needed to bring along two vibes, this would work well.

2. Our only other issue is the shape of it. It is perfectly shaped to hold floggers or paddles and it looks like it. That is not a normal bag shape. If you’re carrying this, it’s not like some of the other Nymphomation products where you look and say, “That woman is carrying a suitcase.” This is more like, “I wonder what is in that very oddly shaped bag that woman is carrying?” It looks a little like an oversized flute case. Or as my mother-in-law said when she saw it: “Is that for carrying around your two-foot vibrators?” And that’s not really the response I’d like to get over a case meant for being discrete.

So, as a flogger case, I’d say this is nearly perfectly made. It can’t carry a lot and it isn’t a shape that will fit in with everyone else’s carry-on, but if you’re just looking meet up with a friend across town and need a bring a little extra something, this would be a good choice for you.
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  • Dragon
    OK. Being one with curious children this sort of cracked me up. Have you used any other of the Nymphomation cases? I didn't look at the product dimensions because I'm supposed to be working on something, but how many floggers could it actually hold, given you probably need to fold them over.
  • Viv
    It's a pretty long case. 22" x 3.5" x 3.5" Depending on the size of your floggers you could probably get 2 large ones or 3 regular sized floggers in no trouble. 4 if you're supper good at tetris. Paddles you could fit more in. more like 4-5 depending on size.
    This is my first Nymphomation product and now I'm super interested in looking into their larger storage containers. Hope that helps! Big smile
  • Airlia
    Wow thanks for all the information. Hehe good to know that I could fit a lot into the case to have some serious fun in one night!
  • Viv
    Thanks so much! glad it helped! and yeah, originally i thought it was too small to fit more than just a flogger to two, but you can really get a bunch of stuff in there, at least enough for one night. Thanks again!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Good review! I also agree that this is shaped so strangely that it would definitely not be discreet. I think, if I were headed somewhere with this case, I would feel very self conscious so it doesn't fit very well with the rest of the FYN cases, in my opinion.
  • Viv
    Thanks! and I'd really have to agree with you on that one, Adriana. It isn't exactly the most average looking box to carry around.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    ..Unless you have a collection of yardsticks maybe?
  • Viv
    *laughing* yes, that is true! although yardsticks wouldn't exactly fit in here.
  • Tart
    Great review!
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